Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bigg Boss Ka Ghar – Bollywood "Sex" Reality Show



The resort was silent as Shahrukh moved back to his room . Everyone was busy in getting ready for the task in their own separate rooms .

Shahrukh was here not for the money , he had scads of them lying around to the extent of being exposed to rust even . He had agreed to be a part of the show only because it gave him a wonderful oppurtunity to promote his latest home production movie . 

This movie was scheduled to be released in coming months and was made under a budget of whopping 250 crore and therefore it was necessary that it was well marketed .

Moreover today was his 45th birthday and this was not the way he wanted to be spending it . Shahrukh wanted to be with his wife and children on this occasion , not in the resort which was so big that it was difficult to even find the fellow housemates .

He hobbered back to his room and opened the door . Every morning of his birthday he was greeted by a surprise gift from his wife Gauri and some early morning sex . But today there was no one . 

The silence was almost deafening. Even his room partner Lara Dutta was nowhere to be seen .

That's when he saw something. A large brightly colored helium balloon, emblazoned with the words Happy Birthday across the front, floated in the center of the room, weighted down by a card. He smiled brightly.. He opened the envelope and pulled the card free. It had a single heart on the front. The inside was blank save for a message written .

Follow the trail of roses to find your birthday gift.

Shahrukh guessed that it would be his wife Gauri who must had been given some time by the Bigg Boss to spend with her husband on his birthday . 

He grinned widely in anticipation of what his creative wife had planned. She never failed to surprise him. Glancing down at the roses, he decided to follow them . Reaching his wife was foremost in his mind. Striding quickly, he followed the trail .

It led from his room up the set of stairs, down the hall and into a room . Shahrukh had still not visited this area of the resort before . His gaze swept the room but there was no sign of his wife. Another balloon floated above the bed with a note attached.

Remove your shoes and socks.

He kicked off his shoes and removed his socks, leaving the articles where they fell. Normally he would put his shoes away and toss the socks in the hamper but he was eager to discover his surprise.

Following the trail once more, he walked down the hall in the direction of the back staircase. Going down two steps at a time, he entered the kitchen. Another balloon and note.

Remove your shirt.

He sometimes wore two shirts when it was a little cold . A t-shirt inside with another shirt on top. Both were quickly stripped away and tossed onto the table.

To the trail again. He was led down another hallway to the dance studio. Inside, attached to the dancing pole was another balloon and note.

Remove your pants.

Laughing, he pulled them off. Anticipation was building rapidly in him. He was already getting hard. His wife always tried to plan something erotically pleasing for his birthday. 

He began to follow the trail of roses once more. It led him to the spa room. Stepping inside, the first thing he saw was a large box wrapped in bright paper. In front of it hung another balloon with a note.

Remove your underwear.

Now completely nude, he turned to the box. His cock throbbed in anticipation. He pulled at the blue ribbon around the box. The package fell open in front of him..Inside it was one more message .

Open the red door in front of you .

Shahrukh didn’t mind and opened the door that lead to a huge hall where his surprise was waiting for him .

Sitting there completely naked was none other than Deepika Padukone .

Deepika was looking beautiful. Her legs were shapely. Her hips deliciously rounded. Her breasts were a perfect handful with incredible nipples that got amazingly hard and large areolas. Her plump lips were made for sucking cock. She had gloriously long black hair that hung just above her best asset; her round ass. Her emerald eyes glittered with love and desire.

“Was it you who had planned everything , I mean … “, Sharukh stuttered .

“Yes .. dear “ , Deepika replied back . 

“ But why ?? , don’t mind but I was expecting it to be my wife “. 

“You are the reason for my fame , you were the one who gave me a break in Bollywood through the movie Om Shanti Om … How can I forget your birthday “ , She answered .

“It’s ok … But why did you ask me to get naked “ , Shahrukh interrogated .

“Well I thought your birthday wont be complete without a nice early morning Birthday sex “ .

“So you mean “

Deepika was in no mood to talk . She closed off the main switch of the hall so that the room was extremely dark . Even the early morning sunshine was having no effect and the visibility was quite low .

Before he could say a word, she walked to him and placed her hands on his chest. She pushed him backwards on the couch. Following him, she knelt over him .

Deepika placing one finger on his lips so he wouldn't say a word.

Leaning forward, she licked his lips slowly before sliding her tongue into his mouth. She toyed with his tongue then played with the roof of his mouth, making him groan in pleasure. Her hands weren't idle. She stroked down his chest, lightly running her nails over his stomach. The muscles tightened at her touch.

