Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bigg Boss Ka Ghar – Bollywood "Sex" Reality Show



Things started moving back to normal in the Bigg Boss house few hours after Shriya’s and Lara’s punishment . Shriya was still locked inside the prison cell while Lara was waiting for her fate with apprehension .

Bigg Boss house had a stable on the opposite hedge of the house alongside a beautiful garden . John Abraham happened to drop by that place where he was left appalled at the sight in front of him .

Present there with a white stallion was the topless Angelina . It was a sight any man would not even believe of in their wildest fantasies .

John just stood there in utter awe motionless at the sight in front of him as he watched the sexy Angelina feeding the stallion some hay and horse droppings .

The stallion was a white mare with a silvery colored mane and tail who stood 14 hands high at the withers. He was around 6 years old and the connection between the horse and Angelina was like of two lovers .

Finished feeding the stallion , Angelina decided to give him a bath . A shower system had been installed for the purpose .There were holes drilled in the pipes to let the water spray over the horse like a shower, once the water hose was attached and turned on. She led the stallion into the horse shower and tied the lead rope to the hitching post, then ducked under the bar and turned on the water slowly so she didn't scare the horse.

John just stood there surreptitiously make sure he made no noise .

The water poured out of the holes in the pipes and Angelina ran her hands all over the horse to wet it down, then turned off the water and added some soap to the container on the hose. She turned the water back on to distribute the soap, turned it off again and hand-scrubbed the horse from head to tail, back to hoof, being careful to keep it out of eyes, nose and mouth.

She washed the horse's mane and tail and scrubbed her hooves with a soft bristle brush. Angelina turned on the water again to rinse the soap, rubbing her hands over the animal to help get all the soap off the coat. Once the horse was rinsed off well, Angelina grabbed a large cloth from the tack box and used it to absorb as much of the water as possible from stallion’s coat, ringing it out every few minutes.

Angelina led Stallion back as she gazed upon him . The real thing was yet to come .

John almost collapsed when he saw Angelina bringing the face of the stallion closer and pressing it against her naked breasts . It almost looked as if she was getting horny and aroused by the young stallion .

John’s dick was already growing in his pants and, at the sight of the Angelina exposing herself, went hard as steel instantly! The strain the cock was putting on his pants was becoming painful so he undid his fly and pulled out the throbbing cock.

Angelina had a body that was clearly the result of regular gym visits and possibly yoga, breasts that looked to be a nice handful sat high on her chest, her nipples pointing through her top. No one else was near for now so, beside a horse as John stood and watched.

John couldn't help but slowly stroke his shaft as he continued to watch the beauty playing with the horse in an erotic manner.

When suddenly he saw Angelina looking at him .

Then his heart stopped. She was looking right at Him! John tried putting himself away, but it was too late. She grinned at him. A good sign right?

"Are you just gonna stare all day or come to me?" she called.

“I didn’t mean to do that …. “ , John hesitated .

“I noticed you almost half an hour ago . But I decided not to interrupt and let you enjoy “ , Angelina laughed off .

John could see from her heaving breasts that her breaths were heavy, near panting, and her heart looked to be racing a mile a minute. Maybe she was just calling his bluff? Waiting for him to get close before unleashing fury?

"Really !! “ , John almost stammered.

" Why don’t you ?"

"Yes sure !" John grinned back, not knowing where his confidence came from.

Angelina smiled, a sweet, yet sexy smile.

“Do you know how to ride a horse “ , she questioned back .

“No , I don’t .. Never gave it a try “ , John answered back .

“Hmmm … What should we do then ? . I ve an idea , perhaps you can rub some lotion on me “ , Angelina answered as she brought out the bottle from her carry bag .

John didn’t hesitate as he massaged her . His hands rising higher and higher, Angelina tilted her head back and closed her eyes. Her heart was still racing, as was his, but hewasn't going to stop yet! He moved to her shoulders, taking his time, rubbing in slow, steady circles, this time his hands going lower...

With her top already off it was easy for his palms to circle their way down over her breasts.

Angelina let out a large gasp as John was groping, this married American beauty's breasts, grinding her erect nipples into his palms.

