Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bigg Boss Ka Ghar – Bollywood "Sex" Reality Show


Priyanka entered the room at 1 in the night . She was dead tired and went to get to the bed as soon as possible as soon as she was over with changing into her night dress .
Before she could head to the bathroom she saw a letter lying on the corner table .
She picked it up to read it through and noticed that it was from Sanjay Dutt whom she was supposed to be sharing the bedroom with . It read as follows :

Hii Priyanka ,
Finally I have got a chance to spend some quality time with you . I am writing this to bring to your notice that I would be ever thankful to god for making you my partner in this show .
Anyways let me come straight to the point ..
I know what happened b/w you and Hriday ( the director of the movie “Plan” which Sanjay and Priyanka did together a few years back) at his Colaba Residence . I know it would come as a major surprise to you but through various sources I have evidences to prove that you were present at his home on the night of Hriday’s murder .
Well this is the perfect place for me to bring to the notice of the whole world about this secret of yours . So if you would like me not to divulge it out in the open it would be better if you start to obey my orders as how a slave treats his master .

I will be back in some time , so it would be better if you don’t offer much resistance in the front of cameras and let me do whatever I want ..

Sanjay Dutt

Priyanka was left appalled as she completed the letter . Immediately she started feeling giddy and sat back on the couch .
Before she could make herself comfortable , Sanjay Dutt walked in through the door .
Seeing Priyanka’s reaction he replied “ It seems you have read the letter I left for you “ .
But she didn’t answer back .
He headed towards Priyanka who was still dressed in the glittering saree she was wearing when she came inside the resort .
Sanjay grabbed Priyanka’s left breast with his hand from above her saree and began to sway it in gentle round motion …

In no time Sanjay had dropped off the pallu of Priyanka’s saree and was working on unhooking her blouse …

Priyanka’s hands and legs were motionless and mouth agape …. There was no way she would be able to save her from this humiliation …

With the blouse of Priyanka’s saree off , Sanjay wasted no time in removing the bra too ..

“Ohh these are perfect” , Sanjay replied as Priyanka decided to remain silent ….

Sanjay started to work on Priyanka’s nipples trying to pinch them as hard as she could …Tears were rolling down her eyes
Sanjay bent down a little towards the chair so that he was on the same level as Priyanka and planted a kiss on her back …

Priyanka could do nothing much except closing her eyes and letting the moment pass by .
“You are so beautiful …. I feel like making love to you all night long “ , Sanjay continued neglecting Priyanka’s revolt to keep him off her body …

He know moved towards the front and continued his advances on Priyanka . He held her hand in his and commanded her to stand up .
While Priyanka tried to stand tall on her feet, she noticed a hand up her ass over the petticoat of her saree … She immediately tried to suppress Sanjay’s sexual advances …

But before she could do anything Sanjay pulled her closer to which her uncovered boobs bounced back of his chest …

“Hey What are you doing ? “ , Priyanka revolted ..

“Do you really want the secret of yours to not get out in the open ? “ , He asked Priyanka grabbing her by the shoulders ..

“No …no “ , she whispered back ..

“Then take off whatever is remaining on your body and lie down on the bed “ ..

Priyanka decided to obey his orders and slowly guided her petticoat down on the ground ..

She wasn’t wearing any panty underneath thereby revealing her unshaven pussy .

Sanjay pushed her on to the couch and inserted his head between Priyanka's succulent thighs. With small, practiced, licks of his wet tongue he proceeded to give Priyanka an orgasm.

He started at the crease between her thighs and her pussy, letting his wet tongue slide along the side of her pussy lips; engorged with her hot blood, fat, rubbery, slightly damp from her precum.

Priyanka squirmed on the couch, realizing what was happening to her. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the good feelings his tongue was producing.

Sanjay licked across her out lips to her other thigh, sliding his tongue up and down this sensitive area. He grinned to himself when he felt Priyanka's body shiver.

His mouth then moved to her hot lips, sucking on them, savoring the soft yet firm feel of their sensuality inside his mouth. His tongue licked them on the outer edges and then between them, sluicing up and down her aroused outer lips.

Priyanka's head moved from side to side as his tongue send little shivers of sexual joy over her body."Please get off me … I said please !! “ .

Sanjay looked up at her, mesmerized by her body; trim tummy, taut, firm, full breasts tipped by little rosebuds of nipples that were stiff and full of her hot blood. He ran his hands up her waist and to her tits, fondling them, squeezing them, pinching the nipples.

