Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bigg Boss Ka Ghar – Bollywood "Sex" Reality Show


Abhishek's cock was swelling even more as Aishwarya worked her oral magic on him .
When suddenly he heard the door being stretched upon and saw someone peek inside ..
It was Lara Dutta…
But the pressure was so much that he finally exploded down her throat with a grunt. Lara was left stunned as loads of cum spurted on Aishwarya's face.
“Ohh Sorry !!!! “ , She answered confused , “I didn’t meant too “ , Lara replied again before rushing out . 

“You stay here and let me talk to her “ , Aishwarya answered .
After dressing herself up Aishwarya immediately ran out to talk to her…
She saw her in the dining area having a piece of apple . Deepika was also sitting nearby so she kept her tone a little low .
“I’m sorry that you had to see that in there “ , Aishwarya started
“Its fine , its your personal life and you can do whatever you feel like once you are inside your bedroom… Its my fault that I came inside without knocking “
“Thanks for understanding Lara “ , Aishwarya replied and went away .
“ What was she saying ? “ , Deepika asked her whom Lara had already told how she saw her and Abhishek having sex inside the bedroom ..
“Well she was just making sure that every thing is cool at my side ‘ .
“I’m telling you she’s a complete slut . I ve also heard rumuors that Abhishek had once caught her having sex with his father in law “ .
“You mean Amitabh Sir” , Lara asked Deepika “ .
“Yes . What more can you expect from a woman who used Salman and Vivek to achieve stardom and fame “ .
“I guess you are right . She’s one complete whore “.

The next to arrive was Vidya Balan who was soon followed by John Abraham …

The crowd had now started to gather up a little as 6 of the total 18 celebrities were inside the resort premises .
Vidya didn’t engage herself much in talking to the other celebs and went away to the place where bedrooms were located to have some rest .
But as soon as she opened the door someone grabbed her from her waist pulling Vidya up in the air and throwing her off in the bed ..
“Ohh Janu , it’s you …. I’ve been waiting for you since last two months “ , Vidya replied as she got up and moved to the edge of the bed .
It was John Abraham.
They had been secretly carrying on their relationship for almost two years now …

"Hey wait " , Vidya interrupted , "What if these Channel guys show this on T.V show and your girlfriend Bipasha sees it " .

"Dont worry Dear ... This show is not being telecast in India and i am sure she would not check out live internet streaming of the show to see what i am doing " ..

"Okie Jaan , i mean John " , she replied .

Vidya sat on the edge of the bed as John straddled behind her. His eyes were locked on her smooth, tanned skin of her upper back. He closed his eyes and breathed her fragrance. His heart pounded with desire for what was the millionth time since that had this list time without Bipasha having any clue about it . He placed his hands on the bare skin of her shoulders.

His hands now swayed a little down before he opened the knot of her blouse but Vidya didn’t allow it to fall down . He started carassing her bare back with random circular swings of his hands . She was incredibly soft! Being a little chubby had its advantages! He could caress her soft skin all day!

When John felt her hands touch his face it was like electricity. When she touched him skin the buzz shot through her body down to her pussy. She wanted this man. He had to have her. She closed her eyes and sighed softly .

“Let me give you a little massage” , John requested as he moved back again so that he was facing her back.

John's cock was at full hardness. He had to sit back a little so that he wouldn't poke her. He would die of embarrassment if she knew that she had him this turned on already! His hands kneaded the skin of her upper back, his thumbs gently digging into the soft flesh and muscle. His hands moved closer together until he was massaging her neck.

"Ohhhhh gawd this feels good..." Vidya sighed. She was trying not to squirm , but her pussy was tingling uncontrollably. He rubbed all over her upper back, her neck and her shoulders while she purred and moaned with her approval. He leaned forward and breathed in her scent again.

"You are so beautiful." He whispered. He gently kissed the base of her neck.

Bolts of desire shot through her. She had to kiss him! But she was facing the wrong way, the position was too awkward. He continued to massage her neck.

He was tempted to kiss her again, but showed restraint. Eventually, he had to stop. He couldn't massage her forever! After 15 minutes he quit. The only reason he didn't put any further moves on her was because she was facing the other way – otherwise, he would have given in to temptation.

He maneuvered back in front of Vidya her to watch the move. She snuggled up close to him and he slipped an arm around her shoulders.

