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Bigg Boss Ka Ghar – Bollywood "Sex" Reality Show



“Where’s the coffee that Bigg Boss had especially sent for me “ , Ayesha asked everyone in the kitchen .
All eyes moved towards Priyanka .

“What’s the problem with you bitch , that was meant only for me“ , Ayesha asked Priyanka ..

“Remain quiet , she’s a little mentally unstable ..” , Shahid advised Priyanka .

“Last thing I wanted here in this house , was a crazy housemate “ , Priyanka whispered ..
Both the ladies were not in the best of their moods

Priyanka was upset after what happened with Sanjay Dutt last night while Ayesha was not pleased to see her secret lover Shahid sitting next to her girlfriend Priyanka .

Priyanka decided to lay her mind off this topic and remained quiet .
“You really are a bitch , a whore infact!! “ , Ayesha interrupted Priyanka .

“Why don’t you ask Bigg Boss for the coffee again “ , Priyanka reciprocated .

“No you are going to do that for me “ ..

“What’s the problem with you “ , Priyanka replied as she pushed Ayesha back on the floor …

The housemates decided not to interrupt …

Priyanka punched her in the stomach as hard as she could, trying to bury her fist as deep as she could into her abdominals.

But Ayesha was way tougher than Priyanka thought. She bent over and gasped for air but managed to grab her by the wrists and slam her knee into Priyanka’s groin.

Priyanka gasped in pain from the blow, her eyes watering from the pain. But she carried on and head butted her hard in the face and broke the hold. Priyanka backed up from her and took a short breather.

"Arent you the Khatron Ke Khiladi , doesn’t that also mean that you are quite tough at fighting?" Ayesha asked, laughing and taunting Priyanka.

Priyanka was angered so much by her words that she went at her, leaving herself open, and Ayesha was able to step forward and crush the side of her left knee with her right foot. "Ahhh, fuck," she screamed, falling to one knee.

In front of the housemates, Ayesha tore Priyanka’s top . As Ayesha pulled out the top , her bra also came off .

Priyanka's breasts cascaded out. It was a beautiful milky white sight and the men housemates gathered around; they wanted to see what would happen next.

Shahid tried to interrupt but the male housemates stopped him from doing so .

Ayesha cupped her hands roughly over Priyanka's now exposed breasts and led the helpless Priyanka from the kitchen area to the hall.

There, Ayesha laid Priyanka down on her back and quickly tore at the rest of Priyanka's clothes which included her skirt and panty.

Finally, the beautiful Priyanka lay naked in a pile of rags beneath her tormentor who now straddled her.

"You are going to pay now."

Ayesha pulled Priyanka's beautiful face up by holding her hair ..

Priyanka's voice was muffled. Priyanka's legs swung from side to side as she struggled to get away. Ayesha turned back occasionally to look at Priyanka's long body.

"I’m going to rip you apart , before the Bigg Boss stops me..!"

In her one moment of successful self defense, Priyanka managed to pull off Ayesha's gown off, raking one of the beauty's heavy breasts.

Ayesha only had a bra on and not any panty …

But Priyanka including everyone else were left surprised when Ayesha herself ripped her bra apart to reveal her naked body including her 36D breasts …

Everyone was surprised that Bigg Boss would had been aware of the fight , then why wasn’t he trying to stop it …

Hearing the news Hrithik Roshan immediately headed towards the location of the fight .. as the King of the House it was his duty to stop the fight .

He asked Kareena to accompany her …

Ayesha managed to slam her right foot into Priyanka's left kneecap. She was working that knee hard and it was taking a toll on her.

"Noooooooooo," Priyanka screamed, the pain and agony evident in her voice as she fell to her knees again. Yet she forced herself to go on. She managed to summon the inner strength to help her work through the pain and stand up – albeit unsteadily – and grab her by the ankles …

But just as quickly as her smile appeared, it disappeared as she managed to catch Priyanka in the throat with her fist; it hit her twice as hard than it would have if she had been immobile because her weight drove her fist into Priyanka’s throat even deeper.

They both screamed in unison as each of their strikes found their marks simaltaneously. Ayesha was still on the ground covering her pussy with her hands and writhing in pain.

Meanwhile Priyanka fell hard on her back, knocking the breath out of her body even more as her hands clutched at her throat trying to soothe it and help her breathe again.

Finally Priyanka pulled herself out of her fetal position and managed to get up, she was unsteady on her feet now. Through her blurry eyes she saw her get up; she knew she had to get up or suffer horribly. 