He swallowed from the excitement of being where he was, feeling, smelling, tasting this delightful sexual dish. And he saw Priyanka as a dish, a beautiful, luscious food for him to consume. Up and down her hot slit went his tongue and then he stiffened it and pushed it against the entrance to her hot vagina.

Priyanka reacted automatically, lifting her hips, unintentionally shoving her pussy against his face, a low moan of sexual pleasure escaping her lips. She fucked at his face as he plunged his tongue in and out of her pussy .

Sanjay's cock, unable to come erect, was still leaking into his shorts and his mind was consumed with what he was doing. His tongue licked upward until it found her clit peeking out from under her inner lips.

Up and down this little button of love went his tongue and then around and around it over and over again. He put his hands to the outside of her thighs and held them to his cheeks tightly, loving the feel of her body trapping him between her sexy thighs.

Priyanka looked down at his bobbing head, at his hands holding her thighs to his cheeks and cried. 

“For the Love of God , Please don’t do this to me “ .

But Sanjay was in no mood to listen . As he brought his mouth even closer .

A little thrill of sexual excitement ran over her body when she heard Sanjay moan as she held his mouth to her pussy.

Little dewdrops of perspiration dotted her tummy and breasts as her orgasm approached. Sanjay recognized the signs and slowed his tongue and sucking of her clit, letting her clit slide in and out of his soft lips slowly as his tongue licked it gently.

And then her climax hit. Priyanka's body arched and she moaned with pleasure as the sexual release Sanjay's mouth and tongue created. He kept up licking and sucking at her, slowly, more slowly, more gently until her body stopped trembling from the power of her orgasm.

Priyanka lost control of her pussy . She raised her hips and rubbed her sodden pussy over his face, smearing him with her cum.

Sanjay cleaned her pussy and let his tongue move back to her clit, now drunk with desire to feel her body tremble through one orgasm after the other.

"Please Leave me now , I wont be able to handle another orgasm. "

But he was in no mood to listen .

Sanjay ran his hands over her body, loving the feel of her taut skin. He kissed and licked at her pubic hair and the skin around her mound, still consumed with desire.

Sanjay than turned her around so that her ass was facing her now …

Sanjay stared at her tight buns and her pussy lips and wisps of pubic hair. The sight of her ass and pussy sent shivers up and down his spine. He was charged up about the thought of having his tongue inside her tight asshole.

He ran his hands over her back and thighs and then caressed her ass gently. Lowering his head, he kissed and licked at her ass cheeks, letting the heat of his body fill her with sexual desire. More and more excited, he ran his tongue back and cross over her ass cheeks, touching lightly the target he so desired to enter.

Not able to stand the strain any longer he ran his tongue up and down the crease of her ass, wetting and teasing Priyanka's puckered little brown rosebud that. He slobbered over her asshole, licking at it, kissing it, pressing his tongue against it lovingly.

Priyanka's body was tingling with anticipation and sexual excitement as Sanjay's mouth and tongue slaved over her ass.

Sanjay's mouth laid a pool of drool around her asshole. He probed at the center, testing the strength of her sphincter, excited by the sensation of having his tongue pressed against this sensitive erogenous zone.

Priyanka willed her sphincter to relax as he shoved his face against her ass, little drops of perspiration dotting her forehead.

Priyanka bit her lower lip as her ass was pressed against his face.

And then it happened. With a sudden plop his tongue was past the tight barrier and inside her hot asshole. Sanjay's cock leaked into his shorts as he felt the heat of her asshole around his tongue, the tight muscle encircle it and squeeze it so that it hurt.

Priyanka cried out with when his tongue entered her. She felt her asshole spasm around his tongue and felt more pain than she had ever felt in her life and more turned on sexually also at the same time .

Nothing in her life had prepared her for the feelings that ran over her body from having a man's live tongue inside her ass, fucking at her hot, slippery membranes.

Sanjay inserted a finger into her hot cunt as he tonguefucked her asshole. Soon he set up a rhythm; he shoving her ass in his face, him pushing his face down and then withdrawing until just the tip of his tongue was past her sphincter.

"Aghhhh... I'm cumming….." She threw his head back and cried out from the orgasm that came from her asshole and pussy.

Her vagina spasmed around his finger and her asshole around his tongue as he fucked her slowly, savoring every morsel of pleasure from her climax.

"That was something," he told her, letting his finger toy with her vagina.

Nothing in her life had prepared Priyanka for the feelings that ran over her body from having a man's live tongue inside her ass, fucking at her hot, slippery membranes.

Sanjay inserted a finger into her hot cunt as he tonguefucked her asshole. Soon he set up a rhythm; he shoving her ass in his face, him pushing his face down and then withdrawing until just the tip of his tongue was past her sphincter.

