Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bigg Boss Ka Ghar – Bollywood "Sex" Reality Show



Aishwarya went back to her room and found that Kareena Kapoor was asleep by now .
Soon Abhishek came running into the bedroom to try and reconcile with his wife .
Aishwarya knew about his flirting with other Bollywood actresses but she never thought that he would fall so low by fucking Katrina , her arch rival in Bollywood Industry and her ex-lover’s girlfriend .
No matter what Abhishek said in explanation of his act , it made matters only worse between the two .
“You told Katrina that fucking her was the best time you have had in last three years , that’s roughly the time since we started dating . Rot in hell , you bastard “ , Aishwarya asserted.
“ Try to understand Jaan , it was not at all like what it seemed out there “ .
“ You know what !!!! , I am going to fuck the very next guy that I see in this house right in front of your eyes “ .
Abhishek immediately tried to ponder about all the male housemates inside the Bigg Boss House .
When Suddenly ..
Amitabh Bachchan walked in through the door trying to catch his breath .
Aishwarya instantly looked back at Abhishek and give him a huge smile .
“Dad , what happened !!! “ , he asked his father trying to think about the events that would succede if Aishwarya kept his promise .
“There are press members waiting in the media room of the resort for an interview with the housemates . Everyone else is asleep so you two have got to accompany me “ .
Aishwarya told her father in law that she would be back in a moment after changing her night gown to something more formal for the media meet .
As she walked away , Abhishek told his father everything that had happened in the last hour or so .
“You must be kidding me !!! , Did she really catch you going after Katrina “ , Amitabh replied back.
“Yup , moreover she told me that she was going to fuck the very next guy she sees right in front of me .”
“Who’s that guy , We can talk to him “
“It’s you Dad !!! “
Amitabh’s cock had an instant hard on thinking about it but he tried to console his son by saying that he would never do it with Aishwarya just for his sake .
Within a few minutes Aishwarya made her way out of the changing room dressed in maroon colored Kurti and blue jeans .
“Let’s go Daddy “ , Aishwarya answered as she held Amitabh’s hand instead of his husband .
Since their marriage Amitabh had been like a father figure to Aishwarya , so she generally used to call him " Dad" or "Daddy" .

Soon they made their way inside the media room which was located near the gym area .
Since tomorrow actually their life would be really starting inside the Bigg Boss House , so the media wanted to catch their first reactions .
As soon as the press meet got over , Aishwarya stepped a little away from the crowd and took Amitabh along with her .
Sensing something cooking up between the two , Abhishek immediately tried to Interrupt and asked “What’s going on ? “
“Me and your father are going to have sex in the conference room “ , she replied back .
“Ha Ha Ha !!! “ , Abhishek started laughing because his father had told him earlier in Aishwarya’s room that he wouldn’t have sex with Aishwarya for the sake of his son’s happiness .
“Dad is not going to have sex with you , he just told that to me a few minutes back “ , Abhishek continued .
“Daddy , wont you be having sex with me … don’t you want to spend some fun time with your Bahu “ , Aishwarya asked Amitabh with a big smile on her face .
“Sorry son !!! , I cant say no to Aishwarya “ , he replied .
“What the Fuck !!!!! “ ..
“And not only this time around . Whenever the Bigg Boss will be sending him inside for some task or anything else , we will be doing it and having a great fucking time “ .
“Aishwarya I know what I did with Katrina was wrong … But don’t punish me by doing all this …. I am okie with you two doing it once , but if you continue having intercourse it will totally break me from the inside “ ..
“Okie , But only on one stipulation .”
“Yes …tell me “ , Abhishek asked anxiously .
“You will be seated just next to us and watching me and Daddy having sex “ , Aishwarya answered .
“Oh …no .. no .. not at all “ , Abhishek replied .
“Well I guess then me and Dad will be having sex after all till the show gets over or I am voted out “ .
Abhishek remained silent .
“We will be in the conference room , in case you change your mind “ , Aishwarya replied as she started walking away holding her father in law’s hand .
They made their way through the media crowd who were still interested in asking more questions from the two … But they remained silent and walkout out .

