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Bigg Boss Ka Ghar – Bollywood "Sex" Reality Show



Kareena Kapoor was in Goa for the shoot of her movie “Jeena sirf Mere Liye” . Her hotel was situated by the corner of a forest and a beach whose boundaries were non distinct . It was not tourist season this time of the year in Goa and therefore the beaches were generally devoid of people .
One evening after the shoot , she decided to have a walk in the surroundings .
It had been a long walk through . Kareena began to wonder if somehow she had taken a wrong turn somewhere. The path, which was narrow to begin with, was now almost nonexistent. It looked like she was going the right way but she just wasn't sure. She was nervous enough without taking on the additional worry of being lost on a strange place. She kept going forward through the lush green plants with the gigantic leaves .
Finally she saw a clearing up ahead. Rushing forward she came out onto the beach. She felt exhilarated. Looking around she saw that it was as beautiful as she had imagined. The sand was a golden shade of yellow, soft and warm to walk on. The ocean was a deep blue. The waves rolled in from far out leaving snow white foam as they fell rhythmically on the shore. The sun was beating down, its hot rays cooled by the sea breezes drifting into the isolated cove.

Kareena walked out further, absolutely amazed at her surroundings. The beach was deserted, just as he said it would be. She danced around a bit, feeling that she was alone in Paradise.

Kareena guessed that it was probably the opposite side of the beach that was facing her hotel . It didn't take her long to bring out the blanket with the bag she had brought along. It was bright red providing a distinct contrast with the sand .
It didn’t take much time before Kareena decided to strip off her top and shorts revealing her bikini . She was looking beautiful in this green colored bikini which was glittering on her body symbolic of love and desire .
But she was a little apprehensive about going in the water because the waves were too strong in that region . So she decided to stroll through the beach until she found water whose depth and force was safe enough .

After some sauntering , Kareena finally managed to find the perfect place she was looking for . After checking there was no one to be seen around Kareena finally stepped into the water .

She was having a nice time until 2 middle aged guys who were walking by caught sight of the Bollywood actress .

“Hey Vikram , see down there in the water , is it Kareena Kapoor ? “ , the guy asked his friend .

“Seems like it … but why is she alone without any bodyguards “ , came the reply from the other side .

“How would I know but man I have to admit one thing that she looks even better in real life . “

“Surely Ajay … I am about to cum in my pants seeing her like this in a bikini “ .

Meanwhile rising tides brought the waves further up the beach wetting Kareena’s body. She giggled loudly as she splashed and rubbed the cool salt water all over her body .

Not aware that she was being watched Kareena was having a nice time out in the water . The water droplets falling down her navel were like sweet drops of rain faling down the heaven . This scene had marked immediate arousal of the cock of two guys that were watching her .

“It’s time to make our move “ , Ajay told Vikram as they rushed towards Kareena .
Kareena was in water swinging her wet hair backwards and moving her curvalicious body in small swings . The one thing that anyone could promise was that she was looking nothing less than a goddess of beauty and charm .
“Hey Mam , we are big fan of your’s “ , the voice interrupted Kareena .
She opened her eyes to catch sight of the two young guys that were staring at here .
“Hey , what are you doing around here “ , Kareena asked as she tried to cover her wet body with her bare hands .
“Mam we just wanted an autograph from you , that’s all “ , Vikram replied as he along with Ajay started to step in the water .
“How can I give you an autograph in this position , I don’t have a pen or whatsoever “ .
“Mam an autograph is a sort of symbol of remembrance or a souveneir infact . If you suck our cocks , we will remember it till our death bed and it will be like an autograph for us “ .
“What the fuck !! “ , Kareena replied full of anger and rage .
They smiled and before Kareena could react, Ajay grabbed the ties to her bikini top and pulled them. Kareena felt her breasts fall free in the cool water as the boy ripped her top off.
" NO!" she instinctively covered her breasts with her arms, "Give that back!"
"Not much here to give back." Ajay held it up in the air, over her head. "Come and get it KAREENA ! ."
Not thinking, she reached out and up. The tops of Kareena's breasts came out of the water. This put the other guy Vikram behind her, and before Kareena could
stop him, he graped the ties to her bikini bottoms and pulled them off, and swam well out of reach.

Kareena was horrified. She was now naked in the water.
"I think we'll show our friends, YOUR FANS, your bikini!"
" NO!!" Kareena whimpered.

The bollywood actress was shaking. "Please give it back." She hoped they would return it. Somehow, she thought, she would get out of this situation.
But things were not going to be so easy for poor Kareena . One of the two guys rushed back where the trees were and came back after hiding her bikini and dress in somewhere near the trees .
"If you want it back , you will have to cooperate “ , Ajay replied .
Kareena started to cry. She was so embarrassed. She dipped back into the water until she was at chin level.

