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Bigg Boss Ka Ghar – Bollywood "Sex" Reality Show


"There is a large bowl in front of you on the centre table in which chits of paper with names of the housemates in pairs of two written on them have been kept “ ..

“I want you to pick these chits up. Through these chits you will come to know with whom will you be sharing the bedrooms with “ , Shilpa continued ….

“What !!!!!! “ , a joint reaction came from the housemates .

The most shocked by this announcement were Abhishek and Aishwarya at the thought of sharing bed with someone else …

The first one to step up and find her draw was Katrina Kaif …

She placed her hand inside the bowl and picked out a piece of paper which had been folded 2-3 times so that the names could not be deciphered from the outside .

“The person who will be sharing the bedroom with me is ………….. Abhishek Bachchan “

Aishwarya just went livid with the thought of her husband sharing bed with another women and that too with her former lover’s girlfriend …

Vidya Balan and Ayesha Takia were the next ones to follow and they got Shahid Kapoor and John Abraham respectively …

It would had been great for both Vidya and Ayesha if there partners could somehow had gotten interchanged so they would had been united with their secret lovers .

The process continued and more partners were made ...

After some time only four housemates were left …..

This meant that Hrithik was going to be paired with one of the 3 leading ladies of the Bollywood Industry - Aishwarya , Deepika or Kareena …

Deepika picked up her chit from the bowl and announced her partner as Hrithik Roshan which automatically meant that the two remaining ladies were going to share the same bedroom ..

Soon all the housemates started moving towards the dining area to have dinner together and get better acquainted with each other …

Here is the list of how the celebrities will be sharing same bed with each other :

Katrina Kaif And Abhishek Bachchan
Genelia D’Souza and Shriya Saran
Ayesha Takia and John Abraham
Priyanka Chopra and Sanjay Dutt
Vidya Balan and Shahid Kapoor
Preity Zinta and Barbara Mori
Aishwarya Rai and Kareena Kapoor
Shahrukh Khan and Lara Dutta
Deepika Padukone and Hrithik Roshan

Genelia was the first one to notice that all the refrigerators and ovens had been completely emptied and there was no food inside …

“Guys there is no food out here “ , Genelia brought it to everyone’s attention ..

“No that cant happen , Me and Aishwarya had some chicken as soon as we had arrived inside and the refrigerators and ovens were filled up with food at that point of time …” , Deepika answered .

“Maybe the organisers took all of the food out when we were in the living room “ , Hrithik suggested .

There was chaos all over the place as most of the housemates were feeling quite hungry at that time …

When they suddenly noticed Amitabh Bachchan walking down the hall with a packed envelope in his hand .

The Bigg Boss has given me the responsibility of organizing a task in which some of you housemates will be participating …

“But we are hungry , we want to have dinner first !!! “ , voices came from in behind .

“I know you all must be hungry , that’s why the Bigg Boss has sent me here “ ..

Amitabh with his charismatic persona soon caught the attention of all the participating housemates .

“You wont be getting any food without some struggle , that’s the most important principle inside the Bigg Boss house “ , he announced ..

“So this task will decide how much food we all will be getting over the week “ , Shriya questioned .

“Exactly “ , Amitabh announced , “ If you successfully complete the task the you will be getting unlimited food ration for the whole week … On the Contrary if you happen to fail in this task then you will be getting the minimum food standard we have set for the whole week “ ..

“I want you to choose three female housemates between yourselves who are going to participate in this task “ , Amitabh continued ….

“But what’s the task !!! “ , few of the male housemates asked .

“Even I don’t know what the task is as the envelope is still sealed … You will have to choose three housemates first and only after that I ve been asked to open the envelope by the Big Boss”…

After a lot of discussion and arguments the following three celebrities came forward to participate in the task .

“I am going to open the envelope now and let all of you know what the task is “ ….

“This task is called Rise Of the Old Man’s Cock” , Amitabh continued …

He himself was left shocked when he read the complete task paper in his mind .

“What is it ? “ , everyone excited what the whole task was all about …

“It says that you will have to help me excrete my manly juices in the ejaculatory sense “ ….

Everyone’s mouth was left wide open ..

“You mean we have to make you cum “ , Genelia asked ..

“Yes , you will have to make me cum within 10 minutes to win this task “ …

“I can’t do this …no way …no way …. You are my father in law “ …

“ Aishwarya I know that if will be difficult for you do this , but if you step back then you all will be disqualified and loose this task “ …

“But ….”

It took a lot of persuasion from the fellow housemates to make her take part in the task …

Amitabh sat down on the couch as the three beauties got ready for the competition …

Deepika told Aishwarya and Genelia to let her start alone and they could join later if things were not going according to plan …

Deepika gave the reason that she was expert at cock sucking and would make him cum on her own with a quick blowjob .