Amitabh wondered what this meant to their relatiosnhip.

Before Aishwarya began her first move on him once they were inside the conference room , Abhishek entered through the door and locked it from the inside .
“Do you Promise that if I watch all this then you wont be having sex with anybody else “ , Abhishek asked Ashwariya .
She nodded back signalling a yes from her side .
Abhishek made himself comfortable on the second couch that was kept adjacent to the one his father was sitting on .
Aishwarya kneeled before Amitabh, and looked up at him as she unzipped his zipper, making sure that she was at the right angle for Abhishek to catch her facial expressions.
Grasping his cock firmly, she pulled it out into the open air, a small relief for Amitabh’s raging hard-on.

"Oh my God!" she looked startled " Mmmmm… Somebody’s cock is very big , certainly lot bigger than someone else I know" , Aishwarya replied smiling at Abhishek.

She was playing it up for Abhishek, but It did look a little bigger than what it was a few hours ago during the task.
Huge and engorged with blood, like Amitabh was nearing orgasm, only he didn't feel anywhere near climax right now.

She smiled again looking up at him, and opened her mouth. Her tongue slipped out and she lapped up the precum covering the purple headed monster. She looked beautiful, her sexy face smiling up at him, her tiny hand gripping and playing with his hard cock.
She dragged her tongue down the underside of his cock, and back up, this time she opened wide, and slided his dick into her warm mouth. It felt exquisite, he watched her skillfully slipping his cock past her lips.

Inch by inch, the first seven inches disappeared into her mouth, then he felt the back of her throat.
She gagged slightly, then expertly pushing his cock head into her throat and taking down the last two inches. She struggled a little in his engorged state, and Amitabh watched her eyes tear up a little bit.

There she was, his Bahu , his little slut, burying his entire cock in her face, she held him there for a moment, looking up at him with her blue eyes, and ever so slowly slipped him out again.

"Mmm ....Dad," she moaned up at him before devouring his cock quickly again.

Amitabh slipped into her throat more easily this time, and she pulled off his cock more quickly, beginning to slide it back and forth, essentially fucking with her mouth.

She continued sucking and slurping on his cock for what seemed like 10-15 minutes, but oddly, and a little maddeningly, he wasn't near orgasm.
She continued her assault on his cock for a moment or two and then stood up right in front of him, turned around.

"Could you please unzip me?" she asked.

Amitabh said nothing, only grasped her zipper and as she requested pulled her jeans down.

As Aishwarya stepped out of it, her sweet tight little heart shaped ass bobbled as she did so. She looked back over her shoulder at him, and slowly bent over the edge of the couch, pressing her full breasts onto the smooth edges.

This pushed her little bald, wet pussy lips through her legs towards him. It was an incredible sight.

"Now Dad, see anything you like?" that coy voice and her devilish grin was back.

Amitabh immediately pulled down the panty revealing Aishwarya’s centre of attraction . Taking one step forward holding out his cock positioning it as he moved, and in the same movement grasped her hips, placing his cock at her entrance.
She waggled her hips back at him, trying to pull his cock into her pussy. He gently nudged forward, allowing the head to penetrate her velvety flesh. It felt, so warm, He want to plunge it into her, but now it was time for him to have a little fun with her.

He pulled his cock out again.

"Put that back in me!" she groaned over her shoulder.

Amitabh just smiled and waited, she sighed loudly, dramatically. He looked over towards Abhishek and smirked, then pushed the head back in again. She reached behind him and tried to grip his hips to impale herself, but he resisted, pulling out again.
This time, Amitabh got more forceful, grabbing her hands he pinned them behind her back causing her weight to shift onto her breasts just over the edge. There was no where for her to move.

He re-entered her, each time, his engorged head stretching her soft, tight flesh, she moaned when he stopped, just leaving the head in.

"Fuck me with that big cock!" she yelled back at him fully frustrated now.

Amitabh leaned his head back and laughed pulling out again, then entering her pink, wet pussy again, and pulling out again.

"Shit, give me your cock Daddy, fuck me with your hard cock!" she cried out breathlessly.