With one quick motion he slipped of thee blouse of her shoulders as revealing her breasts which were no doubt one of the best in Bollywood Industry .

All they were thinking about was giving in to their desires. Vidya turned to look at him, gazing deep into his eyes.

"Why haven't you tried to kiss me?" She could be pretty blunt, when she wanted to be. Her heart was pounding, though. This would be it .

John looked into her beautiful brown eyes. He was lost in them. They both leaned forward slowly .

Their lips met, gently pressing together. That first kiss lasted under a second, but for them it was an eternity. For an eternity, electricity traveled to and from each other's lips. The tingling shot up and down both of their bodies, making his cock twitch and her pussy moisten. Their lips smacked softly with the brief kiss.

She put her hand on the side of his face and kissed him. He slid his hand down around her waist as he felt her tongue push against his lips. He opened his mouth, allowing her tongue to slip inside as he felt her soft back. He sent his tongue into her mouth and the two kissed passionately.

He loved feeling her tongue rub up against his. Her tongue snaked deeper inside his mouth, as if exploring the depths. He eagerly did the same back to her. As her tongue danced inside his mouth he felt her hand leave the side of his face and slowly caress down his chest. The two were breathing heavily inside each other's mouth, as their kissing grew more passionate.

Vidya's heart beat faster as she ran her hand down his strong chest to his upper leg. She desperately wanted to feel his hard cock. She needed to know just how hard she makes him. Nervously, she slowly moved her hand to his crotch and over the bulge in his jeans . Her pussy flooded when she felt just how stiff he was through his clothes. She ran her fingers around the outline of his thick hardness.

"Mmmm..." a moan of desire escaped her lips. She couldn't help it! Her body used to ache for John like no man before.That was the primary reason why they had carried on there affair behind everyone’s back for so long .

For a moment, an image of his hard, throbbing cock sliding inside her needy cunt flashed across her mind. "Mmmm..." another moan escaped.

John ran his hand up and down the soft flesh of her naked arm and then slowly moved it to the front of her body. He cupped her soft juicy breast and he gently squeezed. She sighed into his mouth and her tongue started dancing wildly around again. He could feel her hand grip his rock-hard penis and squeeze lustfully.

He ran his hand down her body over her to her bare leg down to her knee. His hand slowly caressed up the smooth, soft flesh of the outside of her thigh up underneath her petticoat. It continued up to the side of her big, beautiful ass until he could feel the thin elastic of the side of her panties. He broke the kiss.

"Panties?" He breathed, smiling. He knew she never wore them. Vidya chuckled. He noticed her hand never left his crotch. She gave him a beautiful smile that melted his heart yet again.

"I knew that there would be a lot of people along so I had to wear them in case the need arises!"

He smiled and kissed her. Once. Twice. On the third kiss her tongue darted right back into his mouth. He teased his tongue around hers, cherishing the sensation. He loved Vidya's lithe tongue! John ran his hand down Vidya's smooth, plump thigh to her knee and then slowly inched up her other thigh – this time on the inside benath the petticoat of her saree. As he inched closer and closer to her treasure, his hand could feel the temperature rising.

He reached her panties and could tell that they were lace – and they were soaking wet. He could clearly feel the swollen lips of her pussy through them and he slowly ran his fingers up and down them.

"Mmmph!" She groaned into his mouth, her tongue pausing for a moment as bolts of pleasure shot up her body. The constant tingling in her vagina suddenly rose two notches. His fingers did nothing to ease her desire!

She felt John's tongue wiggle around her mouth and it brought her back down to Earth. Vidya pushed her tongue deeper into his mouth as her fingers began to undo his jeans. She was gasping for breath inside his mouth as she slowly pulled down his zipper.

“Remove the petticoat first “ , Vidya commanded and John obeyed her orders like a wishful servant .

It was time to take off her panties so that she was completely naked .

John slipped his fingers into the side of the crotch of her lace panties. Her pussy was shaved clean he noted, as he slowly moved towards her treasure. Suddenly he could feel the hot moisture of her slit. She was incredibly wet! Her silky lips were dripping with her juices and his heart soared with love when he realized how much he turned her on.

He ran the tip of his finger down the slick, hot lips of her vagina until it reached a point where the heat as almost unbearable: her entrance. He dipped his finger inside and was caught off guard by how tight she was, yet she sucked him inside like a vacuum. He pushed his middle finger inside Vidya's pussy to the second knuckle. It gripped him like a vice!

