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Bigg Boss Ka Ghar – Bollywood "Sex" Reality Show


It was quite late in the evening when the show started .

A stage had been set up just outside the resort where the stars were going to be spending there next 36 days …
Both Shilpa Shetty and Amitabh Bachchan had taken centre stage and were going to have a few words with each celebrity before they were sent off into the resort
Deepika Padukone was the first one to arrive . She was wearing a blue transparent saree to woo all and was looking and was looking every bit desirable .
Sparks flew as Deepika got out of the car and was just looking smouldering in her Manish Malhotra designer saree . She had set the bar quite high as far as making their own style statements was concerned .
Nine more ravishing Bollywood beauties were still to arrive and there was no argument that she had certainly fired up the competition there itself .
Deepika immediately headed to the backstage area where she had to change her outfit for the stage performance .

She had been asked to perform on the song “Dhan Ta Na “ From her debut film “Om Shanti Om “ ..

Finally after changing her saree Deepika waited in the backstage area as Amitabh and Shilpa introduced her to the media and audience that had passes for this event .
As Deepika reached the stage , she was a beautiful sight .

After her performance was over … Shilpa Shetty and Amitabh Bachchan rushed to the stage to greet her and introduce her to the crowd as the first housemate .
The show was going to be broadcast in 126 different nations and therefore this was going to be regarded as the biggest Indian Television event in years to come .
After her introduction and a small talk with the industry legend , Deepika made her way inside the resort .
The main entrance was shut down as soon as Deepika made her way inside . The resort was spread over 40 acres and was considered the best in the locales of Phuket , Thailand .
Deepika sat down in the main living area as she waited for the other housemates to arrive .
Then arrived the newly married couple of Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan .

Aishwarya was looking stunning as ever in a red Armani Prive gown while Abhishek followed her in a tuxedo .

The couple caught that attention of the papparazi's as soon as they got out of the car .

Questions came firing out from the media side as they walked through the red carpet which led to the backstage area .

It was time for the performance of the two most sort after couple from the Bollywood industry on the hit Dance item song "Kajra Re" .

Their performance through the audience into frenzy who seemed to be enjoying every bit of the couples dance moves .

Soon Amitabh Bachchan too joined his son and Bahu on stage after continuous urging from Shilpa Shetty to do so .

After finishing off with the performance and changing back to their earlier attire they also made their way inside the resort .

Aishwarya was completely exhausted from the performance and it made her quite hungry .

So they immediately headed towards the dining area .
Soon Deepika also joined Aishwarya and Abhishek at the dining table ..
“So do you have any idea of who the other housemates are going to be “ , Deepika asked Aishwarya and Abhishek .
“I ve heard that Katrina and Ritesh Deshmukh had signed the contract some time back . But they are just rumuors so I am not sure .” , Aishwarya answered back .
“ I Had a talk with Priyanka a few days back , she told me that she’s participating in the show “ , Abhishek interrupted .
“Ohh Fucckkk !! “ , Deepika answered as the ketchup fell on the the blouse of her saree .
“You better sweep it off with water before it leaves a stain “ , Aishwarya continued .
Deepika went to the sink to wash the stain with water before coming back to join Aishwarya and Abhishek at the table .
The stain was no longer noticeable but while washing it off her blouse had shifted up a little revealing her bare right boob .
Even her right nipple was visible to the naked eye if someone looked at it with great attention .
“I’m sorry to hear about you and Ranbir “ , Aishwarya asserted finishing up her piece of chicken .
“It’s fine .. We both were at different places in our relationship and therefore it was in both our best interest to see other people “ .
“Yes , there is no purpose carrying on if you have to go different ways “ .
Meanwhile Abhishek had all his attention focused on Deepika’s right boob which was trying to escape from the clutches of her blouse .
“If Katrina also comes in as a housemate then wont it be a little weird for you considering your past relationship with Salman “ .
“Yes it would be …. But you ought to not let these small things come between your line of profession “ .
Soon Aishwarya asked for Deepika’s permission to leave and have a quick look with her husband of the resort after realizing what Abhishek had his eyes focused on .
So they both headed where the bedrooms were located to occupy a room and place their suitcase inside .
“What the hell were you doing out there ? “ , Aishwarya asked filled with rage .
“I wasn’t looking at her …. I mean to say …. Just leave it “ , Abhishek replied flabbergasted .
“We will be under the watch of these cameras all the time , so you better watch out your actions “ .
“Ok … Just forget it …. The resort is almost empty at this moment so why don’t we take advantage of it and have some fun of our own“ .
“You want me to have sex with you in front of the cameras whose videotape will be broadcast all around the world …. You must be kidding me !!! “ …
“Don’t you remember they have paid each individual housemate 5 crores for having sexual relations if possible with the fellow contestants to increase the ratings of the show worldwide “ .
“But we have just arrived . What’s the hurry !! “ .
“Seeing Deepika like that has made me real horny , I am not able to control my urge to fuck you as fast and possible … Please “ , Abhishek asserted .
“Ok … Don’t beg !!! … Lets do it in the bedroom “ , Aishwarya replied after grabbing Abhishek’s ass from behind .

