Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bigg Boss Ka Ghar – Bollywood "Sex" Reality Show


Once inside Katrina embraced everyone with a hug except Aishwarya and the reason for that was quite clear .

Aishwarya was totally mad by Katrina’s reaction towards her and went on to complain about it to her husband .

“Don’t worry , I will talk to her “ , Abhishek assured her .

The next one to arrive inside the resort were Shahid Kapoor and the much awaited Hrithik Roshan ..

The arrival of especially Hrithik had made the audience crazy who were not even least bit expecting his participation in the show .

The primary reason for this was that his wife Suzanne was expecting a child anytime soon .

After completing his performance he moved inside the resort alongside Shahid ..

Both of them were greeted by all the housemates quite well as they were one of the few guys who had no sort of dispute with any other star from the Bollywood Industry ..

Shahid went to scroll through the resort while Hrithik preferred to stay with Abhishek and Aishwarya .

The Bachchans and the Roshan family had come quite close in recent times and were at quite good terms .

The next to arrive was the newly married Ayesha Takia who had come along with her husband . He was going to be spending quite some time away from her lovely wife so he decided to come along and giver her a send off….

This was her first media event ceremony since her marriage to the son of a famous politician .

She was the first one who didn’t perform on stage before entering inside the resort . She just had a quick chat with Shilpa and made her way inside the premesis .

The reason considered among many for Ayesha not performing onstage was that she was pregnant , but there had been no official confirmation from her side .

Once inside Ayesha was also greeted quite warmly with the other housemates .

After picking up the directions to where the bedrooms were located … Ayesha went along to keep her suitcase inside and change into something more comfortable ..

As she was strolling through the long walkaway someone grabbed her hands and pulled her inside the gym area .

“I missed you Jaan , I really missed you “ , Shahid told Ayesha ..

“I missed you too “ , she answered back ..

“So is it all done yet ? “ , Shahid questioned .

“No way , it will take some more time … I cant attempt to execute such a plan before gaining the trust of my in laws “ ..

“How much time will it take , do you have any rough idea ? “ , Shahid asserted with a weird smile on his face .

“I guess 3-4 months … Because if my husbands catches the slightest bit of idea about what we are planning to do , then we will end up having nothing and no where to go “ .

“Ok take your time Ayesha “ ..

“Have you split up with Priyanka yet ? “ , Ayesha asked him .

“Not yet , but it will be the first thing I am going to do as we both get out of here “ .

"We !!! , what do you mean ? " , Ayesha asked him .

"Don't you know that Priyanka is also one of the housemates ..."

"You are a bastard Shahid ... i cant believe that you expect me to see both of you romancing and having a great time " ...

" But jaan , Our relationship is almost over ..." , he replied back .

“I think I should leave now “ ..

“Not so soon “ , Shahid answered as he pulled her closer so that huge Ayesha's breasts were pressing against his chest “ ..

“Did you forget that i am mad at you ? “ , Ayesha asked him.

"I know you love me more than anything else and you cant be angry at me the whole time " .

" Ok ... what do you want " , she asked Shahid .

“What can the lover of a cheating wife demand other than sex “ ..

“But I am dead tired from the flight exhaustion “ , Ayesha answered back .

“At least you can give me a blowjob to my hungry cock that has been waiting for you so long “ ..

“Just a blowjob and nothing else”

Shahid nodded as he pulled his jeans down revealing his throbbing cock .

“But I want you to start with a kiss on my lips and then move downwards “ , Shahid pleaded to which Ayesha respectfully agreed .

Ayesha’s tongue was more breathtaking. Not exceptionally long, but slightly narrow, and a bit pointed. No, it wasn’t her tongue really. It was what she did with it when she kissed him.

Her mouth parted, her lips lingering against his, while she slipped her tongue inside his mouth. Instead of their tongues meeting, tip to tip, she wrapped her tongue around his. Curled it around his more accurately.

Her rough taste buds scraping against the silky underside of his tongue, curling over it, wrapping around him, meeting his own taste buds in her signature way.

Freeing his tongue only for a moment, so she could tease the roof of his mouth with the tip of her tongue, then slide the smooth edge of her tongue along his rough taste buds, only to surround his tongue in her own unique brand of warmth once more. Yes, definitely a mouth made for kissing.

While she kissed him, her hands wondered across his shoulders, his shirt, grazing his stiffening nipples from outside, stroking it as she stroked the roof of his mouth, moving down his belly as she slid her tongue across his. Wrapping her hand around his cock as her tongue surrounded his again.