"Oh gawd!" Vidya moaned, breaking the kiss. She thought that he could make her cum just with his finger! She was completely wired, conscious of every inch of her body. It was like a buzzing all over!

John pushed his jeans down after which her hand dove into his underwear and she wrapped her fingers around John's stiff penis. He was so fucking hard!

"Oh gawd!" she repeated. Suddenly, his finger wasn't good enough! She desperately needed this man inside her! Every inch of her being wanted him to make love to her – and then fuck her hard! She began to stroke him, as his finger eased in and out of her sensitive tunnel.

Their lips were smacking loudly and sloppily as their kissing increased in urgency. John loved how hot and tight Vidya's cunt gripped his digit and he loved how her soft fleshy thighs touched either side of his hand as he manipulated her.

Suddenly, Vidya broke the kiss and released his dick. She began pushing his shirt up his body, laying him back on the bed at the same time. He slipped his finger out of her pussy and her hand out from between her thighs. Before he was halfway down, she had his shirt over his head and off, throwing it on the floor.

He lay on his back and Vidya straddled him. She began kissing down his neck to his waxed chest. She kissed lovingly over every inch of his chest, her tongue darting out and teasing over his nipple. She was breathing heavily as she kissed down his belly, her hands gripping his underwear.

She tugged and he raised his ass up off the bed. Vidya pulled his underwear down his legs to his feet and off, unleashing his rock hard penis. She felt herself get wetter at the sight. This was John's cock! It was hard, just for her! How often had she masturbated about seeing this very dick? Over the last 2 years since they were secretly dating– probably a good 1000 times! She was going to cherish this. She was going to worship this cock!

John watched his fantasy woman crawl back up the couch and wrap her fingers around his pole. She ducked low and he felt her tongue lick across his balls. He felt her suck one of his testicles into her mouth. He felt it pop back out. She was looking at him with her beautiful eyes as he felt his other testicle get sucked into her mouth. She released that one and she kissed the base of his thick penis. She kissed a little higher, her hand raising his manhood straight up into the air.

She slowly kissed him, over and over, making her way to the top. When she reached his head she kissed it twice and then slowly kissed her way back down again. Her tongue snaked out and she slowly ran it up his shaft, her beautiful brown eyes again looking at him. When she reached the top she ran her tongue all around his mushroom head once, and then did it again..

Her mouth opened up and she slowly sucked the head of John's penis inside.

"Ohhhh..." he moaned, closing his eyes for a moment as he felt Vidya's warm mouth slowly absorb his cock. He opened his eyes and watched as inch after inch of his cock disappeared into her pretty mouth. She was able to get most of it inside before he hit the back of her throat. Vidya's eyes met his as she held his cock in her mouth. He would never forget that visual.

She slowly slid her mouth back up his pole before sliding it back inside a little faster. She began to bob her head up and down on his lap, increasing the pace a little each time. He moaned again, watching her lips slide and down his white cock.

'Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!' Vidya gobbled his manhood hungrily and the slurping noises could be heard across the room. He couldn't help but subtly hump his hips upwards into her face.

"Ohhh man, Vidya." He panted. "You have improved a lot since the last time we did this!"

Vidya chuckled, even though her mouth was full, and then she quickly resumed her blowjob. He was incredibly hard in her mouth and he was starting to hump upwards a little too eagerly. She didn't want him to cum yet – he wasn't inside her yet! She pulled his dick out of her mouth with a 'pop'. She looked at him with a big smile.

"Did you like that?" she asked, rhetorically.

"Wow." He replied. She could see the awe in his eyes. "Kiss me." He ordered.

Vidya quickly crawled up the bed towards him; straddling his naked body and pressing her thinly covered pussy against his exposed rod. Her lips quickly found his and they kissed passionately. Her tongue darted into his mouth as she began to grind her cunt along his shaft.

John sent his tongue into her mouth. It felt as if she was even wetter now. His hands grabbed her big, beautiful ass and he helped her rub against him as his tongue danced against hers. His fingers ran up and down the crack of her soft bum .

Squeezing her ass, he broke the kiss and began kissing over her cheek to her ear. He briefly sucked her earlobe into his mouth and then released it.

"I always dream of kissing you , some times even when I am with Bipasha." He whispered.

