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Bigg Boss Ka Ghar – Bollywood "Sex" Reality Show


The next arrival was of Preity Zinta . Since last two years she hadnt had any major Bollywood release and hence had been out of the limelight except the occasional appearances in IPL .

So it was a great chance for Preity to retrace her footsteps in Bollytown and make her mark among the elite Bollywood actresses .

Preity was followed by the South Sensation Shriya Saran . This was one of the rare occasions when both Bollywood and Tollywood had shaken hands in a joint venture .

Shriya was completely exhausted with her performance on stage and headed straight to the swimming pool once inside the resort .

“Having a Late night swim , Shriya ? “ , Lara asked seeing her in the pool .

Shriya reacted as if she was shocked to see Lara out there and asked " Why didnt you tell me that you are going to be out here " .

"I wanted it all to be a surprise , my love " .

"Sssshhhh .. I dont want anyone to know about our relationship " , Shriya answered back .

"There are cameras all around here . How do you expect all this to be a secret .. There's a way we can turn all this to our advantage ." , Lara asserted .

"But how !!! " .

“Come with me , I have to show you something “ , Lara replied as she gave her hand to Shriya

Shreya followed her to the their bedroom …

Meanwhile Sanjay Dutt had been introduced as the 16th Contestant on stage .

Lara closed the door behind after they both had stepped inside .

“Do you see these cameras out here “ , Lara asked .

“Yes I do ..” , Shreya replied back ..

“These cameras are the eyes of the public who will be voting for the housemates nominated for eviction .”

“I am aware about that … Tell me something different “ ..

“If we have some raunchy lesbian sex with these cameras watching us , I bet it will help our cause a lot “ …

“Are you serious !!! “ , Shreya asked Lara after being left shell shocked..

“Yes , I am serious “ , Lara replied as she gestured Shreya to come near to her

Lara was in no mood to wait and started to strip off her night gown .

“ Are you serious ?? “ , Shreya answered nervously as she reached closer to Lara.

Lara’s response to her question was a non-verbal one - a hot, open-mouth kiss that produced a quiet moan in both of them.

Shreya's hands move immediately to her head, holding Lara’s face with delightful subtlety. She may not be into women, but she sure knew how to kiss one.

Meanwhile, Lara’s own hands roam possessively over her sexy body, up her back, pausing briefly at her neck, then moving down to cup her tight little bottom.

Shreya was clad only in that yellowish bikini, exposing her to Lara’s touch.

She couldn't resist more started to strip off her bikini bottom.

Shreya was now naked before her, her curves fully revealed. She looked absolutely delicious.

Lara leaned forward and pressed her lips to Shreya’s cheek for a moment that lasted longer than it should have. Shreya stared at her, feeling her trembling lips against her soft skin.

Shriya had been in relationship with Lara for quite some time and this was not the first time they were having sex . But doing it in front of camera was an altogether different thing .

She tightened her grip on her waist, and then Lara was pulling back and staring up at her. Shreya felt her breath on her face, and then she was leaning forward once more, and her lips connected with her own.

Then she was moving her lips against hers, and they were so soft. She felt her tongue seeking its way into her mouth, and when it slipped in, she moaned deep in her throat.

Lara pressed her body against hers, and together they moved until Shreya was backed against the dressing stall. They weren’t even thinking what would happen if someone were to walk in. All that was on there minds was this.

‘Oh god” Shreya moaned, sifting her hands through Laras long dark curles. She trailed her lips down her neck, and Lara sighed in pleasure.

“This is so good.” Lara said.

Shreya could not believe it. It was like a dream. Except this was real. She let her hands slide down over Lara’s tight ass .

By now Shreya had shed her inhibitions and was feeling more comfortable. She then took her full breasts in her hands and kneaded them, while kissing Lara fully.

She was dimly aware of Lara's own hands and fingers slipping and sliding there way over her body, teasing her pussy until she was dripping wet.

Taking her nipple into her mouth, she heard Lara cry out and her fingers pulled her hair back. Shreya kept her mouth clamped down, suckling and nibbling, tasting her erotic taste.

Shreya trailed her mouth down her stomach, leaving wet spots to cool on her hot body, dipping her tongue into her bellybutton. She glanced up to see Lara with ecstasy written all over her perfect face, and continued her journey.

When she ran her tongue between her thighs, Lara moaned loudly and jerked.

“Steady, babe. Let me lick you.”

Shreya couldn’t believe the words that she was saying, she had always been the shy one in their relationship.

She parted Lara’s thighs, staring at her pussy, its lips wet and quivering.

Lara squirmed until Shreya leaned forward and touched her tongue to her clit.

She then began to alternate licks, sliding her tongue up and down her pussy, savoring the juices that ran. She tasted like a ripe fruit, tangy and sweet at the same time.

Lara was moaning now, and running her hands over her own breasts. She panted like a bitch in heat, shaking a little bit now and then, and Shreya could tell that she would cum soon.