Angelina raised her head, eyes wide and mouth agape when she felt his mouth covering one of her nipples.

Sucking softly, hia tongue swirling around her hard nub.

"OK! I was not expecting that !" she almost screamed.

He kept up his kissing and sucking of her breasts, his free hands, groping, squeezing them in turn. Angelina's knees rose and parted slightly, her breathing becoming heavy.

"I thought you liked what you saw, how long would you have stared at me for?" she asked, her accent causing his dick to swell larger than ever.

I didn't know how to respond, but thankfully I didn't have a chance to,

"I saw you too you know." Angelina continued, "pulling at this!!" she teased as she reached into his pants and pulled out his painfully hard, throbbing dick. The soft, fat head was directly at her face. John couldn't believe that this was happening and the fact Vidya(her secret lover) or anyone else might see worried him, but as Angelina took his dick into her mouth all worries melted away!

She gripped his cock in both hands and sucked hard, taking more and more into her hot wet mouth. John thrust his hips forward pushing more into her. Her eyes widened, but not as much as when he literally tore her bottom dress clean off her!

John’s dick popped from her mouth, "Wait! What are you doing?" Angelina squealed, a hint of lust in her voice, as she looked around hurriedly.

John said nothing, merely knelt between her legs, pushing her knees so the hooked over shoulders and kissed her wet vagina. There was something about this hot woman that made his blood boil, but when he saw that she had a completely shaved pussy there was nothing more he wanted to do right then than lick and suck at her till she screamed!

And scream she did! As his tongue penetrated her, swirling around, tasting her hot wet juices as his fingers massaged and rubbed her swelling clit. He felt Angelina's toned, smooth thighs clench him as he moved his kissing lips to her clit. Surrounding it and humming softly as two fingers disappeared inside her. Stroking her until he found her g-spot. Knowing he had hit it when Angelina's hips lifted clean from the ground!

"Oh god! Fuck me already!" she cried. Not caring who would hear! John reluctantly pulled his mouth away from her dripping pussy, licking his lips, and spun her over. He pushed her so she was on her knees in front of him, her pert round bottom right there.

Grabbing it in both hands he squeezed and kissed her ass cheeks, burying his face between them to give her pussy one final lick before grabbing hold of his nice, hard dick and aiming it at her hole.

Looking up Angelina gasped. The stallion was moving back to the stable as she let out a groan of pleasure as the head of his dick was eased inside her tight vagina.

Once inside he gripped her firm hips and pulled her body back onto his mine. Angelina felt so hot that John thought his dick would melt.

John pushed until he was buried as deep as he could go, his heavy balls resting against Angelina's body. Angelina gasped, then shuddered over his dick. She looked back over her shoulder then nodded forward.

With her soft, yet firm hips in his hands he was fucking her hard and fast from behind, pulling her body over his cock like a man possessed. And just when he felt her body begin to shudder he leant forward and groped her firm breasts.

Her nipples felt hard as bullets as John rolled them between his fingers, still thrusting deep inside her.

After some time John’s cock was back out .

"What the fuck ?" she started, but soon stopped when she felt his fingers around her ass hole. "Oh shit! Fuck me! Do it quick!" she gasped. Never one to disobey an order from a lady he pressed his dick against her ass hole. It took a lot more force than before, but fuck did it feel good to have his cock squeezed so tightly by Angelina's ass!

Neither of them could take much more, the fact they were ass fucking in added to the excitement of it all. His dick fucked Angelina's ass harder and faster! Really ramming it in and out, his hands back on her breasts.

Angelina suddenly groaned out louder as she came hard! He ran his hand over her vagina and felt her juices leaking out and down her thighs, and that did it for him! Holding himself as deep inside her as he could get he emptied hi balls inside Angelina.

Angelina let out another guttural moan as she felt the cum spewing from his dick into her ass. Before the last was out she was pulling him out of her, facing him and taking his dick into her mouth. She sucked him dry .

"You know where to find me in the future." She winked at him.

John just smiled back at Angelina as he leant in and kissed her softly on the luscious lips and bid goodbye before moving back inside the house .

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