Thrills went up her spine at his words and she turned, lips searching. They kissed passionately, tongues exploring, but after a few seconds he again broke the kiss.

This time he kissed down her neck to her chest. He began to kiss and down Vidya's ample cleavage, his lips sucking at the soft flesh. When he reached the top of her sundress, he began to kiss down between her cleavage to the slope of her other breast.

His one hand left her ass and he grabbed the strap of her dress, as well as her white bra strap, and slowly pulled it down off her shoulder. The both watched as the strap slid further down her arm. Both her bra and the top of her sundress came down off her one breast, revealing her big, dark pink areola.

John's heart soared with desire. He was seeing Vidya's naked breast ! He wrapped his lips around her thick, hard nipple and gently sucked on it. She moaned, running both hands through his hair to behind his head. He released her nipple and slowly licked all around her areola. Her sundress had slipped down her other arm as well, completely revealing the other cup of her bra which barely covered her other breast.

Vidya leaned back and he was forced to pull his mouth away from her tit. She reached behind her, jutting her breasts out at him.

John grabbed her soft mounds with both hands. Vidya smiled as she leaned forward, pressing her tits in his face. She always used to dream about this! She loved how hard his cock was as she pressed against it.

She began to grind her hot pussy against his pole even harder as he sucked and licked back and forth between her breasts. John kissed his way back up her cleavage, up her neck to her lips, his hands again grabbing onto her big bum. Vidya kissed him briefly, but then broke the kiss, panting.

"Make love to me John." Vidya breathed. "I need you inside me so bad."

He nearly came right there. He kissed her lips briefly.

He kissed her hard, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. He began slowly turning their bodies as she sent her tongue back into his mouth. Their lips were smacking loudly as she slowly lay on her side on the couch and he gradually got off of it.

Without breaking the kiss, she managed to twist onto her back and open her legs, allowing him to lie down in between them. He pressed his hardness against her thinly defended pussy and circled his tongue around hers.

He broke the kiss and began to kiss down Vidya's neck to her chest. He could hear her breathing laboriously above him, as he tasted her delicious flesh. Grabbing her big tit with both hands, he sucked her hard nipple into his mouth.

"Ohhh yesss John..." Vidya sighed as tingles ran from her breast down to her pussy. She petted the back of his head with one hand as he continued to gently suck her tit.

He playfully nibbled it a little bit.

"Oh!" Vidya cried and then giggled.

Smiling, he kissed his way over to her other breast and slowly ran his tongue around her big areola, teasing it over her erect nub. He sucked that sensitive nipple into his mouth and he could hear her sigh above him again.

He began to slowly kiss and lick down her soft, round belly. He sucked some of her flesh into his mouth and released it, loving her natural taste.

"I love your belly, Vidya." He breathed in between kisses.

Her heart soared with love at his words.

"You like it?" Vidya asked, hesitantly. His lips felt so nice on her skin! He looked up at her.

"I think it's absolutely perfect. I love it." He replied. As if to show this, he began kissing all over her belly a little faster, from one side to the other, gradually moving lower.

Her heart skipped a beat and she felt her eyes tear up a little. She loved this man!. John appreciated her ! She watched him kiss all around her navel. When he stuck his tongue inside, tingles shot up her body. She needed him inside her!

He grabbed her right foot and raised it up in the air. He gently kissed her instep. Vidya giggled, smiling her gorgeous smile that had won his heart long ago. He kissed over the top of her pretty, and chubby little foot. He kissed the top of her big toe and then he began to kiss each of her other toes before slowly kissing his way back.

He briefly sucked her big toe into his mouth before pulling it out and gently kissing it. He kissed up her instep to her heel and up to her ankle. His lips slowly kissed up the smooth skin of her calf muscle and over the side of her knee. Vidya subconsciously parted her legs wider for him as his lips trailed up her soft inner thigh.

He could smell the strong, intoxicating scent of her arousal as his lips sucked the flesh of the top of her inner thigh. Suddenly, he kissed her panties over her pussy lips.

"OH!" Vidya cried, bolts of pleasure shooting up her body.
He kissed them again and she gasped. He kissed them a third time, this time pulling her swollen lips outward along with the moist lace of her panties.

"Ohhhh fuck..." Vidya moaned. The tingling in her pussy was unbearable!