Meanwhile Lara Dutta had also arrived on location and was getting ready for her performance .

She was looking almost ravishing in her golden outfit and revealing huge cleavage .

The key card slipped through the door reader and they heard the click of the lock disengaging. Abhishek turned the handle and they walked into the bedroom, tossing his coat into the closet.
He quickly took off his shirt and sat down on the bed to unlace his shoes as Aishwarya took her high heels off beside him, setting the suitcase next to the bed.
They both sat up, look into each others eyes and moved closer to kiss. Abhishek undid his pants and slipped them and his underwear off, unable to keep his throbbing cock restrained any more.
He helped Aishwarya with her gown as she lay down on the bed, looking up at his cock as it stuck out towards her.

Aishwarya sat up, bringing him close to her . She grabbed his cock in her hands and brought it close to her mouth, extending her tongue and licking the tip in a nice slow motion, she cupped his balls with her other hand, sliding her fingers slowly back towards Abhishek’s cock.
Reaching out, she gripped his shaft and slowly stroked, watching as clear fluid seeped from the tip. She kissed the end, smearing his pre-cum over her lips, tasting his salty musk. Mesmerized, Abhishek watched as Aishwarya pulled her head back and a long, thin strand of saliva and pre-cum hung from his cock to her lips.

Still stroking, Aishwarya looked up into his eyes, her lips twisted in a naughty smile. With her mouth open, her tongue out just a little, her eyes still locked on his, she leaned in and took just the tip into her wet mouth. She sucked lightly, feeling it twitch, her tongue swirling over the fleshy head and he let out a low, soft moan.

As Aishwarya continued to work on Abhishek's cock , he bent down a little to unhook her bra from behind . It swayed through her body like a feather before eventually falling off on the ground .

A hand went to the back of her head, his hips moved forward and back, slowly pumping his cock in and out her mouth. She let him control her, use her mouth to pleasure him. His rod plunged deeper on every stroke until the tip pressed against the back of her throat, making her gag slightly and he stopped.

She let him slide out of her mouth before leaning in and kissing the base of his shaft. Moving lower, she sucked first one, then the other testicle into her mouth, bathing each with her tongue. The sensation made his eyes roll back into head, and another moan escaped his lips.

Aishwarya crawled onto the bed after sliding off her panty, though she was distracted by her swinging tits as she did, he stopped her before she got too far so that he could continue to lap at her pussy from behind before running his tongue up between her ass cheeks and sending a shiver through her.

He had her crawl up a bit further then flip onto her back, admiring her naked body all laid out before Abhishek lowered his head between her spread thighs.

Aishwarya grabbed his head again as he started to lick her smooth pussy before slipping first one, then a second finger into her. She was rocking her hips and moaning as he lapped at her clit while fingering her slick pussy.

Abhishek looked up to see her tits squeezed together between her arms, her hard nipples pointing at the ceiling. His cock was a rock but he was planning to get Aishwarya off before pulling it out and putting it to use. 
The longer Abhishek licked and sucked her clit while pumping his fingers in and out of her hot, wet pussy, the louder Aishwarya was moaning and the harder and faster she was forcing her pussy towards his face.

Her pussy actually felt as though it was getting even wetter as his fingers sloshed in and out until she finally went rigid, holding her breath, before exhaling harshly as her entire body convulsed.
He continued to eat her as long as her body was twitching, raising his head once she'd gone completely still. As she lay there, her eyes closed and her chest heaving while she caught her breath.

Abhishek guided his cock between her smooth lips, easily sliding into her hot, wet pussy and causing both of them to moan. He brought his lips down to hers, feeling her tits against his chest, as he started to slowly fuck her.

As always It felt nice to have her warm body below his and his cock buried in her pussy without the awkwardness of youth. She was raising her hips to receive each of his long, slow thrusts as her tongue explored his mouth and his explored hers. As much as he was relishing fucking her day after day, he knew that They wouldn't remain in the missionary position for very long; they'd always been pretty aerobic when they were having sex.

Missionary was nice for reconnecting, though, but once they'd spent some time getting back into synch again, he was thinking about how much nicer fucking her would be if she had her nice titties in his hands. Eventually he rolled off her and flopped onto his back beside her as she got up and straddled his hips.

Abhishek was caressing her breasts even before she'd grasped his throbbing tool and guided it back to her pussy. They both moaned again as she lowered herself down on it and started to slowly ride him.

She was sitting straight upright, bouncing up and down as he played with her tits and gently stroked her hard nipples, so he could also see her trim bush and her shaved lips wrapped around his tool.

Aishwarya experimented with her movements until she found something that worked for her and then started to ride him harder and faster. Her pussy felt fantastic, but he was still entranced by her tits because they were so much different than the last time he had his hands on them.

