Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bigg Boss Ka Ghar – Bollywood "Sex" Reality Show


Meanwhile Barbara Mori had made her way inside the resort ...

The next celebrity to enter Bigg Boss House was the Lovely Priyanka Chopra .

She was looking ravishing in Rohit Bal designer saree with glittering embroidery all over it ...

Priyanka has had various ups and downs in her professional career but she rose to stardom with the critically acclaimed performance in the movie "Fashion" which one her lot of laurels and praise .

After completing her performance on the hit item number from the movie "Salaam-E-Ishq" she went inside the resort ..


Hrithik was strolling through the resort when he came across the grand central bathroom of the resort ....

It had 18 quarters located inside made up of wooden walls ...

Each quarter had a jacuzzi , shower head , toilet pot and a sink .

Hrithik went inside to check it out when he Barbara was sitting on the rim of her bathtub, legs spread-eagled, and a razor in hand. The door was open enough to give Hrithik a nice glance .

From her inner thighs up to her navel she was covered in shaving cream.

That next moment, she lowered the razor towards her lower torso and started gently stroking herself, removing the first batch of hair covering the mound of her vagina.

As the shaving continued, so did the soft groans, and her lips parted as if to say, "This feels sooo good."

That was the same notion Hrithik seemed to be having, as his cock pushed against his boxers' waistband from the inside of his jeans.

As Hrithik was thinking about everything that was going on, Barbara lathered up for her second go over.

Surprisingly it looked like an old-fashioned shaving brush and as the bristles tickled her skin, she giggled.

When everything looked as white as if a snowgun had exploded onto her lower belly, she moved the blade to cut away the remaining stubbles of her pubic hair.

As a blissful observer, he reached down and began to gently stroke his penis from outside.

Slowly but surely Barbara had covered her every angle, and took a washcloth to wipe away the superfluous bits of shaving cream.

Looking down at herself, she had a content smile on her face. Putting the shaving brush and the razor away on the edge of the sink, she turned around and hopped into the tub.

At that, her beautifully orange-shaped breasts bopped up and down and Hrithik could hear himself heavily drawing in the air.

Hrithik looked down at himself. His penis was desperately trying to free itself of the jeans, hard and erect .

While Barbara was warming up the water, she knelt down to pick up something from the tub's floor: a can of shaving cream that had apparently fallen off the rim.

Putting it aside, the curls of her hair fell down her shoulders, with its tips reaching just far enough to come to rest above her breasts.

She grabbed a bubble bath bottle, releasing a good ounce into the water, with bubbles soon popping up everywhere in the tub.

Then she lowered herself down, and, lying at full length, now only her face protruded from the foam.

The next instant, her hands moved up and carefully cupped the boobs hidden under the layers of glistening foam.

She seemed to be squeezing them and moving the fingers around her nipples, for little by little the foam slid away, exposing in full view what he only knew hidden under expensive and fashionable gowns and other western dresses.

Totally unaware of his presence, Barbara was now panting lightly as one of her hands still caressed the left of her so exquisitely shaped breasts, while the other hand found its way downwards to where her center of joy “ her pussy” seemed to be begging for a little attention.

Hrithik had developed close proximity with Barbara during the shoot of his latest Movie "Kites" and if rumors were to be believed they were having a secret affair .

As Hrithik was taking care of his, so was she taking due care of hers.

It was the shaving cream bottle again. Was there something she felt she had missed shaving?

She raised herself to stand up in the tub and as she was standing there, her pussy exposed point blank, there wasn't a spot left for further cutting.

She scooted over to the seat of the toilet, not lifting the lid, and sat down on the edge. The can was still in her hand. It dawned on him.

No, she wouldn't, would she?

She would.

Spreading her legs, she ran her fingers along the rim of her labial lips, parting slowly what the hot water had turned into a purple red.

Tearing off the cap of the can, she then applied a small heap of shaving cream onto the entrance to her vagina.

Inserting first one finger, then a second, she pushed deeply inward, releasing gasp after pleasured gasp.

The other hand sprayed even more shaving cream onto her mound to ease the stroking. With a wicked expression on her face, she pulled both fingers out again.

By now, Hrithik was starting to feel a bit disoriented: His cock was throbbing and he was close to climax without even taking the cock out of his jeans.

As he knelt there in utter amazement, he accidentally brushed against a steel dustbin and it created some noise as it fell on the floor.

The next moment the bathroom door flung open. Astonished as she almost fell over him, Barbara looked down, a quizzical, then a wild expression on her face.

Then she asked "What are you doing down there !"

"Admiring your beauty " , he replied back .

"Perhaps you should come closer and have a better look " , she replied leaning her self against the wooden face of the bathroom chamber .