John sucked her lips and as far outward as they would go, sucking the juices that were soaked into the lace, tasting his dream woman. He released them and she gasped. He watched as her hand slid down over her belly and between her legs. Her fingers went between her thighs and he was entranced as he watched her spreading, gradually revealing the pink swollen lips of her wonderful treasure.

He was looking at Vidya's pussy !

A moan of desire escaped his lips as he look at it. Her thick, quivering lips were pressed tightly together. He leaned forward and gently kissed the most private area on Vidya's body.

She sucked in her breath as tingles of electricity shot up her body again. She opened her legs wider. She was all his.

John lovingly kissed the petals of Vidya's vagina again, watching them shake a little at his touch. His tongue snaked out and he slowly licked from the bottom of her slit up to the top, tasting her delicious nectar.

"Ohhhhh gawd..." she moaned, closing her eyes. She could feel every inch of her slit that his tongue slowly ran over.

He sucked the lips of her pussy into his mouth, pulling them outward a little while he ran his tongue up and down them. She bucked into his face a little.

Vidya hung one ankle over the back of the bed while she kept her other foot in the air; her legs open as wide as possible.

He dove between her thighs, sliding his hands underneath her big, wonderful ass as he dipped his tongue inside her gash. He twirled his tongue around inside her as she squirmed before him. His tongue gathered Vidya's flowing nectar and pulled it into his mouth, drinking her sexual essence. He briefly sucked her clit into his mouth and then released it.

She gasped, shuddering as the pleasure that was flowing through her body suddenly increased.

John pulled back, suddenly looking at the beautiful bare pussy that was before him. He kissed each of her ass cheeks and then stuck out his tongue. He lightly licked at the skin that ran between her asshole and her pussy, tickling her a little. Teasing her a lot. He ran his tongue all over that small piece of skin before wiggling it at the very bottom of her horny slit. He kissed her slit lovingly before slowly running the tip of his tongue from the bottom all the way up to the top. When he reached the top he once again sucked her clitoris into his mouth. This time he kept it trapped there.

"Oh gawd!" Vidya moaned as she felt his tongue lash back and forth across her sensitive button. She began to fuck her hips upwards into his face. His tongue was lapping at her incredibly fast! She could feel her lingering orgasm suddenly rush at her.

"OHHHHHHH!" she cried, cumming. Her entire body was on fire and all of her muscles were tensing up as she came and came and came. Her hands reached between her thighs and held John's face there as he continued to relentlessly lap at her clit. "Ohhhhh gawd..." Vidya moaned, shuddering as she felt the inner walls of her cunt pulsate. It was the most intense orgasm she has ever had! She couldn't take anymore! With another groan, she forcefully pushed his face away from her twat. It was overwhelming!

She lay before him, gasping for breath. Her legs were still spread wide and John stared at that beautiful, quivering pussy of hers. He bent down and gently kissed her swollen lips. She sucked in her breath.

"Oh-ho-ho-ho!" She purred, still trying to regain control of herself. "That was...!"

John smiled as he crawled up the couch towards her, his hard-on pointed upwards directly at its destination. He pressed the shaft of his rigid cock along the lips of Vidya's hot vagina as he bent to kiss her.

Vidya immediately shot her tongue into his mouth. She could taste her pussy on his tongue as her tongue explored his mouth eagerly. She began to writhe upwards, desperately needing this man to penetrate her body. Feeling such a hard cock rub along her sensitive lips was enough to drive her insane!

John's tongue snaked into her mouth, dancing against hers as he ground himself against her. The lips of her pussy were so incredibly slick that he felt an animalistic urge to just drive his manhood into her. Their lips smacked loudly and the two of them were breathing laboriously. He could feel her hands caress up and down his back and he was conscious of her huge breasts pressed against him. Vidya broke the kiss, looking at him with pure lust.

"Make love to me John." She begged. "I want you inside me so bad."

His cock twitched at her words, but before he could react she was reaching down between their naked bodies. He felt her fingers wrap around his stiff pole and he looked down over her beautiful belly so he could watch as she ran the head of it down the swollen lips of her cunt. When it reached her entrance she let go. The entrance to her womanhood gripped the tip of his cock. He could feel the heat emanating from her. It was intense.

He looked into her beautiful brown eyes. This was it!

"Are you ready?" He asked, smiling. She broke into one of her amazing smiles.

"I'm always ready for your cock."