When she finally leaned forward, supporting herself with her arms planted on either side of his head, her tits were close enough to lick and suck, so he didn't waste any time getting his mouth and tongue on them.

Aishwarya had been noisy the entire time they'd been fucking, but as she was licking her aerolas and sucking her hard nipples, she was getting louder.

He ended up reaching around to grip her ass in both hands as she slammed herself down on his cock repeatedly and he started pushing up harder into her. Abhishek could feel Aishwarya's pussy getting hotter and wetter the closer she got to cumming and was savoring the feel of it on his throbbing tool.

He was also appreciating the feel of her ass in his hands as well as the opportunity to slobber all over her luscious titties. Her ass was slapping against his upper thighs as their fucking was becoming quite frantic until she finally let out a long, low moan and her body started to quake.

Abhishek just watched the look of raw passion on her face as she came and waited to see what was next.

When she blinked the fog from her eyes, she smiled and leaned down to kiss
 him briefly before dismounting his still throbbing tool and turning around to take it in her hand then lower her mouth over it again.

He moaned as her hot mouth engulfed him and she started to pump the base while sliding her lips up and down his stiff shaft. He was caressing her ass, which was close by, as she sucked his cock and soon had his fingers between her thighs, playing with her dripping pussy again.

While he'd always appreciated her cocksucking since they had been married, she'd definitely refined her skills in recent times.

Maybe he should have just indulged himself and focused on the high level of pleasure she was providing, but he couldn't resist her pussy being so close by and soon encouraged her to position it over his face.

He ran both hands over her round ass while lapping at her pussy once again, tasting her flowing secretions. She continued to slide her hot mouth up and down his appreciative shaft while occasionally pausing to run her tongue over his balls.

Abhishek's hands eventually moved so that he could slip a couple of fingers on one into her pussy while licking and sucking her clit as the other index finger slid between her ass cheeks. She didn't seem averse to a little bit of anal stimulation though he didn't naturally assume that he'd be sliding his cock in there before the night was through.

He was surprised, though, that they weren't in a sixty-nine for very long before she stopped sucking his cock and started to move down the bed, taking her pussy away from his fingers and tongue.

Positioning herself over her hips again, with her ass facing toward him this time, she guided his cock back into her hot pussy once more and lowered herself onto it.

Abhishek had no issue with staring right at her ass and immediately started to caress it again as she went back to riding his tool. She was moaning louder again and it looked as though she was also stroking her clit as she was riding him, definitely pursuing another orgasm. He'd take her by the hips occasionally and pull her down harder on his cock as he pushed up into her, but mostly let her set the pace while he caressed and squeezed her ass.

It didn't take long before he could tell that she was on the verge of cumming once again, so he figured he'd see if he could push her over the edge. Sucking on one finger until it was slippery with saliva, he then started to massage her asshole with his fingertip.

Abhishek figured since Aishwarya didn't cum right away, he slipped his finger into her ass, but he had barely touched her asshole when she let out a cry and started to shake.

When Aishwarya finally stopped cumming, she climbed off of his cock and crawled around to kiss him again. He couldn't resist her dangling tits as she knelt on all-fours beside him and they made out a bit, his throbbing cock momentarily unattended.

"I'm sorry," Aishwarya said when she pulled her mouth just slightly away from his and looked into her eyes, "I've been selfish."

"That's okay," Abhishek replied, "You're going to make it up to me by lying on your back and letting me fuck your tits."

She smiled and immediately rolled onto her back while he got up and straddled her ribs, laying his cock between her tits as she squeezed them together around it. The soft, smooth flesh felt heavenly as he slid his cock in and out of her cleavage and finally started to feel the stirrings of his own orgasm.

He was looking down at her hard nipples and pink aerolas but Aishwarya's focus was on the head of his cock as it slid across her the gap between her boobs.

He don't know if she was waiting for a blast of cum so that she could try to catch it on her tongue but he was already planning to make sure that she didn't miss a single drop of his cum when he finally let loose. In the meantime, he was just enjoying the slow build thanks to her luscious boobies.

When Abhishek did finally get close to cumming, he fucked her tits for as long as he could before moving forward enough to slip his cock back into Aishwarya's hot mouth.

Aishwarya let go of her tits and grabbed his ass, pulling him deeply into her mouth as he gripped the headboard above her. The pleasure continued to build to unprecedented levels as he slid his cock in and out of her mouth and his orgasm built up even more quickly.

Abhishek's cock was swelling even more as she worked her oral magic on him .
When suddenly he heard the door being stretched upon and saw someone peek inside ..
It was Lara Dutta …
But the pressure was so much that he finally exploded down her throat with a grunt. Lara was left stunned as loads of cum spurted on Aishwarya's face.
“Ohh Sorry !!!! “ , She answered confused , “I didn’t meant too “ , Lara replied again before rushing out .

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