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Bollywood fuck party

This was something unexpected. Katrina and Salman had been going steady for longer than he had ever been in a relationship. This meant one of two things -- he believed Katrina was the one for him, or being on the wrong side of 40 he was now desperate to settle down.

As she lay in bed next to a sleeping Salman after a hot sex session, she lit up a cigarette. Salman was naked, sleeping on top of the covers, his back to her. He was indeed a beautiful man. His arms were chiselled by hours spent each day in the gym. Any woman could spend hours caressing his six pack abs, or would gladly die for that one chance to worship his circumcised cock. What Katrina loved the most was his ass. It was the tightest specimen she had ever come across, and she had come across a lot of them. A man of 25 would have been proud if his ass was even half as tight.

Katrina was deep in thought, blowing smoke rings with every puff of her stick. A blanket covered her bare body up to the waist. Her long black tresses fell almost nonchalantly to her exposed breasts, covering her pink nipples. At 25, she could not have asked for more. Her career was going well, and she had one of the hottest Indian men to come home to each night.

Some of the newbies in her profession had decided to celebrate National Nude Day. It is difficult as it is to get people to shed their clothes unless you are in the south of France, perhaps, but to get those in India to do it where some people don't even bathe without their loin cloths was almost impossible. Moreover, she had wanted to celebrate the day with her colleagues all of whom she considered prude. Her work was cut out.

For almost a week now she was thinking of various ways to convince people to celebrate the holiday. She knew there was only one way. Salman had to buy into her idea. Salman had enough clout in the industry to ensure everyone else joined in.

Salman woke up. The clock by his bed told him it was a quarter past two in the morning. Katrina's side of the bed was empty. Where was she? Her clothes were still piled on the floor where they had been ripped off her in a moment of passion. He searched his apartment.

She was in the balcony of his tenth floor apartment, nude, looking down at the street below. Her ivory skin shimmered in the moonlight. Katrina was a goddess -- long legs that went on forever, a bubble butt, and thighs that could wrap around a man's waist and kill him. She was slightly bent over the railing, which gave him a clear view of her shaved pussy. Her pink clit peeked through her nether lips. But he knew that Katrina's best asset was her smile. It was a smile that made her simultaneously look slutty and that perfect woman you could take home to your mother.

The apartment was surrounded by high-rises. He knew anyone with a half-decent set of binoculars could feast openly at the sight of this naked woman. She was an exhibitionist.

He went behind her and his arms went around her waist. His flaccid member was buried between the cheeks of her ass. She squirmed a little and placed his hands on her supple breasts. Her nipples were hard. He could not tell whether it was the cool breeze or that she was turned on that did it. He kissed her softly on her neck.

"Hello, beautiful!" he said.

She said nothing, but pushed her ass out further to meet his cock. Salman could feel a familiar stirring in his loins. He had never considered himself a prude. But the things she made him do definitely bordered the freakish.

"Let's talk," she blurted out of the blue.

For someone who has been with as many women as Salman has been, those words uttered by a woman is bad news. Aishwarya had started the conversation with the exact same words before calling it off. With some trepidation, he led her to the living room.

Katrina spoke, "Some of us girls are planning to celebrate National Nude Day."

She said it simply, almost as if she wanted to celebrate her friend's birthday. It took him sometime to register it.

"What? National Nude Day? In India? Do you really think anyone in this country is familiar with the holiday? And is it prudent to go out nude with the general public? That would ruin us."

"Hold on!" Katrina interrupted, "Who said anything about the general public? I am talking of a private celebration, with a handful of our colleagues. We could celebrate in your farmhouse."

No effing way! That was his first thought. Before Katrina came into his life, he would have probably thought differently. But he was very possessive of Katrina. He would not want her parading naked in front of anyone else. She read his thoughts.

"See, I know you love me. And you want to have me all to yourself. But you know in the industry we work, complete fidelity is just a figment of someone's imagination. You know I sleep around. I know you sleep around. We choose to pretend it never happens. Here, I am not even talking of sleeping with someone else. We will be nude. That is all. There is no obligation to fuck."

He knew she was right. Sleeping around was a given in their line of work. Chances were all those on her guest list were people he had already been with before.

She saw he was almost on her side. She hit the hammer on the head.

"Besides, would you not want to know what your former girlfriends look like now?"

He was sold. This was something he wanted to know. Sangeeta was now with Azhar. But he used her first. He wanted to know the state of her goods. He wanted to know the state of all his ex-girlfriends' goods.

"What do you want me to do?" he asked.

The farmhouse was in an obscure part of the Western Ghats. The celebrations were about to begin. The guests had been informed about the dress code. They could wear anything they chose to on their way to the party. All clothing had to be shed before knocking the door.

Salman and Katrina took their positions next to the door as their guests started streaming in. Salman had a nice red bow wrapped around his penis, while Katrina was dressed in a gold cummerbund.

Bipasha and John were the first ones to arrive. They greeted each other in the traditional nude day greeting -- the men were greeted by grabbing their cocks while the women were greeted by cupping their breasts. This was one celebration in which a man could shake another man's cock in a gesture as innocent as shaking hands with no fear of being labelled gay.

Salman and John shook each other's cocks. John was a handsome six feet tall well-built man with those latin looks that women swoon over. One look at his cock and Katrina knew Bipasha had chosen well. This man was hung like a horse, uncut. As she cupped Bipasha's dusky breasts, Katrina thought how wonderful it would be to have John's meat in her mouth. Bipasha and John shared a knowing glance. This was just their kind of celebration.