Deepika dropped her pallu of her saree to the floor, revealing her compact figure, all curves and pale, alabaster skin. She climbed up onto the couch, to Amitabh’s left, and started crawling forwards.

When her head was even with his groin, she sprawled down onto her right side. She slid her hand up and down his thigh a few times, sending shivers and tingles up and down his spine.

His cocked bobbed a few times, and started to show some activity.

First with her fingertips, then with her nails, she slid her hand up and down Amitabh’s leg. The sensation, coupled with his growing anticipation, was incredible.

Then she slid her hand down between his legs, and cupped his scrotum. She lightly fondled his balls, focusing on the left one, her designated target for the timebeing. Amitabh squirmed and moaned …

One minute of the allotted time passed by as the fellow housemates looked in anticipation of what was going to happen next ..

Finally, Deepika looked directly into his eyes and pursed her lips into an obscene pout, then lowered her head toward his package. She slowly, lightly, tenderly traced the tip of her tongue along the surface of his scrotum, gently kneading it with a delicate pressure.

She lifted his left ball up with her tongue, and let it drop back down. Then she sucked it up part way into her mouth, held it firmly with the suction, and waggled her head back and forth. The gentle tugging feeling was amazing.

Amitabh was realizing what a talented mouth she had!

But now, she was working her magic on his left nut, and he was in heaven. She sucked, she nipped, she slurped. She knew just how much pressure to put on his gonad to send jolts of pleasure through his core.

Two minutes were over but inspite all the pleasure Amitabh was experiencing his cock had still not gone hard …. So him cuming was quite far ahead .
“Genelia and Aishwarya , what are you doing just standing there …. You too also join in “ , Katrina request the two ladies …

“ No …. Trust me … Just give me one more minute to work up my magic “ ,Deepika replied as she left his balls out of her mouth for a second …

“Atleast you too can strip in front of him , it will provide him an instant hard on “ , Vidya asserted …

“Yes , that would be a great idea “ , Hrithik too continued …

Both Aishwarya and Genelia on the urging of fellow housemates immediately stripped of their gown and lehenga respectively ….

“Hey what the fuck …. Are you doing …. Strip as slowly as possible … Now take of your bra and panty after some seduction “ , John advised the two …

Meanwhile Deepika let Amitabh’s ball pop out of her mouth, and reclined back onto her elbow.

More than Three minutes had passed by but there was still no sign of Amitabh cuming …

Aishwarya nodded her head at Genelia.

Genelia unhooked her bra slowly and let her panty slide to the floor, revealing her tall, slender, tanned frame, her sleek hips, her high, proud breasts. Amitabh’s cock showed its appreciation by growing a tad longer and redder.

Like Deepika before her, Genelia climbed up onto the couch, but at his right side.

She crawled up beside him, and planted her mouth onto his right nipple, sucking it into her mouth. Then she slid her hand up and down his abdomen, his thigh, and finally to his balls. Just like Deepika had done, she gently sucked his right nut into her talented mouth.

Genelia had moves he had never felt, never even heard of, before! She held his ball in her lips and painted the alphabet on it with her tongue inside her mouth. She flicked it up and down on the tip of her tongue like some sort of jumping game.

More than five minutes had passed by but Aishwarya still stayed away from his father in law ..

The housemates were growing more and more anxious …

After a few moments, Deepika joined Genelia in his groin, pulling his left ball back into her mouth. The two women sucked and slurped on his nads, sometimes in unison, sometimes in counterpoint, working them into a fervor.

The skin of Amitabh’s scrotum was stretched taut as they pulled his nuts in opposite directions. His poor cock, wondering why he wasn't getting any attention, was pointing straight upwards and blushing a deep scarlet.

Finally after 6 minutes Amitabh’s cock at least grew a little hard …

His breathing was getting ragged and sweat was breaking out on his forehead. The sensations were indescribable, pleasure so intense that it bordered on pain.

Finally, Deepika and Genelia stopped at the same time, released their holds , and leaned back. Amitabh looked up.

Now Aishwarya came into the scene and try to show her skills with the cock …

Aishwarya sat down near the foot of the couch, right in the middle. She kneeled between his outspread legs. She made an O-ring of her thumb and forefinger and lightly jacked the shaft of his cock a few times.

Amitabh almost jumped at her touch. There was a sly smile still on her lips. Then she moved her hand down to the base of his cock and lowered her head. Her soft, moist, tender lips planted the daintiest of kisses on his cock head, which of course caused it to jump with pleasure.

Seven minutes had passed by but there was still no sign of Amitabh cuming …

“Dad what are you doing , I’m about to cum in my pants just looking at all this from out here “ , Abhishek told his father ..

“I am 67 years old now …. With age you do you loose your touch “ , He replied back to his son ..

