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Bigg Boss Ka Ghar – Bollywood "Sex" Reality Show



The housemates were on the breakfast table when they were startled by the sound of Bigg Boss .

“ Bigg Boss ne faisla kiya hain ki immunity task abhi ayojit kiya jayega jiske liye sabhi gharwale activity area main ekatrit ho jaye “ ( Bigg Boss has decided that the immunity task will be happening right now for which all housemates should gather in the activity area ).

“Wasn’t it postponed for the evening ? “ , “arent we supposed to get ready or so ? “ were few questions raised after hearing the announcement .

Leaving the breakfast in abeyance the housemates made their way to the activity area .
Standing there with a white board were Shilpa Shetty and Angelina Jolie .

At the top of the board was neatly written, 'Blowjob Contest: Rules'.

Reading the rules the housemates learned that each female celebrity was going to be given five minutes with a guy. 

+1 would be awarded for each inch of the cock that the girl could raise. 

+3 points would be given if the guy came during her turn
+2 if she swallows the cum 

+ 5 if she is able to make the guy cum within 2 minutes . 

0/5 (between) will be awarded by Angelina based on the technique of blowjob

The numbers would be added up for a final score to find the winner . They had obviously put some thought into this.

“Angelina will explain it to you “ , Shilpa asserted .

“Based on a lucky draw 5 female housemates have been chosen to take part in this competition . They will be given 5 minutes with a male member and during this time she will have to score max . points based on the above scoring format . The two ladies with minimum score will get nominated for eviction “ .

“It’s also obvious that both King and Queen wont be participating in this task “ , Shilpa continued .

Here are the contestants : 

Though it was made clear that female celeb’s were chosen for the task based on a lucky draw but still fingers were raised and they thought that Aishwarya and Deepika were not involved because of their friendship with Angelina during Cannes Film Festival .

The ladies were asked to pick out a piece of paper chits from a bowel on which the name of their task partners were written .

The pairings were :

Vidya Balan and Abhishek Bachchan

Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor

Preity Zinta and Shahrukh Khan

Katrina Kaif and Sanjay Dutt

Genelia D’Souza and John Abraham

Soon the task was flagged off as Shilpa asked the male housemates to strip off their jeans and underwear .

The male housemates were feeling a bit weird standing next to each other completely naked from the bottom but soon began to feel better as the thoughts of blowjob crossed their minds.
The first one to take centrestage was Vidya Balan .

She looked a lot more nervous than expected.. First Angelina used a tape measure to check the initial length of Abhishek’s cock. All got a little giggle when Abhishek groaned as Vidya took in almost his whole shaft.. 

Vidya wasn't bad if a little repetitive. She used a basic up/down movement with her mouth and one hand. Her lack of depth actually worked for her as her lips were concentrated around the head of Abhishek’s cock. She moaned softly but avoided eye contact for the most part. 

About four minutes in Abhishek started to breathe heavily and soon began to groan as he dropped a load into Vidya's mouth. It took her by surprise and she coughed suddenly, cum going all over the floor. Vidya apologized profusely as she was not able to swallow the cum while Shilpa and Angelina tried to clean up .

Vidya’s score : 

+ 2.5 for the inches of cock raised , 

+ 3 for making Abhishek cum . 

0 for making him cum within 2 minutes ,

0 for not being able to swallow , 

and 2.5/5 for the technique 

Grand Total 8
Priyanka was clearly much more energetic and varied in her approach.. People were enjoying Priyanka's different but effective approach on Shahid and were keen to see what was next. 

Moreover as she was in a relationship with Shahid for quite some time , she obviously knew her way around Shahid’s cock .

Only 90 seconds had passed as he launched his cum which was aptly received by Priyanka making sure that not even a single drop was able to fall by .

Priyanka’s score : 

+ 2 for the inches of cock raised , 

+ 3 for making Shahid cum . 

+ 5 for making him cum within 2 minutes ,

+ 2 for being able to swallow , 

and 4/5 for the technique 

Grand Total 16

Preity's eternally happy smile stepped up to greet Shahrukh as Angelina measured his length.. Shahrukh had a session with Deepika less than an hour ago and was not ready for 1 more within such a small interval .

When time started Shahrukh was though surprised by how different Preity’s mouth felt. Her slightly chubby cheeks meant a softer environment and her slow and silent approach was markedly different to Vidya's and Priyanka’s rhythmic bobbing. 

Everyone could see how a guy could be very happy with Preity, but her slow teasing was not going to finish the job in five minutes. Though Preity was at her seductive best but she wasn’t able to make Shahrukh cum withing the stipulated time .

Preity’s score : 

+ 1.5 for the inches of cock raised , 

+ 0 for making Shahrukh cum . 

0 for making him cum within 2 minutes ,

0 for being able to swallow , 

and 4.5/5 for the seductive technique 

Grand Total 6

Katrina was definitely talented and had Sanjay squirming on the spot as her tongue swirled around the head of his cock. He got fairly close to cumming even before one minute had passed . 

"I'm going to cum", Sanjay shouted, but she didn't stop. She seemed to work harder as he exploded into her mouth. Despite the size of his load, Katrina managed to swallow every drop of it . 

Katrina’s score : 

+ 2 for the inches of cock raised , 

+ 3 for making Sanjay cum . 

5 for making him cum within 2 minutes ,

2 for being able to swallow , 

and 3/5 for the technique 

Grand Total 15

Genelia didn't quite know what to do with John’s cock when time started, but soon started to find a rhythm, using her tongue and some nice suction when she began to get comfortable. While she was certainly unpolished in her technique, she was much better than every1 expected from her .

But despite her best efforts , she wasn’t able to make him cum withing the required time .

Genelia’s score : 

+ 1 for the inches of cock raised , 

+ 0 for making Sanjay cum . 

0 for making him cum within 2 minutes ,

0 for being able to swallow , 

and 4/5 for the technique 

Grand Total 5

The contest was over as few of the ladies tried not to show their disappointment while the men got dressed and Shilpa tallied the scores.

In first place was Priyanka, with 15 points, due largely to Shahid and her past experiences . 

Second was Katrina on 15, quite an impressive performance. 

Third was Vidya on 8, third place for her first time. 

Fourth was Preity on 6 leaving Genelia in last place on 5. 

There were a few hard feelings between the ladies and the guys as Preity and Genelia got nominated for eviction alongside Lara and Shriya who had been chosen earlier as a part of their punishment .

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