Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bigg Boss Ka Ghar – Bollywood "Sex" Reality Show



Finally Aishwarya lifted her body and turned to lay beside her. Again they kissed. Looking deep into her eyes Katrina whispered "I would love to do it again sometime in the future" ..

But before they got relax , Aishwarya heard someone knocking on the door .

“Who’s there ?“ , she inquired .

“Abhishek . Open the door please !! “ , came the voice.

"Ohh fuck !! " , what should we do know " , Katrina asked .

"You hide there in the bathroom , meanwhile i will talk to him and as soon as he leave you can come out again " , Aishwarya replied .

She got off the bed and after picking up the discarded clothes from the floor .

Meanwhile Aishwarya had put on a panty and a top as fast as she could before she opened the door .

They were standing in front of the door was Abhishek .

"Aishwarya , are you still angry?"

She was calm over the matter now but if Aishwarya told Abhishek that she had forgiven her it would be difficult to get him out of the room that quickly . So she just pretended that she was still angry with him .

"I think this will make you forgive me !" He reached over, grabbed Aishwarya's head, and pulled it towards him.

"Abhishek, what..." Aishwarya never got to finish, as Abhishek crushed his mouth against hers. He forced his tongue between her lips, and rolled it around inside her mouth.

She was not at all ready for this .

Aishwarya thrashed, tried to get away, tried to scream, but he was too strong for her. The more his wife struggled, the harder Abhishek's cock got. He was out of control now, being carried away by his own actions.

Aishwarya was shocked by what Abhishek was doing.

Lately she had almost exculpated him of his actions with Katrina last night but still she wasnt ready to have sex with him .

Aishwarya quickly decided she wasn't going to be able to break away from Abhishek, he was strong, and had her pinned against him, so she tried to relax and wait.

Her mind was reeling, she was scared that if she objected more Abhishek might even hurt her.

Giving in slightly, Aishwarya closed her eyes, let her tongue move against Abhishek's inside her mouth. She felt Abhishek's hand glide down her back, and she moaned softly as his fingers cupped one of her ass cheeks and squeezed through her panty.

Abhishek broke off the kiss, looked into Aishwarya's eyes, and whispered, "Get naked."

"Are you nuts?! What made you think i was going to have sex with you after i caught you cheating me with Katrina."

"Oh, you'll kiss me and let me squeeze your ass, but that's all, huh? We'll see what you'll do." Abhishek wasn't thinking, just reacting to what his body was telling him.

Abhishek grabbed Aishwarya's wrists, forced them together and held them against his chest with one hand. He reached up with his other hand, curled his fingers in the shoulder of her T-shirt, and pulled, hard. The material ripped, and half of the T-shirt came off in Abhishek's hand. Aishwarya wasn't wearing a bra, and Abhishek was staring at her left breast.

Katrina had left the bathroom door ajar and was peeking in through not sure how to react .

"Abhishek, stop it! What are you doing?"

He ripped of the rest of his wife's top and stared at her. Her beautiful breasts that turned up on the ends, with tiny nipples that were brown and hard. A tight, flat belly. Abhishek licked his lips.

Aishwarya felt like she was in a trance. She couldn't even fight back against her husband who was too strong for her.

Abhishek took her hair in his hand, holding her head in place, and she watched him lower his face to her bare chest. Abhishek's tongue touched the top of her left breast, ran down to her nipple. Aishwarya gasped, her body shuddered in spite of itself.

Abhishek's mouth opened, sucked in Aishwarya's breast, his tongue rolling around it, flicking at her nipple. She closed her eyes, tried to . His mouth was warm and wet on her breast.

"Oh god, Dont do this right now ," Aishwarya moaned, as she felt Abhishek's lips close over her nipple and begin to suck.

"Either you have sex with me with your own consent or i am going to do it
forcefully . " , Abhishek answered .

"The former one will be a better option because if i will have to go with the latter one then i am going to beat you so hard that you wont be able to show your face to any of the housemate " , he continued .

Aishwarya was left with no other alternative .

When suddenly someone hit Abhishek with a flower vase on his head …

It was Katrina who had attacked him from behind ….

He fell unconcious and even before his skull hit the floor blood started to stream out .

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