Priyanka had received some fight training during shoot of the movie “DON” which gave her the stamina to keep on fighting …

Priyanka knew that this brawl would help her escape the frustration ,but deep inside she knew she had picked up the fight with the wrong women ..

Priyanka jabbed her in the throat with her thumb as hard as she could, using an old martial arts technique she was taught. But Ayesha managed to dodge sideways enough so that it didn't catch her directly in the windpipe. Yet it was still strong enough to leave her wide-eyed and gasping for air.

But Priyanka wasn't able to capitalize due to being so hurt and tired so Ayesha was still able to hold onto her ears and try to knee Priyanka hard in the forehead.

But this time Priyanka was able to block her knee and slammed her fist into her own knee with a focused martial arts strike.

But she soon replied with a blow at Priyanka’s back as she fell down

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Priyanka screamed, her back feeling like it would break. But then she did something even worse. She pressed Priyanka above her head and started spinning her around, making her dizzy and nauseous.

"STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP! Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

But believe it or not it still got worse. She stopped and spread Priyanka’s legs wide, dropping to one knee and slamming Priyanka crotch-first onto her other one.


Priyanka’s senses and body systems shut down as her eyes glazed over and her body went limp; She sat there dazed on her knee. As Ayesha’s arms fell to her side she let go of her body only to wrap her slender but surprisingly-strong arms around Priyanka ribs, trapping her own arms underneath them.

Ayesha brought her mouth to Priyanka’s neck and bit it gently with her teeth and sucked on the tender flesh with her beautiful pursed lips – leaving her mark on Priyanka ....

Ayesha then squeezed Priyanka breasts as she lay upon her, Priyanka was so tired she couldn't even shout out the agony she was suffering by her brutal embrace

"Nooo… Pleeeease… Nooooooo… "

But before Ayesha could inflict any more damage on Priyanka , Hrithik pulled her apart…

“The Bigg Boss is going to punish us all for your stupidity“ .. Hrithik answered in rage ..

He asked Both Of them to go back to their rooms…

Aishwarya a little distracted moved out towards the swimming pool .
But this didn’t provide her much relief either as Katrina was already seated there by the poolside .

She had just come out of the pool and the little drops of water on her body were like sweet sugar .
“Hii “ , Aishwarya startled her .
Ash was the last person Katrina had expected in the Bigg Boss House who would come and confront her .
So she replied with a nod of the head .
“Well actually things have never been well between the two of us due to my past history with Salman and especially after what happened last night . What I want is that if we could just try to work things out and try to be friends “ , Aishwarya asserted .
“Ya sure , I ve no problem with that . Anyways , things are not going that well between Salman and me recently “ .
“Ohh sorry for that . May I know why “ , Aishwarya smiled inside but didn’t allow it to show on her visage .
“Its just that he’s too skeptic about me and Ranbir . He thinks I am cheating on him “ , Katrina replied back .
“And are you ?? “ , Ash questioned .
“I would prefer not to talk about it “ .
“Ya sure “.

“I think I should leave now . So are you sure things are fine between us ? “ , Aishwarya asked Katrina before leaving .

"Well," Katrina started "As a token of our reconciliation , this is what I have for you ." She smiled and leaned into Aishwarya.
Aishwarya lifted her head and they shared a soft sweet kiss. When they pulled away, Ash looked into her eyes and knew what she was thinking.
As they started kissing again, Aishwarya pulled her closer and began to run her hands up and down her sides. 
Slowly, Katrina also pulled her top up so she could feel her soft skin. 
She slipped her hands under her top as she lightly tugged her hair, making her turn her face up to the sky. She kissed Aishwarya’s neck as she stroked her back with one hand and held her head with the other. 
Aishwarya was moaning and writhing as Katrina hit every sensitive spot on her neck, making her panties very wet..

Her moans grew louder and more intense as she started biting on Aishwarya's ear, sending surges and waves of ecstasy down her spine and all over her body.

After what felt like forever, Katrina slid back up to kiss Ash on the lips and they started kissing each other passionately.

Katrina slid her tongue in her mouth as she started to feel her breasts through her top. After a few minutes of kissing they decided to separate and leave .
“Actually Kareena will be moving in with Hrithik in a few hours . So I will be alone in my room . Can you come up there later “ , Aishwarya inquired .

“Yes sure “ , Katrina smiled back .

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