Friday, May 14, 2010

Aishwarya Rai Sex Story

Aishwarya & Amar Singh

Aishwarya Rai Bacchan, the 1/3 of the powerful Bacchan entity was upset, she was infact fucking livid. Her part in the Pink Panther had been cut to shreds and she was just another character in the film. Her last hit Guru had been out more than a year ago and her only film oncoming was a Tamil film. She had nothing in the kitty, she neither Hollywood nor Bollywood bound.

On top of it all, she now always mentioned in conjunction with the Bacchans be it her father in law or her husband, she was not a pillar like she used to be. Abhisheks last filmed had tanked to the tune of Rs.30 Crore, even though it did not come out of their pocket it had damaged their brand value and Abhishek also had to take a price cut.

She was in a happy and stable relationship which was damaging her career. So she thought she would talk to Amar Singh, their family friend, confidant and international fixer and met him at his Delhi home. The house was just insane,beyond extravagant, even the Bacchans did not live in a space like this she thought.

it was the first time she had been to the house in fact it was the first time she was to meet him without anyone from her family present. She had heard the rumours about him and Jaya Pradha and even Bipasha but it had always been hearsay and he had always been cordial. Besides, why would they interact with a man who was known to be such a star fucker.

She waited in the living room for him and was wondering what she really wanted from the meeting. What could he really do? get her a movie , probably not, nothing she couldnt get for herself. She just wanted advice and a way of raising her profile even in her own house.

Lost in her thoughts she heard Amar Singh call out to her "Beti, you are here"

She looked up to see Amar Singh walking up towards her, he was short & stocky but a pleasant chap. She got up herself and touched his feet. He grabbed her by the shoulder and held her for a second, enjoying having her bending over in front of him but he immediately broke the gesture by lifting her and saying "rehne do, rehne do"

then holding her by her wrist he asked her to sit down. Aish, tried to move a little further away but Amar wouldnt let go, he pointed to a seat next to him on the couch and they both sat down. "Amitji & abhishek kaise hain" he asked her, directly looking at her eyes. "they are fine Amarji she replied" feeling very uncomfortable, she had never really had him look at her directly and for a moment she was confused.

"Accha, i know there must be something wrong, or you would not have come to seem me when i am alone" he said. "Batao, kya bat hain" (tell me what it is) Aish, hesitated and then went on to tell him how she felt her career was in a free fall, when only 4 years ago she was set for Hollywood. Now she was neither here nor there and being married on top her choice for films was really narrow. She poured her heart out for 20 minutes and Amar sat their silently.

Once Aish was done. Amar looked away and was quiet for a few seconds. He turned back at her and said "Aishwarya, your career in Bollywood is going to be over very soon" Aish was shocked, she got visibly disturbed. "burra mat mano" dont feel bad.

"The truth is he" went on "You didnt commit to Bollywood or Hollywood" and "then you got married" pausing, he looked at Aish, who looked at him directly with heavy, hurt eyes. "the man who watches movies in India is poor, sad and angry and goes for escape and romance, which they dont have" he put his hand on her hand. "no one wants to fuck a married woman" Aish was a little shocked, this was truly unexpected but she was still too upset to speak.

"When they see a woman with your once in a life time beauty they want you to be theirs and only theirs" he squeezed her hand. "now you belong to another, which is why your market is near over"

She started to sob. first slowly then a little faster. Amar watched her, even while crying she was beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. Many a time he had watched her from near and wondered what a beautfiful creature like this must be in bed. Jaya Pradha had been his fav actress and he rememberd fucking her the first time. He had cum in 5 strokes, thereafter he had used oils to prolong his cocks capability.

"what do i do now" the soft, crying voice brought him back to the present. "do not worry, i am here for you" that made her lift her head and look at him. "what will you do" she said like a petulant child. Amar laughed, poor girl had no idea what he could do. "do you know, if there is a problem doing business in India, i am the first one they go to fix things"

"yes but this is the movie business" Amar laughed some more. "I know" he put her hand on her chin and lifted it. "ill show you what i can do" he picked out his mobile and called a number. "Peter, this is Amar from Delhi, yes, i am fine, tell me how are your plans for the Indian venture working out" he listened for a bit. Then he went on nodding and stuff. throughout the time he did not let go of Aishwarys hand.

"Okay, that is great news. I have even better news. You know my commission we agreed on the deal. Well ill give you a 50% discount if you can sign my daughter in law
Aishwarya to a 3 picture deal" Aishwarya was suddenly feeling very focused. Amar Singh went on for a bit. "okay. Done, see you doon. Thanks Peter"

he looked at Aish. "there, done"

Aish went wide eyed, Amar saw this and his cock stirred. "what was that" she asked.

"That was Peter Gruber. Head of Sony pictures. A few investors from India are buying into one his subsidiary companies, its a $400 million deal and i have put it together with approvals and my commision is 2% or $8million"

"wow" she went.

"yes, so now, i asked him to give me only $4million and sign you to a 3 picture deal"

Aish could not contain her smile

"And" she asked.

