Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bigg Boss Ka Ghar – Bollywood "Sex" Reality Show



05 : 00 am

Sunrise inside the Bigg Boss House house was accompanied by the song “ Fashion Ka Jalwa “ from the 2008 classic “Fashion” whose two of the leading starcasts “Priyanka” was the housemate .

“It must be around 5 in the morning and they have raised the alarm , are we supposed to be waking up that early every day” John asked Genelia who were the only two contestants not asleep at the moment.

“I thought that the wake up time was 8 in the morning . Let’s move inside and see how the other housemates react towards this “ , Genelia replied as they both made their way inside .

The housemates were not at all amused by the Bigg Boss's Decision to ring the wake up alarm so early in the day .

Most of the housemates including the likes of Aishwarya , Lara , Katrina , Shriya and Priyanka had slept just a few hours back only ..

But before they could react there was an annoucement from the Bigg Boss Himself .

“Bigg Boss chahte hain ki sabhi pratyogi jald se jald swimming pool ke pass main ekatrit ho jaye ( Bigg Boss wants that all the housemates should gather near the Swimming pool area immediately ) “

The celebs instantly started to make their way towards the living area rugged and still exhausted from last night’s performance .

Standing there was Shilpa Shetty looking breath taking in her Neeta Lulla Designer gown .

“How was your first night inside the Bigg Boss House ? “ , Shilpa asked all the housemates individually .

A mixed response came from the other side for Shilpa’s question . The one celebrity who was particularly delighted by last nights events was Aishwarya Rai Bachchan .

“You Might remember that last night I told you about a poll that had been conducted on the official website of our show for the election of the first King and Queen of the Bigg Boss House “ .

“I must inform you that the results are out and I have with me the names of the elected King and Queen “ , Shilpa continued .

Awave of anxiety passed through all the celebrities waiting for the unveiling of the King and Queen .

“But before I announce the winners I have one more thing to cater to . Unfortunately Barbara had to leave us late last night and therefore we have her replacment with us right now inside this resort . “

“Any guesses who she might be !!! “ , Shipla asked the housemates .

“ Karishma , Trisha , Rani , Bipasha , Kajol etc were the major responses ..

“Actually none of you was right … The organizers have decided to check out that what happens when Hollywood And Bollywood , the two biggest Movie Industries join hands together . “

“Therefore I present you Angelina Jolie “ , Shilpa announced .

The eyes of the housemates followed Shilpa’s hand gesture to see the couple walking down the stairs from the roof .

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt , the two must famous Hollywood Hot-Shots made their way towards the housemates to quick them a hug and get acquainted .
Though Angelina was going to participate only , Brad had come along to bid her goodbye .

Aishwarya , Abhishek , Deepika and Hrithik were the only housemates who had personally met this couple while representing India at the Cannes Film Festival .

Angelina who without any argument considered among the female elites as the most gorgeous women was looking ravishing in her outfit .

“Welcome Angelina to the Bigg Boss House . Its so nice that you dropped by on such short notice “ , Shilpa greeted the couple .

“My Pleasure “ , she replied back .

“That covered poster has the image of the first King and Queen of the Bigg Boss House imprinted on it , I want Angelina to remove the curtain and reveal their faces to our housemates “ .

Angelina moved onto the stage revealing images of the new King and Queen ..

Angelina crowned Hrithik while she asked Brad to come up and crown Kareena as the new King and Queen respectively .

Shilpa Shetty also moved up on to the Podium and announced the powers and priveleges that Hrithik and Kareena would be getting as a supplement :

1 . The King and Queen will remain in power until further notice from the Bigg Boss .

2 . Only the Bigg Boss can nominate the King and Queen for eviction , no one else has the power to do so under any circumstances …

3 . The King and Queen get to decide how the teams will be split during a task or competition …

4 . The King and Queen will share the same bedroom and their partners will be adjusted accordingly .

5 . The King and Queen receive perks such as photos or gifts from home, 24 hour SWIMMING pool access , luxury items and maid service .

6 . The King and Queen get to nominate each time 1 housemate FOR EVICTION while the other two will be nominated by voting among housemates .

7. The King and Queen can send housemates to a small prison cell that has been constructed inside the resort if they are find breaking rules of the Bigg Boss House or destroying resort property .

8 . The King and Queen have the power to bring back an eliminated contestant after 8 contestants have been dumped from the show .

Though every one knew that Hrithik was going to be the new King of the house ..

But there were a lot of front runners in the race for Queen’s Position including the likes of Katrina , Aishwarya , Priyanka , Ayesha etc . So Kareena’s selection did raise some fingers among the housmates .

“One more thing I want to announce is that you will be sharing a separate royal bedroom far away from the other regular bedrooms “ , Shilpa interrupted , “I am going to take a leave now and I want all of you to move inside the resort and check out Hrithik and Kareena’s new Bedroom “ .

All the housemates including Angelina followed the directions to the King and Queen’s bedroom .

“Ohh Myyy Godddd !!!!! “ , was Kareena’s first reaction after entering inside her new bedroom .

It had a revolving bed and had the aesthetic beauty of a royal castle .

“I envy you Kareena “ , “Its such a blessing “ were some off the remarks that came from the housemates .

It was a large sized bedroom with all modern day leisure facilities and at the same time not disturbing the royal tone of the room .

“Only your bedroom has this attached Plasma TV “ , Vidya replied .

“Hey there is also a box labelled “toys” lying around here “ , Ayesha brought it to everybody’s attention .

“What am I going to do with this box , I am not a small child “ , Kareena answered back .

Only Angelina knew what the box actually had inside after hearing the word “toys” . So she decided to bring it to everyone’s attention what purpose actually the box was meant for .

“It does not have toys for infants and small children “ , Angelina interrupted Kareena’s celebration .

“Then what does it contain !!! “, Katrina asked the new entries .

“It contains sex toys “ , Angelina announced .

“Whaaattttt !!!!!!! “ , was Kareena’s first reaction .

Lara opened the box and brought the contents out in front of everyone .

It had everything: dildos , vibrators , strap ons , condoms , hand cuffs , porn Dvd’s , slings , nipple clamps , cock rings etc ….

Before they could realize what was happening , there was another announcement from the Bigg Boss …

“Bigg Boss Chahte hain ki sabhi gharwale apne agle task ke liye teyaar ho jaye ( Bigg Boss wants all housemates to get ready for their next immunity task )“

“Hall main ek task ayojit kiya ja raha hain jisme sabhi mahilaye bhag lengi aur Angelina is show ki judge hongi ( A task is going to be organised in the auditorium in which all the female housemates will be participating and Angelina Jolie will be watching and deciding the winner )”

“Aapko is show ke liye teyaar hone ki liye sirf aadhe ghante ka vakt diya jaa raha hain ( You are being given just half an hour to get ready for the task )

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