Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bigg Boss Ka Ghar – Bollywood "Sex" Reality Show


The clock read 8 am …
“Bigg Boss chahte hain ki sabhi gharwale auditorium area mai jaldi se ekatrit ho jaye “ ( Bigg Boss wants that all housemates should gather in the auditorium immediately )
As soon as the voice of Bigg Boss was heard , there was an immediate rush among the housemates as they scurried through to the auditorium .
Angelina Jolie was seated beforehand along with Shilpa Shetty the host of the show .
“Well I guess all you housemates are must be knowing that an immunity task is going to take place , but before that happens Bigg Boss wants you to hear this audio clip .”
Before Shilpa could finish the audio clip started to play on the speakers .
Written version of the audio clip :

Lara : Do you see these cameras out here

Shreya : Yes I do ..

Lara : These cameras are the eyes of the public who will be voting for the housemates nominated for eviction .

Shreya : I am aware about that … Tell me something different ..

Lara : If we have some raunchy lesbian sex with these cameras watching us , I bet it will help our cause a lot

Shreya : Are you serious

Lara : Yes , I am serious

The housemates were not aware that Lara and Shriya were in relationship since last 3 months . They were shocked to hear the audio clip . Before they could react further , Shilpa continued her talk .
“Well Bigg Boss wants to inform you that both Lara and Shriya for discussing about nominations are automatically nominated for eviction and wont be taking part in the immunity task . “
There was pin drop silence everywhere but it was just the calmness before the actual storm .
Both Lara and Shriya tried to object but Shilpa on the command of Bigg Boss himself paid no heed to their talks .
“Bigg Boss futher notifies that since discussing about nominations was stricly defying the rules of Bigg boss house , therefore Lara and Shriya will be receiving additional punishment for their sin “ .
Immediately there was a hush among the housemates regarding the decision of the Bigg Boss .
“First the punishment for Shriya Saran is that she will be transferred to the Bigg Boss Jail that has been built in the rear of the resort and she will be staying there alone under further notice “ , Shipla replied .
Shriya tried to object but Shilpa asked her to remain silent .
“Meanwhile Lara will be locked in a room for 2 hours with one of the male housemates of the Bigg Boss house and he can use her physically to whatever extent he feels inorder to satisfy his sexual demands “ .
Before the two ladies could question the Bigg Boss decision , the guys dressed in black entered the auditorium and forcibly took them out to the locations they were commanded by Bigg Boss .
“Bigg boss is quite angry at what happened last night and informs that if anyone is found discussing nominations in the future will be subject to a harsh action in the form of punishment :” , Shilpa asserted .
Shilpa further continued that the immunity task has been delayed till evening and you can leave back to your rooms .
As the housemates were leaving the auditorium when Shilpa told Sanjay that he had been selected to be housemate who will be spending the two hours with Lara in a locked room and has the full liberty to peform any physical action he intends and she will fulfill all his sexual demands without any objection .
Meanwhile Shreya had been transferred to the prison cell which was devoid of all luxuries and comforts contrary to the Bigg Boss resort .
Shriya Saran was having difficult time adjusting to the new environment and felt she couldn’t stay there much longer because she was losing air .
The only retort for Shriya was some yoga to calm herself down so that she wont panic in this situation .

But even that wasn’t working for poor Shreya as she was sweating quite badly out there .
Her claustrophobic cell in solitary confinement was driving her mad.

"God I'm fucking going crazy!" She shouted at the top of her lungs. She started chanting almost like a mantra but it was making things worse not better.
Shriya scampered herself into one of the corners of her cell .
A sudden rumbling sound sent her further into hysterics than she already was. It was a sound she would not have been able to identify normally. It was an everyday sound, a vacuum or a toilet flushed. All the piping of the resort passed over the cell and the sound of the water was like some kind of monster .
Shriya knew that she had to somehow divert her mind off all these thoughts or she will have a heart stroke .
Masturbation was probably the best way to keep her mind off these thoughts . Shreya started to feel the burning desire. Her hand traced idlely over her soft belly, wishing that she had someone to touch her that way. Then with a groan she rolled over and put the pillow over her head.
Shriya could only feel the stress building in her. Her chest, her very core was so tight, that she was afraid if she took a deep breath she was going to snap.

Shriya laid back by the wall and started to strip off her clothes . In less than a minute she was completely naked and the pile of clothes rested nearby .

She could feel her body respond, its slick wetness begginge to be entered...She let her hands slowly explore the belly and chest. Her nipples aching for touch as her gentle fingers pinch them lightly sending a small moan. Biting her lip her hands explore, teasing herself.
Shriya imagined a guy behind her, his hardness pressed against her lower back as his hands tantalized her skin. Slowly her right hand traced the trail to her sweet spot, the hot core that had been raging, begging, and slowly taking over every waking thought.

Shriya whimpered out as her right hand barely brushing her very tender button, electricity surging through her, desire becoming a haze. Slowly she insert a single finger into her slickness.

She was longing for more but happy for this small measure. Moaning softly as the finger slipped in and out slowly, though her need screaming for faster and deeper .

When her orgasm hit it was devastating. She lost what little control over her body she'd had as her back twisted every way she could. Her toes curled and her head thrashed back and forth. It didn't even feel like an orgasm, the experience was so blinding that it needed a new word to describe it.
It was almost more than Shriya could handle without going mad.

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