He pushed forward gently. The lips of Vidya's vagina parted and the head of John's penis forced its way inside.

"Ohhhh..." they moaned in unison, but they continued to look into each other's eyes. He pushed some more and two inches of his manhood eased into her body. Her pussy gripped the top part of his cock so incredibly tight that it made his head spin. She was so tight that he couldn't push any further. He then pushed forward again. Most of his dick slid into her hot, aching cunt.

"Oh gawd..." Vidya grunted. He was actually entering her! His hard cock was poking into her body! She was in heaven!

John pulled back halfway and then sunk his entire penis inside Vidya's welcoming vagina. He was inside her.! Every inch of his cock was being gripped tightly by her wonderful, amazing pussy. She opened her eyes and looked at him. They shared a smile.

"It’s just womderful." Vidya breathed, smile widening.

"I know!"

He held himself all the way inside her and the two of them looked into each other's eyes. Neither of them moved. Neither of them wanted to. Both wanted to thoroughly enjoy the moment.. Every inch of John's penis was snugly encased in Vidya's hot, tight vagina. He leaned down and kissed her lips briefly.

"This is...indescribable." He said. Her beautiful smile reappeared.

"I know!"

"I could be like this all day!"

"I wouldn't complain." Vidya replied, chuckling a little.

"Oh my gawd!" He exclaimed.


"When I's going to be huge!"

She laughed, but his words turned her on. A buzz went through her pussy at the thought of this committed man with another Bollywood actress giving her – another actress – his seed. Plus, his dick felt so long and thick inside her pussy! He was really scratching an itch inside her!

"Ohh gawd!" she exclaimed. "I would love it if you came inside me!"

"I wouldn't have it any other way." He replied, smiling. She looked at him.

"You promise?"

"I promise."

"Seal it with a kiss!"

He leaned down and kissed her smiling lips. She put her arms around his neck and sent her tongue into his mouth. He sent his tongue into hers and the two lovers kissed passionately. Through it all, his cock remained deep inside her body. Suddenly, he became conscious of her toes gently running up and down the outside of his legs. He slowly pulled most of his manhood out of her before easing it back into her tightness.

"Mmmm..." she moaned, kissing him more urgently. She was conscious of every inch of his thickness rubbing along the sensitive walls of her pussy.

He began making love to her, his member easing in and out of her horny cunt as slow as he could make it, while her toes continued to caress his legs. He rubbed his tongue against hers as his penis rubbed along the inner walls of her vagina.

"Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!" Vidya moaned into his mouth each time she felt him go deep inside her. He was starting to move a little faster and she raised her feet up, resting her one ankle up on the back of the couch. She was forced to break the kiss. She smiled at him again, loving every second.

"Ohhh gawd yes!" she moaned, her eyebrows raised. "Fuck me harder!" she begged.

John held himself up on his arms and began to thrust inside her a little more forcefully, causing her big tits to rock up and down erotically.

"UNGH! Yes! Harder!" Vidya cried. She raised both her feet in the air behind his thrusting ass, increasing the wonderful sensation in her crotch as he fucked her. John complied with her request, starting to piston his cock into her welcoming hole even harder.

"Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" She moaned each time he banged off the back of her horny cunt. She could feel another orgasm start to rise already. "OH GAWD!" she whined. "You're so HARD!"

Her words made him fuck her even harder, jamming his stiff organ in and out of her pussy at a lightning pace. Seeing her beautiful face, with her eyebrows raised in ecstasy like that was driving him crazy. He had to tell Vidya how he felt! As her tight, hot pussy absorbed his rigid penis over and over again he bent and spoke softly in Vidya's ear.

"I love you."

"OHH GAWD!" Vidya cried, cumming. She had been teetering on the edge and his words pushed her over. "OHH SHIT JANU, YES!" Her face was wincing and her entire body was tense. Her legs wrapped around him and squeezed him tight, not letting him move as she came and came and came.

He could feel her pussy convulse around him. He began kissing all over her cheek, listening to her struggle to breathe. Finally, her legs loosened around him and he was able to move again. He began to slide in and out of her once more.

"I love you John!" Vidya moaned, finally finding her voice again. He kissed her hard, once again pushing his tongue into her mouth. Vidya kissed him with more passion than ever before, her hands reaching down and grabbing his ass and helping him push in and out of her. Their kissing was loud and sloppy, but it was wonderful. For the next few minutes, all the lovers did was kiss and fuck until finally Vidya needed more again. She broke the kiss.

