Friday, May 14, 2010

Aishwarya Rai Sex Story

Aishwarya and her husband in NY

Aishwarya Rai had just wrapped up the filming of her latest movie and all she wanted to do was go out to eat with her Husband and co-star Abhishek Bachchan. Aishwarya was having a delicious dinner with her husband at the Tavern on the Green in New York's prestige Central Park restaurant. She had just finished her main entrée when Abhishek told her that he needed to go the restroom. So Abhishek excused himself and went to the restroom around the corner. Aishwarya had become very aroused during the dinner and all she did all that she could not to show. She had been fingering herself for the past fifteen minutes hoping to leave the restaurant as fast as possible and show Abhishek the night of his life.

With Abhishek going to the restroom it gave
Aishwarya the opportunity that she had always dreamed of, having sex in public. She liked the idea that she could be caught at any moment. So a few minutes after Abhishek had left for the restroom she decided it was now or never. She told Viviek, the waiter not to throw anything away and that she would be right back after using the restroom. Viviek had a hard-on ever since Aishwarya stepped into the restaurant about an hour ago, he saw this his only possible opportunity to catch Aishwarya Rai naked. So he followed her to the restroom area, to his surprise instead of entering the women's restroom she entered the men's. Viviek was upset, when he started working at the restaurant he used to have to close at night, he knew that a lot of famous stars ate at the Tavern on the Green, that was the reason he applied for a job there. He had drilled a hole in the walls so that he could look into the women's bathroom without being noticed.

Viviek was really starting to get horny at the thought of
Aishwarya getting it on with her husband in the bathroom, so he told his boss that he was going to take a cigarette break, but in fact he used that time to get his video camera out of his car and climb to the top of the restaurant to get into the air conditioning ducts of the restroom.

Aishwarya had walked into the men's restroom and locked the door behind her. Abhishek became very scared when he heard the lock on the door being locked. He crouched up on the toilet so the intruder could not see his feet. Aishwarya was beginning to get upset, she looked under the stalls and saw no feet underneath, she was about to leave and look for Abhishek in the Restaurant when she heard the squeak of his shoe on the porcelain head. She said, "Come out asshole," in a very masculine voice she was hoping that he would think that it was a robber and become frightened. Abhishek did not say a word.

Again she said in a masculine voice, "Abhishek get your ass out here and give me your wallet and your keys." Once again Abhishek did not say a word. Finally
Aishwarya decided that she was going to open every stall until she found him. She opened the first one, no one there; she said "One down three to go." She opened the next one, no one there either. She tried to open the next one but it was locked so she went into the second one and locked over the top to the third one. To her amusement Abhishek was sitting in the fetal position, trying not to make any noise or movement as to not arose suspicion. Finally Aishwarya said in her regular voice, "Come on out honey I've got a surprise for you." Abhishek got out of his stall and locked at his beautiful wife wearing a sexy shear black dress and said to her that he said, "I knew it was you all along." Aishwarya replied by saying, "Bullshit, I saw you crouched in the fetal position and I had you really scared."

Abhishek replied, "What the hell are you doing here anyway this is the men's restroom not the women's," he thought to himself for e minute and then said, "well at least I think it's the Men's restroom," with a puzzled look on his face."

Aishwarya says, "Well I have been horny the entire night tonight and this environment is not helping, the romantic setting in the park with all the lights, the full-moon the romantic music all of this started to hit me half way through dinner, I was hoping the same thing was happening to you."

"Well I hadn't really been thinking about that, but know that you mention it, this is place is awfully romantic, I think we should go get a hotel room nearby and have ourselves a romantic evening. I will go pay the waiter while you head to the car." Says Abhishek.

As Abhishek is heading towards the door to unlock and pay the waiter for the evening,
Aishwarya grabs Abhishek's arm and says, "I meant lets do it hear and not in the hotel, I have always wanted to do it in a public place."

"That's disgusting, do you know how disgusting men's restrooms are, can we at least go to the women's restroom," replies Abhishek.

"OK, but you are taking all the spontaneity out of this."
Aishwarya says.

Aishwarya leaves and checks the women's restroom, all clear she says and Abhishek enters the women's bathroom behind her.

Abhishek looks around and says, "Damn this is so …" at the same time
Aishwarya jumps on to him and starts kissing him on the mouth and she says, "Stop talking about the bathroom and kiss me."

As they exchange kisses Abhishek leads
Aishwarya over to the couch and begins to kiss Aishwarya's neck and gradually moves down towards her breast area and onward. As Abhishek gets to Aishwarya's feet they hear a bang coming from somewhere. Abhishek gets up and checks to see if the door is locked, it is, so he gets back to kissing her feet he reaches up her thighs and begins to remove her stocking.

