Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bigg Boss Ka Ghar – Bollywood "Sex" Reality Show



Both Lara Dutta and Shriya Saran had been summoned a punishment by the Bigg Boss for discussing nominations and it was the topic of hot discussion as the housemates made their way back from the auditorium .

The celebrities were divided when it came to the viewpoint as to whether the punishment was justified or not .

Shahid was busy talking to fellow housemates when Ayesha called him to her room with an excuse .

Ayesha opened the door and lead Shahid into her dorm room and flipped on the overhead light. . Combined with the light given off by her lava lamp, her side of the room was visible, but had a dark yet wild light to it. Ayesha liked this strange lighting effect because it made her feel like she was in another world.

Shahid sat down on Ayesha's bed slowly with a groan. Shahid had recently had an accident during the shoot of a movie in which he had badly injured his back .Even after the surgery he had not reuperated as expected .. "Are you ok?" she asked as she chewed on her lip in concern.

" I dont think so ," he said with a frown .

She gave a wince of sympathy.

So here they were now in her room. She had helped him back to the dorm and insisted that he stop at her room. She could not let such an act of chivalry go unrewarded!

"Well why dont you rest here for some time and since you're going to be my guest for a bit, I guess I'll have to provide some entertainment," she told him with a seductive grin.

Ayesha watched as he smiled at the thought, though she could see a brief wince pass through his eyes. It did not take a genius to figure out that certain activities were not going to work for him tonight. Fortunately for him, Ayesha had something else in mind.

She stepped over to the CD player and flipped on some Bollywood item number at sound level that was not audible to the housemates outside . As a fast beat began to play she started to dance. Her body moved fluidly with the rhythm.

Ayesha's hands slid up and down her body as her hips swayed.

They slid up, caressing her breast then up higher to her shoulders. They went on farther till they were playing in her hair, letting it cascade down through her fingers.

Ayesha continued to dance to the music as her hands danced along her body. Slowly, but surely, her fingertips worked their way down to the bottom of her shirt and began to pull it up.

She paused as it reached the bottom of her breasts, teasing Shahid with the wait to see what was underneath.

Finally, she lifted up to reveal the black lace bra that cupped her firm tits. She pulled the shirt up over her head and tossed it to the side.

Ayesha continued her dance with her hands playing along her belly and over her breasts. She tugged at the bra a bit like she was going to pull it down to give Shahid a full view of her tantalizing tits, but let it snap back in place.

She brought her fingers down to her shorts and let them drag along the edge. She tugged at them to show how well they hugged against her.

Ayesha's fingers danced along the front of her shorts as she undid the button. She slowly pulled the zipper down while her body snaked to the music. She turned her body so that her back faced Shahid.

She looked over her shoulder at him coyly as she began to peel her shorts down. With her legs straight, she bent forward so that she could pull the shorts down to her ankles and revealed the lace of her midnight black panties that matched her bra.

She continued to let her hips sway even while bent forward so that her rear danced for her hypnotized audience.

Ayesha stood back up as she kicked her shorts away. She spun back around as she continued to let her body flow to the music. She danced closer towards Shahid. Her hands never stopped moving.

Her fingers continually danced up and down her smooth flesh. In truth, they drew Shahid's eyes to wherever they were, whether it be her round 36D breasts, the curve of her neck, or her flat belly.

While making tantalizing eye contact with Shahid, Ayesha held one arm across her breasts as the other reached behind her to undo the clasp of her bra. Once it was loosed, both of her arms wrapped across her chests as though she were giving herself a hug.

Her hips continued to move back and forth as her fingers pushed the shoulder straps of her bra down. Once she had the straps down she gave Shahid a big smile and lifted her arms up over her head, revealing herself more fully to him as the music hit a high note.

Her brown nipples were hard with her own excitement from putting on the sultry show. She tossed the bra towards him then continued her dance with her hands keeping close to the glorious orbs.

The song was nearing its end and the beat was growing faster with every note. She danced farther back from Shahid so that the shadows would help hide the final treat until the right moment. Ayesha slid her hands down to her mound, the only part of her that was still hidden from his eyes.

One hand stayed in place to hide what she knew he wanted to see as the other started to pull the thin material down. She worked the panties down to mid-thigh then brought her hand back up to help cover her pussy from view.

Ayesha danced her way closer. Her hands stayed over her pussy. Her swaying hips seemed to highlight what she was hiding that much more. She was only a foot from Shahid's face and he stared intently as though he might see through her hands to what lay below.

She was certain that he could probably smell her own arousal at this close proximity. The music was about to hit its crescendo when Shahid finally hissed, "Show it to me."

Ayesha gladly revealed herself to him as the music hit its peak. Her hands parted to reveal her bare pussy. It was shaved smooth and glistened with the sheen of her own juices. Her hands lightly slid through his hair to hold his head in place. She slowly gyrated her hips inches from his eyes as the music died away.

A slow melody began to play and she asked him, "Are you ready to take it up a level now?"

"This isn't it?" Shahid asked a bit confused.

Ayesha chuckled, "No, this is," then dropped to her knees. She smiled up at him as her hand squeezed his erection through his blue jeans. She was quite pleased with the groan she received.

As she continued to massage him with her right hand, her left undid the button on his Jeans then pulled the zipper down. She looked up at him, "Just let me do all the work."

