Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bigg Boss Ka Ghar – Bollywood "Sex" Reality Show



Kareena’s suitcase had been shifted to the King and Queen’s room .

Everyone was busy outside doing some or the other thing , so Kareena decided to check out her new room which she was going to be sharing with Hrithik .

Once inside she opened a nice bottle of red wine to let it breathe before she dimmed the lighting in the room .She decided to change into something more comfortable so Kareena stripped off her clothes .

Catching her reflection in one of the windows she paused a bit to enjoy her naked body glistening in the dim Light .Despite being 30 years old her body still had that nice hourglass shape, and her ass was firm too.

Kareena filled the first wine glass as she continued to soak up the heat from the fireplace in the room, her mind already thinking about what to do next.

She started to bring some clothes out of her suitcase, there was the pushup bra that was just a little bit too small so that her boobs really got pushed up, there was a tight black top with a deep V front to show off the cleavage the pushup bra gave her, a pair of thigh high up fishnet stockings that really framed her pussy and ass, a short leather skirt that barely covered her pussy when she was standing straight and to finish it off there was a pair of leather boots with a high heel.

Starting with thigh high stockings she pulled them up, all the time watching herself in the mirror. Walking around in the room wearing just the stockings she could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter.

Stopping in front of a mirror she spread her legs and slowly ran a finger between her pussy lips, feeling the wetness before she brought the finger up to her face, looking at the glistening juices covering it before she slowly licked it off, tasting her own sweet self.

Next Kareena pulled on the short leather skirt, it was tight over her ass so it almost looked like it was gripping her ass, molding itself to her two butt cheeks. When she completed the outfit with the pushup bra and tight top, she took a minute to look at herself in the mirror.

Coming back to her senses for a moment Kareena’s eyes gazed upon the box containing the sex toys that had been awarded by the Bigg Boss earlier in the day.

Walking over to the box and opening it, Kareena pulled out a small bottle of lube and a medium sized butt plug. Sitting down on the edge of the bed she put some lube on the plug and set it aside on the stand, lying face down on the bed Kareena gently pushed one finger with some lube on up her tight asshole, feeling it give way as more and more of the finger made it’s way in.

Reaching over to the nightstand she took the plug and placed the tip at the opening to her tight hole, gently pushing it in, feeling herself opening up as more and more of the plug made its way inside before her ass sucked in the rest once the thickest part was in.

Lying still on the bed Kareena could feel the plug fill her up, and when she started to move she could feel it even more. Once Kareena got used to the plug she got off the bed and slowly walked towards the small kitchen that had been built in the room, stopping to take another large glass of wine on the way.

Bending over a little bit in front of a mirror she could see the base of the plug and she blushed at the thought of how slutty she looked. At the kitchen she took a few more sips of the wine to steady her nerves before opening the refrigerator to look for something to eat . Opening the door she took out an apple.

After moving back to the bed she took out a dildo from the box .

It was available in different sizes so She decided to go with a large, finding one that was close to 10" so that she would have something to hold on to, and a little bit smaller then a coke-can in girth.

Holding it in her hands she started to wonder if she might have gone too big, but quickly pushed aside that thought.

Moving back she covered it with lube before hiking up her skirt. Leaning against the sofa backrest she placed the dildo at the opening to her wet pussy, feeling the tip slide against the butt plug, feeling her pussy stretch to take the girth of the dildo.

Slowly she worked in more and more, stopping so that she could adjust to the size of the monster making its way inside her. At last feeling the tip of the dildo touching her cervix she slowly pulled it almost all the way out before pushing it back in, increasing the speed a little bit each time and she could feel the dildo push on the butt plug every time she pushed it in.

Well on her way to a large orgasm Kareena started to fantasize about any random stranger with the huge cock that was now filling her pussy while fingering her ass.

Who was this stranger using her body, were there other strangers waiting in line to fuck her with even bigger cocks, would the strangers push their big cocks up her ass?

Fueled by the fantasy her own juices were flowing and on the verge of her orgasm as she pushed the dildo even deeper letting the slight pain of it hitting hard on her cervix blend with the pleasure of her orgasm.

With her whole body shaking she collapsed over the sofa backrest, only just managing to hold the dildo deep inside her as she felt the contractions try to squeeze it out of her.

Still cloudy from the orgasm Kareena thought she heard a noise, then another. It took her just a little bit too long to realize it was the front door unlocking, but when she heard voice suddenly go quiet her mind snaped back in to clarity.

She stood up and swung around, mortified at the sight before her .

It was her boyfriend Saif Ali Khan who had been given 1 hour permission to meet Kareena as a gift to the new Queen of Bigg Boss House .

“Hey what were u doing “ , Saif questioned upon entering the room .

“Nothing !!“ , she answered back while making an unsuccessful attempt to hide the dildo and butt plug from his sight .

“Were you masturbating “ , he again asked seeing this the only logical answer he could surmise from what all he had seen .

“Ok !! , I was “ , she admitted somewhat embarrassed by the situation “ .

“Can I see those “ , Saif asked Kareena .

“What !!! “ , she questioned back trying to sound innocent “ .

“The dildo and that other thing you just hid in the bed sheet “ .

She had no other alternative but to hand them over to her lover , abashed by the situation she was in .

“Did you bring them along when you came to the Bigg Boss House “ , “Do you use them often at home also , when I am not around “ , “ Have you tried other stuff than these two things also “ , questions came firing out .

“Cant we just forget all this … Do you want to spend the 1 hour we have got on such stupid things “ , Kareena begged Saif .

Kareena came to a conclusion that the only way to divert Saif's mind from the topic was to give him some real action . So she decided to make her move .

Kareena bent over as she carassed his neck with one hand while brought him closer to plant a soft kiss on his lips .

But to her dismay and shock , Saif snubbed Kareena's advances .

“Ok just let me know one last thing , what was the thing you were fantasizing about while you were masturbating “ .

“Just some random stuff . Getting fucked at a bar by some stranger while I am in a slutty outfit “ .

“What the fuck !!!!! “ , Saif answered back in rage .

“What happened Jaanu , why this sudden outburst of anger ? “ , Kareena asked him .

“I thought you were missing me and fantasizing that I come back after a long trip and we have sex , something of that sort “ .

“Sorry , but I didn’t knew that you would mind about this so much “ , Kareena apologized.

“Who wouldn’t !! “ , Saif was in no mood to listen .

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