Meanwhile Viviek is just about to reach Men's room when he hits his leg on the wall and yelps in pain he then remembers that he need to be more quiet since he is trying to video tape his favorite actress in the act. He reaches the Women's room and says what the hell he looks inside and sees
Aishwarya and Abhishek going at it. So he begins to videotape the sex that he is witnessing. Abhishek is now kissing down the thighs of Aishwarya very passionately. Aishwarya is using one hand to guide Abhishek's head while using the other hand’s index finger in her mouth like a cock she thrusts it in and out licking and moaning out of control, Abhishek senses that he they might get caught and flips Aishwarya over on her stomach so that the noise is now being muffled by the pillow. Abhishek has now removed the stockings and begins his assault on her dress, careful; not to rip so they can leave with no one knowing anything. As Abhishek removes her dress he begins rubbing her cunt and Aishwarya now starts to pant loudly. Aishwarya is now lying down on the couch in just her garter and panties and her bra, which of course is completely see-thru like her dress was.

Aishwarya gets up off the couch and throws Abhishek onto it; she removes his shirt and begins to like his slightly hairy chest starting at his nipples slowly moving down the length of his torso. As she gets to his pants she has already removed his belt and unzipped him. He lifts his ass of the couch so she can remove his pants. Now Abhishek and Aishwarya are sitting in the bathroom of the Tavern on the Green, wearing only their under garments.

They remove each other clothes and begin to kiss each other, Abhishek flips
Aishwarya over so they are now in the 69 position with Abhishek on the bottom and Aishwarya on top. Aishwarya begins sucking the cock like it was the end of the world, while Abhishek began working on his wife's cunt he starting licking and fingering and sucking his wife's shaven twat like he hadn't eaten in days. You could barely hear the muffled moans under all that sexual frenzy. Abhishek decided to be brave and for the first time in their relationship he stuck his index finger up her ass, this cause Aishwarya to sit up and moan very loudly, she was able to catch her self from moaning any loader and got back to sucking her husbands average size cock.

Meanwhile in the air-conditioning vents Viviek was staring to get very aroused and hard at the idea of him witnessing first hand the sexual escapades of Mr. & Mrs. Rai-Bachchan. He started to make a lot of noise up in that vent but
Aishwarya and Abhishek were to busy into their own deed that they did not hear the noise coming from up above them.

Aishwarya had begun to moan louder and louder she sensed her herself on the verge of a orgasm so she stated to suck on her husbands cock even more furiously that he began to squirm at the chance of cumming down her throat. Abhishek began to shake and Aishwarya knew this as the sign of him about to cum, instead of removing him from her mouth like she usually does she decides to reward him for an excellent 69 by gulping down his cum. As Abhishek began to cum down his wife's throat, she in return began to explode with her first orgasm of the night. As they both got up form their very intense 69 Aishwarya let the remaining cum ooze down her chin and land on her breast. She began to rub the cum into her breast, the sight of Aishwarya playing with her breast and rubbing his cum all over her body began to make Abhishek hard once again. Abhishek leapt into her arms and began to kiss her very passionately, exchanging each other jism, their mouths, while not even caring.

Abhishek not wanting the night to end so soon decided he want to get some more action. He picked up
Aishwarya and took her to the sink he put her hands on the sink and bent her over. He licked his palm and started to rub his wife's cunt, meanwhile Aishwarya had managed to reach over and started to jack him off with her right hand while holding on to the sink with her left one. Abhishek had the decided the time had come to give her the fucking of a lifetime. He positioned his cock at the entrance to her cunt and in one shot was in to the hilt. He began pumping in a nice and easy for about five minutes, all along Aishwarya was moaning in absolute pleasure at the fucking her husband was giving her. He reached around her and started to grope her amble bosoms with both of his hand, while licking and kissing her throat. Aishwarya was in such a sexual frenzy she had noticed that one of Abhishek's hands had moved from her bosom to her ass and had started top caress and knead her beautiful pear shaped ass. Aishwarya had moved her left hand so she could play with her clit as well as Abhishek's nut sack.

Abhishek had sensed that his wife would be up for anything this evening so he moved his other hand on tops of hers and he too began to rub her clit, He was stretching out her pussy to the widest it had ever felt, and she loved every moment of it. As Abhishek felt his ball contract he knew he was about to cum in that tight pussy of hers he began to look up into the sky and that is when he noticed Viviek in the vent shaft watching all this time. He did not say a word to his wife but motioned to Viviek to come down, Viviek was hoping that he would not get the shit beaten out of him by Abhishek. So he left his videotape behind so it could tape the remainder of the show in case something happened to him. Abhishek pointed to the third stall and told him to be quiet.

Abhishek began to thrust harder into
Aishwarya hoping that she was having just as good of time as he was.

"Ungggggggggggghhhhhhhh," was all you could hear from
Aishwarya, her face had been shoved deep into the sink and she was having the best fuck of her life.

Aishwarya and Abhishek knew that this part of the session was soon to end, Abhishek grabbed her breast and pulled her up and trusted as hard as he could as he came up his wife's pussy with the most ferocity either one of them had ever felt. Then Abhishek brought her into a very passionate kiss.