Amitabh had given her a hard enough time, and he braced his feet, and plunged his cock inside her. Filling her violently, her pussy working to accept his engorged cock, he buried himself into the clit, feeling the head slam into her cervix painfully. She let out a small cry.
Her ass bounced off his pelvis, as his cock came to a stop. He gave her a brief moment of rest, before pulling completely out of her again, waiting a second, and then slamming his cock back into her all the way again. He did this repeatedly to her Bahu Aishwarya .
She squealed with delight as he picked up his pace, not completely pulling out of her, but fucking her hard now, ramming his hard cock into her soft, wet pussy, her ass now slapping against his pelvis with each thrust.

"Fuck yea Daddy, fuck my pussy, yea Daddy, oh fuck, I am gonna cum, oh fuck, oh fuck!" she screamed.

This was incredible.

She came hard.

Her hips violently bucked back against him, slamming her cunt onto his rigid pole, her pussy flexing and gripping him, trying to push his cock out of her canal.

Her cunt exploded her sweet juice, he felt her actually spraying his balls down, she seemed to pump a gallon of honey out onto his cock and over his balls, splashing down onto the hardwood floors.

Her body quivered, and shook, still grinding back onto him, her pussy continued trying to milk his cock, but Amitabh’s own orgasm was far away, this was going to happen again before he unloaded on her.

As her own orgasm stopped, she pushed him off of her. She then turned around, and began to undress Amitabh Completely, when he had kicked off his shoes, and she'd removed everything else, Amitabh squatted down and removed her high heels and remainder of Aishwarya's dress too.

She looked at him as he stood up "now it's all me Dad," she said, and she pushed him down onto the couch again.

She grasped his cock and worked it into her mouth again, savoring her own juice coating his rod. She worked quickly, and in no time, hopped up on the couch, squatting over him, and slipping his cock into her wet pussy once again.

It felt heavenly as he slid completely inside her again. Her warm walls clutched him, and pulled him deeper inside her until she was full of his throbbing cock. Her perky breasts stared at him as she settled into her own rhythm, slowing riding his cock, more gently this time, with much less violent rage than before.

They looked into each other's eyes for a long time, savoring each others sexual embrace.

She continued riding him through countless orgasms of her own. She rode him for a long time, both of them were now sweating, her glistening breasts swinging freely for her own amusement. She'd impale him deep within herself as she shuttered and her pussy would clamp down on his cock, momentarily tightening its embrace of his thick tool.
He'd reach up and tug on her little pink nipples; he loved watching her face as she came over and over again. She must have ridden him for over half an hour, in this position, just letting him take in all her body's beauty, each curve, each fold, each swell as she rose and fell on his cock buried within her, He felt like granite tearing through her soft walls.
“Don’t you have any shame “ , Abhishek interrupted .
“Fuck off you bastard “ , was Aishwarya’s reply.

What she did next not only felt great, but impressed him with her flexibility, she twisted around to ride him reverse without removing his dick from her wet pussy.

The swirling motion of her hot body caught him by surprise, and he found himself finally reeling toward the sweet release he was looking for. She began pumping her ass up and down in front of him.
She sat up tall, cupping and playing with her breasts, really putting on a show for Abhishek to feel guilty about as she pumped with more urgency now.

Her sweet little heart shaped ass bouncing in front of Amitabh, and her grunting each time he filled her, was sending him closer and closer. The feelings he felt from her body were incredible. She looked over her shoulder at him, sensing his breathing had changed.

"Are you gonna cum for me Daddy?" Aishwarya nearly yelled between grunts as she impaled herself.

"Yea.....soon" Amitabh replied between his own grunts.

"I want you to cum all over my face!" she squeeled, as she jumped from his dick and crawled down to the floor near Abhishek.
She positioned herself perfectly as she grasped his cock and started tugging at it, lowering her luscious mouth to lick his balls.

She moaned as she could taste her own sweet juices while licking and sucking his sensitive sack as it was beginning to boil with the orgasm he wanted so badly now. Her smooth hand was madly jerking his shaft, coaxing his seed out of it.