"Ohhh gawd John, you are so hard!" she exclaimed. He smiled.

"It's all you."

She smiled at that.

"Fuck me harder."

He complied, reaching within himself to not just bring it up a notch, but to bring it up 10 notches. He began to jackhammer his cock in and out of her needy hole, plowing her right into the couch with the force.

"UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH!" Vidya's cried as John fucked the shit out of her. "HARDER!" She begged.

He found another gear. Her feet were flailing helplessly behind him as he gave her all he had. He was starting to lose it and he didn't think that he had any control to stop it.

"I'm gonna cum!" He moaned.

"GIVE IT TO ME! CUM INSIDE ME!" Vidya begged. She needed it. Her body ached for it.

"It's gonna be big!" John grunted in warning. The thought of it sent more waves of desire through her. She needed it!

"I want it all! I want ALL your cum inside me John. I LOVE YOU!"

Her words had him teetering on the edge. He knew he could damn well make her pregnant. But his cum belonged in her. Vidya looked into his eyes. Her eyebrows were raised.

"Cum in me." She said, softly. "You promised. I want all your load inside me!"

That did it. John slid his entire penis inside Vidya's vagina and held it there. Her legs wrapped around his waist and squeezed him tight, not letting him move anywhere. His cock jerked violently. A hot, thick wad of cum fired out of the end of his cock and splattered off the back of Vidya's hungry pussy. As promised, it was huge. Immediately after, his penis twitched again, unleashing an even bigger rope of semen and firing it inside Vidya's fertile womb.

"Ohhhh yesss..." she moaned. She could feel his cock throbbing inside her and she knew that each time it pulsated he was shooting more of his seed inside her. She wanted it. She wanted every drop. She squeezed him tight with her arms and legs, as if that would help get more cum into her. She rubbed her pussy up against him, trying to milk him of all he had to offer.

John's penis twitched one more time, dumping a smaller load of sperm inside Vidya's vagina. He could feel more of his cum pouring out of him like a faucet. He rubbed his crotch against her, making sure that his seed would pour as deep inside her as possible. They began to kiss breathlessly as the last of his semen dripped into her body.

Their lips smacked loudly as they caught their breath. His penis slowly softened inside her and their kissing gradually grew tenderer and less urgent. Vidya smiled at him and he knew that he didn't make a mistake.

"That was wonderful." She said. "That was...incredible."

He kissed her on the mouth. He had to agree.

“Why don’t you leave Bipasha so that we can make our relationship public “ .

” No I cant , it would be like cheating with Bipasha and it would hurt my image in public .”

”Okie , as you say “ , Vidya ended .

MEANWHILE …Next to arrive at the event was Katrina Kaif …

She was one of the most sort after celebrity among the likes of the Two Bachchan’s , Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra ..

It had taken a lot of persuassion by the Organisers to make her take part in this reality show . They were even willing to give her extra money just to take part in the show .

It was not quite long ago when Katrina daughter of a Muslim Kashmiri Father and British Mother had made her mark in Bollywood Industry with her Debut Film “Boom” .

Her relationship with Salman Khan had also helped in climbing the ladders to success quite early in her professional career and was now also in talks with various producers to give her a break .

She crossed the red carpet making her way to the backstage area while waving at the media and her fans who had just arrived to catch even a small glimpse of this beautiful lady

Next to arrrive at the event was Katrina Kaif …
She was one of the most sort after celebrity amog the likes of the Two Bachchan’s , Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra ..
It had taken a lot of persuasion by the Organisers to make her take part in this reality show .

They were even willing to give her extra money just to take part in the show .
It was not quite long ago when Katrina daughter of a Muslim Kashmiri Father and British Mother had made her mark in Bollywood Industry with her Debut Film “Boom” .
Her relationship with Salman Khan had also helped in climbing the ladders to success quite early in her professional career and was now also in talks with various producers to give her a break .
Katrina went to the dressing area and changed into a ravishing blue colored raunchy leather outfit …

Saying that she was looking like an angel dressed in a sexy apparel would had been an understatement .

She almost stopped everyone’s heartbeat with her exhilarating performance on the song “ Race Hain Saanson Ki “ from the movie Race .

After finishing her performance she made her way into the resort . 

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