Then Aishwarya’s tongue came out and delicately licked around the sensitive rim, causing him to shudder and groan. She licked and slurped with her tongue like it was an ice cream cone melting in the summer heat. Finally, she lowered her head a bit more and engulfed his flaring head into her soft, wet, sucking mouth.

He felt the velvety dampness engulf him, and the pleasure of her wonderful blowjobs, which he had sometimes dreamt of took hold of him. She bobbed her head up and down, she twisted her mouth from side to side, she flicked her tongue on the sensitive underside of his cock.

She used all of her usual blowjob moves, but nothing was happening …

The three ladies, sitting upright on the bed, looked back and forth at each other. "Now?" asked Genelia. "Now," said Aishwarya. Three heads descended toward his groin as one.

Amitabh couldn't say who touched him first. It might have been simultaneous. All he knew was that his left ball, his right ball, and the sensitive, flaring head of his cock all felt engulfed in the warmest, wettest, most wonderful waves of pleasure he had ever know, all at the same time.

Aishwarya inhaled his cock head and shaft deep into her throat, slurping and sucking and loving it. Deepika and Genelia sucked his balls into their mouths, popping them into those suctioning caverns with a pressure that danced again on that threshold between pleasure and pain. All three mouths drooled copious streams of saliva that engulfed his groin in an ocean of warm, sweet, human lubrication.

“Only two minutes are left “ , Shahid reminded the three ladies ..

All Amitabh could see was three heads of hair: Deepika's black tresses flailing about on his right; Genelia's short black locks bouncing on his left; and Aishwarya's dark long hair in the middle, jauntily swirling in beautiful arcs.

He didnt knew how they managed to avoid giving each other concussions their skulls were all so close together and so violently, rapidly moving.

Soon they moved into the last 90 seconds of allotted time …

That slow, exquisite, almost excruciating feeling jolted through Amitabh’s body, from his balls to his gut to his chest, up to his very brain.

And meanwhile, Aishwarya, his bahu, had her talented mouth wrapped around the shaft of his cock.

Combined with the simultaneous assault on his testicles, her tender ministrations on his shaft and head practically sent him into orbit! Amitabh could feel himself shuddering and spasming and close to cuming.

He lay back and tried not to think, but to only feel. He felt warmth, and wetness, and willing, wanton, wonderfulness, all over his genitals. He felt his balls pulled in two opposite directions. He felt the skin of his cock slickly stretched and stimulated.

He felt the blood rising in his loins, in his gut, and in his chest. He felt his heart beating in his ribcage, and wondered if it was up to the occasion, or if he was in danger of dying here and now. Not that he would have had a problem with that; the intensely pleasurable euphoria would have been worth it!

Only one minute was left ….

The pressure in his balls increased. His buttocks clenched to the point where he thought he would suck the sheets up through his anus to the colon.

His jaws clamped down and he grunted in his throat. His fists grabbed the sides of the couch, and he thought he could feel some of the coil springs deep inside. A long, hard, loud, searing wave coursed through his tissues, and he knew that his orgasm was imminent.

The ladies knew it too. Deepika and Genelia eased off slightly on his balls, almost setting them free, but not quite. Aishwarya pulled back on his shaft, and lightly clamped her teeth on his flaring cock head. They all remained stock still. They waited while his breathing and heart rate returned to almost normal.

20 seconds left ..........

Once he was almost calmed down, however, they resumed their assault full throttle! The sucking and tugging on his balls, the slurping and sliding on his shaft, the drooling and nibbling and biting and yanking were back on, full speed ahead, until he was once again on the verge of exploding!

He felt the volcano begin, deep in his being. His urethra was on fire; his prostate was reaching critical mass; his brain gave up on analyzing the situation and turned over all admin functions to his spinal chord.

The skin and Tissues of his cock and his balls and his scrotum conspired against him to take him to the ultimate height of euphoria!

When suddenly , The alarm bell rang and the time was over ….

As soon as the ladies sensed the ringing of the bell in their years ….

Amitabh Exploded …..

Deepika, with her self proclaimed long experience at sucking cocks, knew enough to get out of harm's way. She ducked her head to the side before the first of his many jolts of semen rocketed out his cock.

Genelia was too far out from the range of Amitabh's semen which left the poor Aishwarya alone ...

Joint after jolt, spurt after spurt, he shot.

He pumped seemingly endless stream of cum over Aishwarya's gorgeous face, her mouth open, tongue wagging with taste of his semen .

Most of the cum deposited itself right between Aishwarya's eyes, splashing onto her forehead and little on her right eye, shutting it close.

Soon Amitabh got dressed up and announced that they wont be getting unlimited food supply since they were just a few seconds late ....

Meanwhile they could collect there food stock from the store room at any point of the day ...

Housemates went towards the store room to bring out the food

While the three beauties remained on the couch dejected on their failure to make a man cum within the specified time ..

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