"Come on Daddy!" she moaned, "Cum all over my face, I want your hot cum all over me!"

Amitabh didn't need any more encouragement, as the load she had worked all afternoon to build finally boiled over. His balls tightened and electricity shot from his pelvis through his cock, as a massive first volley of cum exploded from the end of his cock.

Flying through the air and landing on her forehead and in her hair.

"Oooowwww, Yes! Give it to me Daddy!" she shrieked.

The vision of the first shot just made him want to cum even harder, and the second launched so hard it buckled his legs, depositing itself right between her eyes, splashing onto her forehead and little on her right eye, shutting it.

"Mmmmm, Yes! Cum all over me!" she shrieked again.

The third came right away, as he could barely stand, erupting from his throbbing cock and coating her cheeks. She smiled and giggled as his warm essence coated her a little more with each shot.

She continued jerking his cock as he pumped seemingly endless stream of cum over her gorgeous face, her mouth open now, tongue wagging looking for a taste of his sweet seed. She was rewarded as he continued to spray countless times, coating her face, and filling her mouth.
She kept looking at him with her left eye, her right pinched closed covered in warm cum, and stroking him slower now, milking the last of his load out.

She extended her tongue, lapping at the head now just oozing, no longer blasting her, savoring the taste he watched her roll his cum around in her mouth before swallowing.

"Mmmm, yes Daddy, you taste so fucking good!' she moaned loudly.

Aishwarya then took his breath away, taking his entire length into her mouth and down her throat, her tongue lapped at his balls. She pulled off and repeated her actions. Fully cleaning every drop of cum that she might have spread along the shaft, and making sure his balls were empty of her sweet treat.

She then removed his cock and began wiping her face off with her index finger, scooping his hot cum off her pretty face into her mouth, sucking her finger clean each time.
Abhishek watched her, speechless.

After a few minutes of scooping and licking her fingers clean, she stood up, casually walked over to Abhishek and asked “How did it feel ?"
But remained silent.

She returned to Amitabh, her face still shiny with a mixture of his cum and her saliva, and hugged him briefly .
She whispered in his ear "Would you like to lick my pussy before we finish" , Aishwarya coyly stated.

Amitabh didn't need any more encouragement. He stepped to her quickly, bent over at the waist and pushed his tongue deep into her wetness.

She squealed! he dove into her hole, wanting the taste of her sweet honey. His tongue pulled out and slid through her slit, finding her clit, beginning his slow assault on her little button, she groaned loudly, he looked up at her.

"Mmmmm, yes Daddy, lick my pussy, mmmmmm!" she moaned.

She was leaning forward, watching his every move, both of them glanced at Abhishek and flashed a smile.
She tasted great. Her scent and taste was too much, Amitabh wanted her to cum right again, he continued his ravaging of her clit, faster, and increasing his pressure.

"Oh yes Dad, oh, yes that feels so good, mmmm, suck my clit!" she yelped.

Amitabh did as he was told, he sucked her clit into his mouth feverishly, as he sucked it between his lips, his tongued flickered hard over it, and it was too much for this slut Bahu he had.
She shuttered, her body tensed, her hips rose off , meeting his mouth, her pussy lips engorged a little, and a wave of ecstasy washed over her again.
"Oh yes, yes, yes, ........mmmmmmm..........Thank You Dad for this great goodbye!" she smiled coyly again as her body relaxed.

“ It’s over Dad !!! , please leave now “ , Abhishek groaned .
“ Just wait !!!! Aishwarya would you like to do this somewhere along in the future too ? “ , Amitabh asked ..
“Sure Daddy , How can I say no to you ? “ , Aishwarya asserted .
“What the fuck Dad !!! , you two said that no such thing will happen in future if i watch all this “ , Abhishek interrupted .
“Promises are meant to be broken Son !!! , that’s something I forgot to teach you as a father “ …
Soon Aishwarya got Dressed and moved back to her bedroom .

While Amitabh made his way out of the resort and took the plane back to Mumbai as Shilpa Shetty would be hosting the tasks for the next few days .