"So is this what you meant by you being horny as hell tonight," asked Abhishek.

"Now I know why I married you, you really do know how to fuck the shit out me don't you, I love you, now lets get back to the table before people start getting suspicious."
Aishwarya replied.

"Well I have some news for you
Aishwarya, not only has the restaurant close for the night since it is now 3:09 in the morning, but I am not done yet," was the response Abhishek gave Aishwarya.

"Since we have decided to have a very unusual sexual escaped tonight I have decided that we need to continue what we have started." Abhishek said.

Abhishek grabbed his tie from the couch and sat
Aishwarya on the couch he blindfolded his wife. She reached out for his cock and began to massage it again; she licked the purple head and began to engulf the entire length down her throat once again.

Aishwarya being blindfolded he motioned Viviek to come out of the stall.

"Hey Viviek why don't you take off your clothes," Abhishek whispered to Viviek.

Viviek did not need any more encouragement from Abhishek. There was his dream woman naked sucked a man's dick and he was telling him to get undressed too. Abhishek took his cock out of her mouth and pushed her on her back on the couch. He then whispered to Viviek to start eating her out.

Aishwarya started to moan as she felt the tongue enter her overused pussy. She could barely feel the tongue after being stretched out so much from the previous fucking. Abhishek was now standing beside Aishwarya jacking himself off to the thought of his wife getting eaten out by someone else.

Viviek was doing such a great job of eating her out that she had begun to pant in unison to his licking and sucking.

"No please don't stop I am about to cccccuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum,"
Aishwarya yelled. And with that Viviek's entire face was now covered with Aishwarya's womanly juice.

"I think I have had all that I can deal with tonight,"
Aishwarya said.

"I don't think so," was all that Abhishek said.

And with that Viviek jumped on to Aishwarya's chest and squeezed her tits together.
Aishwarya thought about objecting to this but decided what the hell, she took a hold of her tits and Viviek stuck his cock between her magnificent tits and started to thrust. Every time the head would come close to her mouth she would give it a quick lick after a few minutes of this Viviek motioned to Abhishek that he was about to cum.

"I am about to cum all over you bitch," Abhishek said in a panting voice as to not throw her off course. And with that Viviek began to shoot his jism all over
Aishwarya. She tried to catch into her mouth but she was unable to do so. Everywhere from her tits and up was covered with Viviek's jism.

Aishwarya thought that the night was over. She tried to get up but Abhishek pushed her back down.

"Not quite yet honey," Abhishek said, "there is just one more thing I want to go, I want you to ride me blindfolded, as fast and as hard as you can."

"I am all for that, I thought you wanted to fuck me up the ass, I have already told you that nothing goes up."
Aishwarya said.

Abhishek motioned to Viviek top lie down on the ground. Viviek did so without hesitation. Viviek led
Aishwarya over to him and she dropped on his shaft in one quick thrust. Aishwarya began to ride Viviek like there was no tomorrow. Hard and fast was how she liked, and it seemed even better now that she was blindfolded.

Abhishek was jacking himself off when he whispered to Viviek to rub some of that pussy juice on her crack. Viviek did so.
Aishwarya did not have a problem with Abhishek sticking an occasional finger up the ass, but it stopped at cocks. Abhishek was now getting extremely horny at the thought of finally being able to fuck her ass. That was the main reason he married her, he had wanted to fuck that ass ever since he saw her. He got his cock all lubed up and got down on the floor and grabbed her ass. Aishwarya thought that his hands seem to be awkwardly positioned on her ass but she did not care, she was having the time of her life. Abhishek looked at her ass and said to himself, it is now or never. And in one quick thrust he pushed his cock all the way to his nuts into his wife's ass.

"What the Fuck," was all that came out of Aishwarya's mouth.

She ripped of her blindfold, and low and behold she was staring eye to eye with waiter, he was now thrusting into her like there was no tomorrow, because he knew he was about be killed by this woman for fucking her without her permission.

"What are you doing hear and what the fuck are you doing in my ass," was all the she could get out in an out of breath question. She did not want to admit it, but she was having the time of her life being double penetrated.

"I am going to cum," Viviek said, and with that he pulled out of
Aishwarya and showed it down her throat, where she was forced to swallow his entire load without choking.

Meanwhile Abhishek was still fucking the shit out of her ass and was about to knock
Aishwarya unconscious from the shear pain that she was feeling.

"This is for not letting me fuck you in the ass before," Abhishek said with each word being a harder thrust into her abuses anus.

With that Viviek got dressed and kissed Aishwarya's lips and thanked Abhishek for the time of his life. By know
Aishwarya had been unconscious for about minute. Finally Abhishek came up his wife's ass.

"Thanks honey," Abhishek said as he got himself and his wife dressed. He picked her up and asked Viviek for his phone number. He was about to pay Viviek for the dinner, but Viviek said that it is he who owes him money. And with that Abhishek carried his wife to the car and back to their home.

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