Hrithik was in no mood to waste time around as he removed his shirt and headed straight towards Barbara .

They both held each other close to their body when Hrithik decided to make his next move and decided to plant a kiss on Barbara's perfect lips .

But before he could do that Barbara took her lovely face out of Hrithik's reach .

"What happened !!! " , Hrithik asked .

"My lips are not the no.1 priority right now . You have got to focus right now on my wet cunt " , Barbara replied back giving one of the wickedest of smiles .

"As you say dear " .

Barbara made her way inside the bathroom cabin and sat just on the edge of the jacuzzi while Hrithik knelt down on his knees to catch a glimpse of her sacred hole .

Barbara's clit was glistening because of the wetness .

Hrithik slowly kissed her inner thighs and pressed her side buttocks. It gave her immense pleasure and she was moaning.

And then Hrithik slowly kissed her pussy first. And then slowly parted her pussy lips and inserted his tongue inside. She started moaning and bends back again. She felt a lightning passing through her and started to moan.

Hrithik slowly started to lick her wet juicy pussy and she encouraged him by splitting her legs apart more. His licking slowly started to pick up pace and she was pulling his hair by then.

Barbara stuttered violently and started shivering and then...she came. Sweet juice started to flow out and his tongue was busy for a bit licking it. Hrithik cleaned it up and she was all sweating and exhausted by then.

But then suddenly she was exalted by a spark of energy inside her . Barbara glanced over at him, reaching her hand to his crotch, passing her hand over the growing difficulty in his jeans. He remained silent, waiting to see what she would do as his dick traitorously and instinctively twitched under her passing hand.

Looking to her face, she seemed almost like a curious teenager discovering something new and taking her time to explore it.

Without a word, nor an objection, she took hold of the zipper tab and motioned it toward the floor. The bulge in his underwear sprang through the opened gap. She ran her finger along his dick, tracing its outline beneath his underwear and giggling as she watched it flinch with her touch.

She didn't move from her position against the tub while she casually and intently explored Hrithik's crotch. Without a word, and again without an objection, but with precision and some stealth, she pulled loose the button on his jeans and slid her hand behind his underwear where she found and stroked at his hard cock.

Not removing her hand for a moment, she stepped before him, her blue eyes looking into him. He could feel her breath against his neck as she looked him in the eye .

Before he could respond, she pulled his pants and underwear to ankles. His hard cock sprang out of hiding into full view. She wrapped her hand around his shaft and gave the tip of Hrithik's dick a long, wet lick.

He could feel the muscles in his cock tightening up as her tongue slowly grazed across the fleshy and sensitive head, making him wonder if he was going to cum just from that one lick. Unfortunately that one lick is all he would feel of her mouth.

Barbara stood up and leaned against the sink facing the mirror, her legs slightly spread as she started rubbing her pussy with her hand. She reached her hand out and wrapped it around his dick, slightly tugging on it, leading him to her, leading his hard cock to her wet pussy.

Hrithik brought himself behind her, his hard dick pointing the direction it wanted to go, almost as if it could sense the pussy before it. Slowly it proceeded into her waiting pussy, going as deep as could be allowed. He worked up to a rhythmic pattern, working his dick in and out of her pussy, which worked moans periodically from her lips, signs of progress toward what she ultimately wanted.

She lifted herself a little more upright .. Looking across her shoulder at the mirror, Hrithik caught sight of her breasts as they bounced to the rhythm made while he fucked her pussy.

Hrithik slowed the fucking so he could wrap his hands around her breasts. Smooth, firm mounds of flesh, they felt warm in his hands. Her nipples were firm, yet still somewhat soft. Her breasts were almost the perfect size for his hands, not large, but not small either.

Hrithik pulled out of her pussy -- she let out a discontented moan. He pulled Barbara body's back against his and turned her around.

His mouth was sweetly slanted over hers and all options to deny him were taken away. Her arms slid around his middle and she felt the hard muscles of his back

All of the emotions that had been simmering under the surface rose like a tempest and her heart felt like it was on a rampage. His hands buried in her hair, fingers twisting and tangling in the thickness, and bunched at the back of her head.

Barbara's mouth was soft, yet possessive. As his tongue breeched her lips, she gave a small moan. The kiss quickly began passionate and deep. After what seemed like forever, he slowly lifted his lips from hers.

For moments afterwards, her eyes were still closed. She could still feel the warmth of his lips and the quivering of her legs. When her eyes finally opened, she looked up to see him staring down at her. Then in the space of a heartbeat, he slowly lowered his mouth back to hers.

Unable to stop, she sighed deeply and leaned into his strong arms. Her legs felt like rubber and her head was spinning. Her hands crept up his chest and around his collar. This kiss was passionate and long.

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