With a little help from Shahid, she worked his jeans down to his legs, but left his underwear up. She rubbed his harness through the thin cloth. She could feel it twitch in eagerness. She looked up into his eyes with a hungry smile then leaned her head down to lick at his dick through the thin barrier.

She pressed her lips against him as she used her left hand to massage his balls. She loved the groans that her teasing was eliciting and could see where the cloth was growing wet from where her mouth had been working.

Ayesha reached down between her legs and let her fingers slide up and down her slit. The sexy striptease and teasing his cock had made her just as aroused. The tips of her fingers were soon covered in her own slick juices.

She worked some of them up to her clit and began to rub it lightly. She lifted her eyes up and could tell that Shahid was enjoying the knowledge that she was playing with herself as much as he was the teasing she was giving to his manhood.

"I need to see it," Ayesha said in a husky voice. She looked up at him almost pleadingly. He nodded his head, and she began to peel his underwear down with her mouth. His cock flopped free before her face. She held her nose over it and breathed in deep to smell the masculine scent that wafted off of it.

She lightly wrapped her hand around the shaft. She leaned in and admired his cock. It was hard and eager to be pleased. The head was swollen and purplish.

She rubbed it against her cheek and then her lips. She let her tongue slip out to give it a single lick along the cleft at the bottom of the head. She was elated when his hips gave a slight jerk.

She placed her lips on the top of the cock head and gave it a light kiss. After her soft lips had pulled back, she slowly ran her tongue around the edge. She licked and kissed her way down the shaft, all the way to the base, then did the same back up the other side. She licked all around the head, wetting it with her saliva.

Her hand slid up from the shaft to tighten on the head and give a light twist. Ayesha brought her right hand, slick with her own juices, up to wrap around his shaft. She squeezed it tightly and began to pump up and down.

She twisted her right hand in the opposite direction of the left as she worked it up and down. His pleased moans and heavy breathing were good indicators that he was enjoying what she was doing.

Ayesha took her hand off of the head of his cock and cupped his balls. She gently rolled them in her palm. She leaned forward and took a long, wet lick around the head of his cock. Her tongue rolled over every inch of the sensitive organ.

She was pleased to see a dribble of pre-cum leaking out. Ayesha greedily licked it up then turned her face up towards his. She licked her lips sensually then declared in a heavy, panting voice, "I love the taste of your cock."

Her mouth swooped down to completely envelope the throbbing member. She was no longer teasing him to arousal. She was hungry to have him inside her mouth and his taste on her tongue.

She sucked on his cock with all the force of a black hole try to drawl in everything in its reach. Her tongue swirled about the head. She flicked it rapidly over the swollen flesh as her lips massaged around the shaft.

She pumped her hand rapidly up and down his shaft. It slid easily with the coating of her juices and saliva. Her strokes were becoming shallow as her lips worked farther down. Her hand still rolled his balls and lightly massaged them. To give him a little shock she gave his scrotum a small squeeze as she raked her teeth across his head.

Shahid's body jerked at the sharp sensation, but his cock also stiffened as his heart rate flared. He let out a throaty growl through clenched teeth. He placed one hand on her head and wrapped it tight in her hair. He began to pull her head down so that she would take in more of his shaft. There was no resistance though.

Ayesha took her hands from his shaft and balls and placed them on his thighs so that she could take him deeper into her consuming mouth. Her tongue ran over every protruding vein as she gobbled down the pulsing meat.

Her lips drew more of him in as her head slit lower until he was pressing against her throat. Fighting back her gag reflex, she began to swallow his cock into her waiting throat. She took him all of the way in until her nose was pressed into his trim pubic hair.

She held there, fighting the need to breath, knowing that he enjoyed the sensation of her warmth all around him. Just as she started to see spots before her eyes, his hand pulled back on her hair and her mouth slid back up his shaft.

A quick gulp of air was all the reprieve that she wanted or needed. Her lips were wrapped around him again in a crushing strangle hold as her head bobbed up and down his shaft. Her soft tongue pressed against his cock and rubbed hard against it as her mouth rose and sank on his cock.

He hardly needed to guide her head with his hand as she eagerly worked him. Her moans of pleasure from doing something she enjoyed so much reverberated through his nerves, causing him to let out his own pleased groans.

Her hand latched back onto his shaft to pump hard for even more sensation. This added intensity seemed to be pushing him to the edge at light speed. His breathing was growing faster and his groans more primal.

His cock was swollen like it was about to explode, and in truth it was about to. He finally twisted his hand in her hair as he groaned out, "Fuck, I'm going to cum!"

Ayesha did not need the warning, she could already tell that he was ready for releases. Her lips clocked tight around the head and she began to suck hard. Her hand jerked along his shaft and her tongue tickled the tip of his dick for that finally bit of prompting he needed to erupt.

His body shook as he shot ropes of sweet, hot cum into her mouth. It had been to long since his last orgasm, and her technique had drawn so much out of him.

Even as she swallowed his load down, some leaked out of the corner of her lips.

Ayesha continued to suck until his orgasm subsided and the head of his cock became too sensitive. She licked and sucked along his cock before it deflated to clean it of their mixed juices.

She looked up at him and smiled, then licked her tongue out of her mouth to catch the small bit of his salty but sweet treat that had tried to escape her. She smiled brightly as she said to him, "I hope you enjoyed it."

A panted moan was all the answer she needed as he laid back to rest.

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