His large hands were tangled in her upswept hair, keeping her mouth pressed against his, instead of coming to his zipper, instead of freeing his throbbing cock.

She knew she could make Shahid cum just like this, take her time, make love to his mouth, but that wasn’t what he had asked for. Besides his cock head felt so smooth in her hand as she stroked it. His balls, his wonderful balls, seemed heavy and full. Terrible thing to waste so much cum, really.

“No,” he groaned when she pulled her face away from his but his voice was barely more than a hoarse whisper.

Her eyes sparkled as she tilted her chin, placed a light kiss against his cheek, his chin, his neck, each nipple, his belly button, and finally his thighs.

“No?” she teased looking up at him from the floor ready to do the same thing for his cock she had just done for his mouth, ready to do more.

Shahid leaned back against his desk. Tugged at his slacks not understanding why the zipper had suddenly become so hard to work. Until his huge cock was free.

Ayesha leaned forward, flicked out her tongue just above his tender head, and watched as his cock lurched forward, like a bass to a lure. She wet her lips and did this again and again, watching his cock grow even harder despite the frustration she was causing him. Until his first droplets of pre-cum appeared.

Then she flicked her tongue out expertly spearing each droplet, bringing it back to her full lips, wetting them with his juices. Her lips were as warm and slippery as his cock by the time she wrapped her mouth around it.

But her tongue continued to seek out his juices. Trying to wrap itself around his head like it had wrapped itself around his tongue. Resorting to more desperate means when that failed.

Until Shahid groaned. Until he freed her long hair, wrapping tendrils in between his fingers, not knowing whether he wanted to push her forward, fuck her face, or pull her off completely .

Instead, Ayesha abandoned his now overly sensitive cock head. As her mouth slid down his shaft, her tongue began to explore his length, tracing every one of his bulging blood vessels, sometimes trying to curl itself around his shaft, but each time finding him much to large.

Ayesha didn’t inch her way down his cock. That would have been much to fast. Instead, her tongue edged along his erection, tasting his tender flesh all around his shaft, before her warm lips touched him, before he was drawn deeper into her small mouth, feeling first the suction, then an explosive pressure that made him want to burst.

Her fingernails gently scratched his balls, as she stroked his sack, her face coming to rest against his pubic hairs. Her breathing labored. Her body trembling. Because she had managed to take all of him in her mouth. But she knew she couldn’t just keep him there. No matter how good it felt. And it felt so good.

Kiss his balls. She had to kiss his balls. So she let his juicy cock rest for a moment, while she stroked them, teased them, and then very carefully, very thoughtfully, sucked first one then the other into her mouth, letting her tongue explore them too. Finding the seam, tracing the seam from end to end, over and over again, until she forced herself to stop. Let go of his balls.

Shahid's eyes were closed. She could explore his sweet ass now. Probe it with her tongue. Probe it with her long, delicate fingers. But looking at his cock, his beautiful cock, she didn’t feel like teasing him any longer.

She wrapped her mouth around his head again unable to resist, before sliding her mouth down his shaft. She couldn’t go deep enough to suit her this way, not with the rhythm they had established, so she wrapped her hand around the base of his cock, or as much of it as she could hold, and stroked it upward as she brought her mouth down to meet it.

Perfect, she thought, perfect. Just like when his cock used to be buried in her cunt. Working its way deeper and deeper inside her, stretching her limits, filling her completely. Bringing her to orgasm after orgasm.

She felt her body shudder. Impossible. She was on the verge of cumming. His cock was beginning to twitch too. She stopped stroking the base of his shaft. Slid her mouth down his full length instead. Wrapped her tongue around his head each time she came up, cupping his cock head with her tongue, so she could capture his load on her lips, before letting it slide down her throat.

But she wasn’t able to. Her own orgasm made her shudder all over. Sending tiny contractions throughout her body. Making her tongue pause at the base of his head.

Her orgasm surged through him. A hundred thousand tiny, insistent, pressure points surrounding his cock. Her lips trembled against his base. Her tongue suddenly still and motionless against his silky flesh. Her proud head resting against his pubic bone.

It didn’t take much time for Shahid to cum. Squirting cum down her throat. Almost making her choke. Until her tongue, her wonderful tongue, came back to life. Licking cum off his shaft, and head, while Ayesha pulled forward just enough to swallow the next spurt, and the next, more easily. Licking him clean.

“I think it’s enough for the day “ , Ayesha answered bringing out a napkin from the upper zip of the suitcase to clean the cum off her face .

“But I didn’t get a chance to play with these 38D cup boobies of yours “ ..

“Some other day baby …. Some other day “ , Ayesha replied before going away ..

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