"Don't make us come out there!" the guys yelled as Her skin crawled. She was in deep shit.
Suddenly one one of them pulled out a mobile camera and started to click pictures of her .
“What no nude scene Kareena ?, come on smile for the camera" the guys laughed.... The guys were talking among themselves.
“Please don’t do this , I beg you not to take pictures of me “ , Kareena replied trembling with fear .
“This is just in case you approach the police and tell us what we are going to do to you “ , Vikram continued
Suddenly, Ajay dropped down his trousers and ran into the water. Kareena screamed. She tried to swim away, but a strong hand grabbed her ankle. The two guys laughed as Ajay pulled her back in, struggling. She felt his hard cock brush the crack of her ass, and a few moments later press into her stomach. She was terrified.
She realized now that they planned to fuck her. The cock near her ass drove deeper. It had cleared her cheeks and was rudely pressing on her ass hole.

"Please, don't!" just as she thought that it was going to rip into her, it was gone.
Vikram also dropped in and the guys picked her up and held her struggling above their heads. They carried her back to shore.
Kareena Kapoor, the Bollywood Star was exposed to these two guys. Kareena felt breasts jiggle with each step, the guys carrying her fingering her pussy. They carried her to the blanket that she had layed out earlier. They lay her down gently on her back.
Both the guys stared down at her. Then the groping started. Their Hands were everywhere, especially her breasts. They fought over them. Her stomach, her ass, her breasts, her thighs,all being kneaded like dough by theaw horny guys.
Ajay moved around in front of her, dropping his underwear revealing his cock. "No!" Kareena screamed. 
She was still a virign and didn’t wanted her first time to be likes this on a beach .
They grabbed her and roughly pushed her back down. "Flip her over!" Kareena was returned to her back.
She watched it grow as he knelt between her legs. She started crying, and closed her eyes. "Take this bollywood babe, Ajay!" Vikram replied. "Fuck her hard!"
Ajay licked his fingers and pulled Kareena's tight pussy lips apart. Kareena felt his huge cock rubbing her thigh as he prepared her cunt.

Then he placed the head of his cock on her slit. "Beg for it!" "Wha, what?" " Beg me to fuck you, and I won't hurt you." "No!" she said weakly. He slapped her across the face. "Say it!" he yelled. He slapped her again, harder.
"Please." she said, very quietly. "Please what?" he was growing angry.

"Please.....Please," Kareena lowered her voice even more, "fuck me." She started crying again. She felt Ajay's cock push into her. He was pistoning hard, and she bit her lip to keep from crying out.
"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she gasped with each push. Then the pushes got harder, and she realized he was coming.

Kareena screamed in agony. "Stop!" She screamed. 

He was going to shoot his load into her, and it was more than she could stand. She struggled against the arms which held her down. "Please don't!" 

"Argh!" Ajay exclaimed as he came. She felt his hot cum squirt into her, then he collapsed. 

"Get off of her, it's my turn!" "I want some!" , Vikram answered . 

Ajay rolled off her. "She's a great fuck!" he said. 

Kareena cringed as Vikram climbed on top of her. He started to fuck her really hard, her breasts jiggling the entire time.. He soon brought his cock out of her pussy .

"Help me flip her over. I've always wanted to do this to your ass, ever since I've seen your movies" Her eyes widened as she realized what he meant.

She couldn't stop them. Strong hands picked her up, flipped her over and forced her to kneel. Her arms were gathered behind her, and her face was shoved into the blanket. Her breasts swung free as Vikram positioned himself behind her, rubbing her ass with his cock. 

"Oh NO Please don't, not that" she said weakly.
Without warning, he thrusted, and Kareena felt the searing pain as her ass took his full length.
Her ass-hole was extremely tight therefore he managed to get in her with quite forcing. Kareena moaned loudly and wriggled in some discomfort, then followed it with an outcry; but there was no sign of Vikram stopping.

Ajay watched, fascinated, as half of Vikram's cock was swallowed up in the tight, exquisite valley between her perfect, luscious ass cheeks.

The sensation told Vikram he'd last no time at all; but that was okay.

He got only slightly more in and she gasped out, "No more, no more"; she spasmed around him and the effect was absolutely stunning.

Vikram pulled out slightly, which made her clench again, and he could not believe the feeling. He pushed in again, heard her suck in a huge lungful of air, and retreated until almost all of him was out. When he heard her exhale he shoved in, got dizzy from the noise she made, and came, hard.

His come invaded Kareena's body, roaring and spattering in an orgasm like nothing he'd ever had before. He almost fell forward, caught himself, and put an end to it, pulling out, leaving, to his shocked surprise, a trilling spider-trail of semen from her ass-hole to the tip of his cock.

Kareena's ass closed up instantly, and she folded up, breathing hard

When they were done, they left her in a heap on the ground. She was too sore to move now.

They had dropped her clothes off but Kareena just lied their motionless probably too exhausted and terrified with the humiliation she had just faced .

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