"Aghhhh... I'm cumming….." Priyanka threw his head back and cried out from the orgasm that came from her asshole and pussy.

Her vagina spasmed around his finger and her asshole around his tongue as he fucked her slowly, savoring every morsel of pleasure from her climax.

"That was something," he told her, letting his finger toy with her vagina.

“Is it over ? , Am I free ? , “ , questions came flying out from Priyanka .
Sanjay didn’t fell like replying to any of Priyanka’s question and just got up from the bed to drop his shorts and underwear on to the ground .
Before Priyanka could recover , Sanjay jumped on to the bed and lay over her in a way that were completely at level with each other . This time Sanjay was even more aggressive .
Priyanka’s breasts were being pressed against his chest in a way that they were being squeazed to their limit .
He gazed at her, their edges electric with passion and bodies were racked with sensual convulsions. It did not take long before he was plunging his tongue deeply into Priyanka’s mouth.

His mouth was sweetly slanted over hers and all options to deny him were taken away. Her arms slid around his middle and she felt the hard muscles of his back. All of the emotions that had been simmering under the surface rose like a tempest and her heart felt like it was on a rampage.
His mouth was quite possessive. As his tongue breeched her lips, Priyanka gave a small moan. The kiss quickly began passionate and deep. After what seemed like forever, he slowly lifted his lips from hers.
The violence of their kisses reflected the conflicting emotions both were feeling .
For moments afterwards, her eyes were still closed as Sanjay moved towards Priyanka’s neck.

She could still feel the warmth of his lips against her own.
When her eyes finally opened, she looked up to see him staring down at her. Then in the space of a heartbeat, he slowly lowered his mouth back to hers. Unable to stop, she sighed deeply. Her legs felt like rubber and her head was spinning. Her hands crept up his chest and around his collar. This kiss was passionate and long.
Though without her consent but still it was one of the best kiss Priyanka had ever had .
He leaned down on one elbow next to her, and with his free hand began to trace a line from her lips, over her chin, down her neck, between her breasts, over her stomach until he came to her groin. There he ran his fingertips from one hip bone to the other, teasingly avoiding her mound of hair as he passed by. As he did this a second time, she raised her hips so that his fingers slipped over her hair, and caught the sensitive parts below.
Poised above her groin, he then leaned down so that he could gently place the head of his penis between her labia, just below her clitoris. Holding his penis steady with one hand, he moved the head slightly so that his glans could stroke and caress the bud of her clitoris. The moist friction of their most sensitive surfaces gave them both intense pleasure, ready for the mutual act to be consummated.

Sanjay carefully eased a little more of his penis between the moist pink lips of Priyanka's opening, which automatically yielded wetly and allowed his shaft to glide silkily into her. He entered her slowly, a few millimetres at a time. Sanjay pulled out a little, enjoying the sight of his aroused manhood swathed in Priyanka's juices of desire.

He pulled out further, so that the ridge around the head of his penis was kissed by Priyanka's swollen, moistened labia and it flicked her clitoris upwards as it passed.
As he re-entered her, Sanjay made the head of his penis flick her clitoris downwards too as he plunged his penis deep into her. He pressed his groin together in order to achieve full penetration, filling and being filled.

Sanjay began to thrust into Priyanka, slowly but deeply, ensuring that his penis was able to stimulate Priyanka's pleasure centres inside her opening. Priyanka was so sexually aroused that she had no choice besides that she gripped his member with her internal muscles, increasing the mutual friction still further. As the urgency overtook them, Priyanka seized Sanjay's buttocks and, digging her nails in slightly, pulled him into her.
With cries of pleasure, Priyanka thrust one more time against Sanjay's body, she groaned, and climaxed. Sanjay could feel her contractions, as well as several pulses of the hot, watery fluid which began to surround his penis inside her.

Sanjay withdrew his penis for a moment, watching her fluids escape as she completed her orgasm, and quickly rubbed the head of his penis against her pussy.

Sanjay was now so aroused that he needed completion, and he drove his penis back into her, and with a few thrusts he felt his penis explode, releasing quantities of his juices to mingle with hers.

He stayed fully penetrated as he enjoyed the spasms and the fire within his loins, releasing copious quantities of his seed within her, at last reaching the ecstatic consummation with her which he had always wanted.
Both of them were so exhausted that they just fell asleep lying over each other .

This marked the end of an eventful first day in the Bigg Boss house promising more new secrets and adventures to be revealed in the coming future........

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