Before long, her fingers encountered his hard cock. She wrapped her hand around him, stroking him gently as she sucked on his bottom lip. She kissed over his chin, sucking on the spot under it. She gently bit down his throat, making him groan louder. Her hand tightened slightly around his shaft as she licked down his chest.

Her tongue circled around his naval before delving inside, flicking rapidly. He gasped softly and arched up, his breathing becoming labored. She lightly licked down his happy trail, holding his cock out of the way.

Ever the tease, she looked up at him while touching just the tip of her tongue against the head of his cock. A loud groan parted his lips as his eyes closed. She probed the slit and wiggled her tongue in it before licking around the ridge surrounding the head. Her tongue slowly traced each and every vein.

He squirmed at her ministrations, wanting more. Soon, her lips wrapped around his hard cock. She bobbed her head down as she sucked hard on him. His groans became louder as she worked her mouth on him, flicking her tongue against his sensitive skin. He moved his hands to her hair, curling his fingers in the long silky locks. His head fell back as he lifted his hips, loving the attention from Deepika .

Deepika pressed one palm against his balls, rubbing them in circles as she sucked harder. Her head moved further down, taking him deeper. She opened her throat, allowing his cock to slide into the tight confines. He groaned loudly as she swallowed rapidly around him. His balls tingled and tightened in her hand.

She pulled his cock from her mouth then moved further down to flick her tongue rapidly over his large balls. Her lips closed around them as she sucked gently. She ran her tongue all over his scrotum before taking his cock in her mouth again.

Shahrukh rocked his hips gently and carefully, not wanting to hurt her as his cock slid in and out of her throat. She took a deep breath before burying him completely in her mouth , sucking hard on him. He nearly screamed when he came, his sperm sliding down her throat.

Deepika moaned softly and swallowed rapidly, the muscles massaging his shaft and making him cum a bit more. Slowly, she slid him out of her mouth as she lifted her head. Grinning at him, she climbed onto his lap, straddling his legs. Her hips rolled as she rubbed against him. "Happy birthday, Shahrukh." He merely groaned and panted in reply.

She pressed against him, rocking her hips back and forth so her lower lips rubbed on his shaft. The moisture coated his cock. He buried one hand in her hair, tilting her head back to kiss down her throat. Her moans grew louder as the head brushed over her clit, making her even wetter than she already was. Her pussy was practically dripping with her juices.

His hands cupped her hips, rubbing them as he licked over her collar bone then dipped down to slide his tongue between her breasts. She arched her back, gasping loudly. Lifting her hips, she reached down with one hand to position his cock, oh so slowly sliding down on him. Both groaned with pleasure. He grabbed her ass, squeezing it as he helped her grind against him.

Shahrukh's lips latched onto a nipple, muffling his shout when she suddenly slammed down all the way. The tight walls of her pussy clamped around him. She tightened the muscles, squeezing his shaft. He bucked his hips up. "Oh Deepika," he mumbled against her breast.

She leaned back, giving him complete access to her breasts as she started to ride him slowly. He whimpered slightly, letting her know he wanted it fast and hard. Grinning, she bucked her hips hard. Their breathing became harsh and labored, both panting for each breath. She grabbed his upper arms, clutching him for support.

Their bodies came together fast and furiously. She slammed against him, bucking her hips wildly. He ran one hand down her stomach, fingers lightly tracing her .A possessive grin blazed across his face, soon replaced with a blissful expression as she rode him harder and faster.

Shahrukh's fingers delved past the lips, seeking out her clit. She gasped loudly when he brushed the hard nub. He rubbed it quickly, loving how every time he touched it her muscles convulsed around his cock. Deepika grabbed his arms, holding onto him as she slammed wildly against him.

. He shuddered in response, bucking his hips faster. His cock completely filled her, stretching her walls, making her feel completely full.

He sucked hard on her nipple, loving her moans. She rode him harder and faster as her orgasm approached. His fingers danced over her clit. She arched her back, screaming out his name as she came. Her inner muscles spasmed around him, milking his shaft.

"Yes, Shahrukh, yes!" she moaned. "Cum for me. Fill me up. I want to feel you pulse inside me. Please, Shahrukh, I want to feel it," she begged in a husky voice.

He groaned loudly as he came violently inside her, bucking his hips hard and filling her so full of his cum it flowed past the tight ring her muscles made around the base of his cock.

Deepika clung to him as she calmed down. He wrapped his arms around her to hold her body close to his. A soft purr rumbled in his throat as he stroked her back, thinking to himself he was the luckiest man alive. So far this was turning out to be a good birthday and he knew it would only get better.

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