The large living room had been converted into a party arena. There was a well-stocked bar in the far corner, Arabic divans strategically placed in a large circular formation that left a large performance area in the centre. A bunch of hot naked women served drinks and refreshments. Bipasha was quick to notice the bartender. He was a Greek God with a schlong the size of her arm.

The celebrations were on, the champagne was uncorked, and everyone was having a bloody good time. Katrina observed that Aishwarya never let go of Abhishek. She literally held on to him, as if he was her life-raft. Of course, in strict nude day tradition, Aishwarya held on to Abhishek's cock.

Katrina was a little disappointed at Abhishek's size. For someone over six feet tall, he was tiny. He had his father's height but was blessed with a cock as short as his mother, she mused. Aishwarya looked stunning. She had tied her hair up in a bun. Save for the six-inch black stilettos, she wore nothing. Her breasts seemed to have gotten bigger. They were a nice size now, milky white with purple nipples. Her stomach was still flat, and her pussy though used retained her tightness somewhat.

Salman's eyes were fixed on Aishwarya. That woman had put him through a lot. It was one of his most painful break-ups. But this would be sweet revenge. He knew Aishwarya still dug him. Why else would she want to have Abhishek by her side? She did not trust herself alone in a room with Salman. He knew that. He had to bide his time. Before the night was out, his cock would be up her ass.

Deepika and Ranbir, like all new couples, were all by themselves oblivious of the world around them. Deepika stroked his 8 inch dick while Ranbir stuck two fingers up her cunt. Their mouths were locked in a passionate kiss. Deepika was the youngest of all the guests. At barely 20, she had already developed into a fine woman. She was tall, too tall for an Indian woman perhaps, with the figure of a ramp model. Her breasts were on the small side. Katrina had been a little sore over that China business between Deepika and Akshay. She felt wronged by the woman. This was her way of exacting revenge.

The only couple not married to each other was Akshay and Mallika. Katrina was not surprised when he showed up without Twinkle. Akshay's reputation was well-known. But she was surprised at Akshay's choice. Oh yes, she was happy. Mallika was a hot woman, and Katrina had been with her a few times. It is just that she was a little amazed that Akshay chose Mallika instead of all the other young nymphets that he usually goes around with.

Akshay was a man's man. A martial arts enthusiast, he was in peak physical condition. If anything, his ass was even tighter than Salman's. Katrina had ridden Akshay's smooth 7 inch manhood many a time. He was the only man in the industry who not only barebacked her but also creampied her pussy. Katrina would gladly give up anything to become his sex slave.
The Haryanvi Mallika went around doing what she does best -- darting her tongue in everyone's mouth and giving them the best kiss of their lives. The women loved it when their breasts rubbed against Mallika's much fuller boobs. The men loved it when she let them spank her buxom bottoms. This party was finally coming alive.

They were all on their divans playing truth or dare. It is funny how being naked makes people more truthful and daring than they normally are.

The young Deepika agreed to do something she had never considered herself capable of doing. Ranbir was bent over a chair while she licked his anus. She even went a step further and tongue-fucked his ass. Ranbir was hard, harder than she had ever seen him. Encouraged, she stuck two fingers up his backside. He moaned. His eyes were closed. His cock twitched. He was terribly close. She massaged his prostate, which sent him over the edge. There was cum all over the Persian rugs.

Fortune smiled on Salman. It was his turn to truth or dare Aishwarya. He went in with truth, and asked her a question.

"Do you still have feelings for me?"

The question took everyone off-guard. They were all aware of the history. Every eye looked at Aishwarya. Her face was emotionless, but her response came a little too late.

"No," she said matter-of-factly.

Everyone, including Abhishek, had seen right through her. They knew she lied. They knew that given a chance she would fuck Salman's brains out. But they all did the proper thing -- pretended as if they believed her. All except Katrina. She wanted to see how far Aishwarya would go if pushed. When her turn came, Katrina dared Abhishek.

"I dare you to shove Salman's cock up your ass."

There was silence for a while. No one knew where Katrina was going with this. Aishwarya knew it was her cue. Abhishek was one of the very few completely straight men in the industry. In fact, in this current gathering he was the only straight man. There was no chance in hell Abhishek would agree to this. He would choose not to honour a dare.

Abhishek's response was expected. He emphatically refused.

Katrina rubbed him, "Now we know who the pussy in the family is."

"He is not a pussy!" Aishwarya defended him, "He is not gay. You are not playing fair."

"Well," Katrina went on, "you are his wife. You could accept the challenge for him. Else we are not going to invite you both for our parties. We don't like party-poopers."

Salman could have kissed his woman! Katrina played Aishwarya perfectly. It was then that Salman realised what a gem he had. He would propose to Katrina tomorrow. This woman was a keeper.

What began as a challenge turned into an orgy. It started with Salman pushing his rod up Aishwarya's backside as the others cheered them on. Soon, Abhishek got into it was well and was rather enjoying the sight of another man gamming his boots into his wife. Deepika was busy sucking John's cock. In the far corner of the room, Mallika had Bipasha against the bar finger fucking her and kissing her at the same time. Akshay had found his new victim for the night in Ranbir. He took his anal virginity, and then fucked him over good. Abhishek got lucky too. With his small dick, he fucked Katrina's ass while she masturbated herself to an orgasm.

Katrina had thrown a wonderful party, indeed.

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