She took her fingers and ran them inside her, feeling her tighten around them. Sliding them in and out, busying her mouth suckling her nipples.

Meanwhile her own pussy was burning, wetting the inside her thighs. Her own blood began to boil when Lara cried out, and her whole body tightened up like the string on a bow. Her thighs gripped Shreya’s face, and she began to shake, her breath panting wildly.

Shreya tasted her juices, and in one last instant, shoved her tongue insider her, along with her two fingers. Lara cried out, cumming intensely, grabbing Shreya’s hair and yanking on it.

Shreya slid to the floor, her hands still gripping Lara’s thighs.

Lara licked her upper lip, and her tanned skin was shined with sweat. She smiled sexily, and bent to kiss Shreya hard on the lips.

“You are wonderful my love.”

Shreya smiled, and reached out to tweak Lara’s nipples. She wanted her again. In fact, she thought that she would never get enough of this succulent beauty.

“It’s your turn now, my sweet. You have pleasured me, now let me pleasure you.”

Shreya’s eyes were wide as Lara leaned down and positioned herself between her thighs, her feet placed against the wall . The floor was cold, but Shreya was so hot she didn’t notice.

Lara kissed her again, her long hair brushing Shreya’s breasts, making her nipples stand out. She ran her tongue from her mouth, across her breasts, making Shreya moan in pleasure.

From her breasts she moved down to her stomach, nipping her abdomen, causing Shreya to suck in her breath.

Shreya cried out when Lara snatched her thighs up and began to tongue her wildly. She sucked and made love to her pussy with wild abandon.

She couldn’t get over the sensations that were running through her, the hotness that was burning between her thighs.

Lara licked at her, sucking her clit into her mouth and biting down on it. Shreya jerked off the floor, her head catching the wall, and she moaned loudly.

Lara chuckled, and the sensation sent Shreya into a flurry of sensations. She pinched her own nipples hard, and growled deep in her throat.

Lara took her fingers and played with her pussy lips, stretching them and licking them with her tongue.

She then took two fingers and shoved them into her, finger fucking her hard. Shreya moaned again, whispering how much she loved it.

Lara ran her tongue over her again, and then squeezed another finger inside her.

“Oh god! I’m gonna cum, Lara.”

Lara raised her head up only for an instant.

“Cum in my mouth, Shreya. Let me taste you.”

She then returned to nibble on Shreya’s clit, working her fingers in and out of her trembling pussy. Shreya felt her body tighten up, and her toes began to tingle.

She knew that she would cum soon, and she began to work towards it, wanting it. Needing it. Shreya watched Lara work on her, her mouth wide open as she sucked on her.

Then, before she even expected it, Lara shoved another finger in her, and it sent her over the edge.

She shoved her fist in her mouth and bit down on her knuckles as she came. She made mewling noises deep in the back of her throat, her thighs jerking and raising up off the ground.

Lara struggled to hold her down as she licked up her juices and swallowed them all.

When at last she had settled down, Lara pulled her in another embrace, and they shared an erotic kiss. Shreya ran her hands over Lara’s body.

“It was wonderful, Shreya. ”

“Moreover I am confident that we can give the likes of Katrina,Aishwarya, Priyanka or Kareena a fight when it comes to public voting “ ..

Outside the resort the lineup of the participants was finished as both Shahrukh and Kareena finished as both of them arrived together .

After everyone was inside the resort premises , the gates were shut close .

Suddenly an audio recording started to play all over the resort …

“Bigg Boss Chahte hain ki sabhi gharwale living area main ekatrit ho jaye “ ( “ Big Boss wants that all housemates to gather around in the living area “ )

There was a large plasma Tv placed in the living area which was showing the live telecast of Shilpa Shetty .

“Housemates !!! , How are you feeling right now “ , Shilpa asked .

“Great !! “ , all of them answered back in unison .

“Big Boss wants me to make 2 important announcements before I leave “ , Shilpa replied .

“First is that there is a large bowl in front of you on the centre table in which 15 chits of paper have been kept with all your names on it “ ..

“I want each of you to pick these chits one by one . Through these chits you will come to know about whom will you be sharing the bedrooms with “ ….

“What !!!!!! “ , a joint reaction came from the housemates .

The most shocked by this announcement were Abhishek and Aishwarya at the thought of sharing bed with someone else …

“Wait … Wait …Wait !! “ , Shilpa interrupted as she tried to calm everyone down ..

“Second announcement is that there will be a poll conducted on the official website of our show and and the male and female celebrity who will get the highest percentage of votes are going to be the new King And Queen of the Bigg Boss House “ …

“King and Queen !!! “, there was utter confusion among the housemates .

“The King and Queen cant be nominated for elimination and they get to decide which 3 celebrities will be handed each week to the audience to cast their votes and save them from getting dumped out of the Bigg Boss House “ , Shilpa asserted .

“And the chosen celebrities will remain the King and Queen until futher notice from the Bigg Boss Himself” .

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