"He not only agreed, he guranteed atleast one Summer blockbuster but he will not pay you over $1million per movie"

"oh, thats fine she said"

she could not contain her elation. she hugged Amar Singh who immediately got lost in her smells. Her hair her little back which he could see down to the hint of the peach coloured panties which just hinted from the back of her saree.

"oh this is the best thing that could happen"

"dont tell this to your family" he said, "or they will never let it happen"

Soon her smile was gone. "what? why"

"you think with their recent failures they want to see you a woman succeed"

"But they love me"

"yes they do, only until you can be controlled"

Aish started to cry again. This was truly shocking. She had been happy with no career now she had a boost but she was to lose her family again. She was not only crying but she was also seething.

She put her hands to her face and Amar edged closer. He put her arms around
Aishwarya and tried to comfort her while his cock tried to burts throug his pants. He looked at her flat stomach exposed, happy she had worn a saree, he loved women in sarees.

"Beti, ro mat, itna accch hua hain tere liye" dont cry, its a good thing thats happened.

"How can i thank you Amarji" she said in the muffled sobs. She felt his hand on his head and thought he was being patronly. But then she felt it push her gently down.

What was he doing, she wondered. Amar on the other hand thought this was the best chance. She had been through a state of anger, happiness and now again anger. She was vulnerable and he held a key to 3 blockbusters and millions of dollars for her. it would never be the same opportunity again.

Aishwarya was confused only for a second, then she realised why she was never alone with Amar singh why those rumours flew around and why there was no one at home. Amar Singh was really sure of himself and while pushing Aish towards his cock, unzipped and pulled it out.

Aishwarya saw the cock, she knew what she had to do. What was a little blowjob, she had given enough. She let Amar Singh guide her to it and put her mouth around it and then flicked her tongue over it.

Amar Singh lost control for a brief second as he felt the warmth of the mouth of the most beautiful woman on earth around his hard cock. She began to bob her head up and down and suck. Amar Singh immediately thought how it felt just like he thought it would. He ran her hand through her head, he had no desire to fuck her, she was in his family but this was something he did not want to die without doing.

He let her bob, move her tongue up and down his cock, making it wet with her saliva. after a few seconds he said "apna hath mein bhi to lijiye" please take it in your hands too.

She would not look up because she was embarassed but Amar caught that and gave his cock to her hand and gently pulled her face up to see her. "Mujhe thoda dogi to kuch galat to nahi hoga na? meine bhi to diya hain" she tried to evade looking at him but couldnt. She heard him, it was only fair. She nodded and then gulped his cock with gusto.

Amar could feel the difference, his little question had made its impact, the fear had left Aish and now she was only out to give Amar his dose of pleasure. he could feel it in the way her head was moving up and down on his cock.

She kept glancing up once in a while to make firm eye contact with him so he could see his cock in her mouth. The saliva trickling out of her sides, her red lipstick had rubbed all over his cock and he could see the map of what all her mouth had touched.

Amit bhai would not be happy to see this but it was his right, he was being considerate enough by not even wanting to see her naked. All he wanted was a little cock sucking. It was fair and he would not feel guilty about it.

Her hands were on his balls and were gently rubbing them against her palm reaching behind them trying to find his sweet spot. Amar continued to rub her head lightly with his fingers and played with her hair while Aish continued to suck. Every so often she would stop to catch her breath.

During one of her pauses Amar gasped and pointed to his foreskin "Beti, iske charo aur chato please" (lick around this) Aish paused and did as she was asked. She flicked her tongue in small quick motions, twisting her tongue and lapping like a cat and at times like a snake, around his foreskin.

This was an act of supreme pleasure for Amar, Jaya Pradha, his former fantasy and fuck buddy was the first one who started doing this. As Jaya had crossed 45 her pussy was not what it once was. Therefore she had begun experimenting with her tongue, one such time he had discovered this pleasure. It was immense, it made Amar want to jump off the couch.

After a few minutes of this, he pulled
Aishwarya off his cock and looked at her. "Bus beti bus, ab khatam karo" (enough, finish it) Aish made a fist around his cock, grabbed it and began to jerk it up and down. She had damn near lock jaw from being on his cock for nearly 30 mins straight. She was happy to do this.

Amar never stopped looking at her,
Aishwarya suddenly felt awkward again from his gaze, even though she had put her mouth on his cock and was now jerking him off to completion she felt a little embarassed. His look did not last long, she was jerking him off so hard and fast she could barely see her hand.

"oooooooooooooooooooooooh" Amar Singh moaned as the cum spurted ouf of his cock and flew up, over and across Aishwaryas hands, over Amar Singhs pants and also on portions of her Saree.

"Bus, Bus beti bus" (thats it child, thats it)

She looked at her hand it was full of cum, Amar caught her gaze "chakhogi kya" he asked cheekily,
Aishwarya smiled an embarassed smile, Amar too laughed.

"Nischint hokar jau, sab accha hoga beti"

Amar got up and walked away.
Aishwarya wondered what she had done and how appropriate it was.

She told herself a handjob was not sex. So she had really not done anything wrong. She went through the box of kleenex she had in her bag and wondered who would star in her first full fledged Summer blockbuster.

Amar Singh went into his room and called Jaya Pradha "aapki yad a rahi thi" (was thinking about you)


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