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Jyothika’s tryst with a AC mechanic

Jyothika’s tryst with a AC mechanic

Surya was busy shooting for AYAN in Congo. Jyothika and her daughter were alone in their penthouse in besant nagar, Chennai. It was a hot summer’s day. Jyothika had sent her daughter off to nursery school. She could not go shopping because her chauffeur had gone on leave. She was thus alone in the house and wanted to rent out a movie and enjoy it in the chill of her air-conditioned living room. She turned on the AC and was livid to find out that it was not working. She did not know what to do, it was really very hot. Even though she was wearing a thin cotton saree, she was sweating a lot.

Surya always handled the repair and maintenance of everything, so Jo did not know who to call. She searched on the internet and got a few numbers of AC mechanics. She called random numbers and became extremely frustrated when the first 3 numbers were out of order or not answered. So much for a retired star diva!! Finally, someone picked up the phone at Frister AC maintenance. It was the voice of a man who could not be more than 20, He spoke in a professional formal manner. He registered her complaint and asked her for her address. Jo gave her address, but did not give her name as jyothika, but used her original name of libra. The man told her that their office was nearby and that he would come there in about 15 minutes.

Angeev was a 20 year old mechanical engineering student from SRM engineering college. He was a handsome, young man who had great interest in machines. So, in his summer vacation, he used to help his uncle fix ACs in Frister’s. This morning, he had received a call from a lady who seemed very put off, and could not explain what was wrong with her AC. Dumb bitch, he thought. He had come early and opened the shop and promised his uncle he will look after everything till he came. So, he packed his mechanics kit, told his uncle’s PA to look after the shop and left for the place.

Jo was pleased that this guy assured her to be there in 15 minutes. She was feeling very hot and decided to change into a T- shirt. She stripped herself naked in front of the mirror. She had lost all the puppy pounds due to pregnancy. Yeah, she still had the curves all right!!! You are one fuckable bitch, she thought. She caressed her round, full, picture-perfect boobs with her hands and pinched her nipples. She was growing really horny – she had not had sex in 2 months now. Ever since Surya started working for Ayan, he came home very late or stayed over at the sets. Now, he had gone to congo for over 3 weeks. Jo was indeed very suspicious of that bitch Tamanna with her milk white face and teasing smile. Anyway, Jo though to herself to confront Surya after he came back and give him a blowjob that would drive that bitch away from his mind. Yeah, blowjobs were Jo’s specialty. All those Directors, Producers and Actors that she had blown off made her hot and bothered. It was then she heard the calling bell. She put on her V-neck T shirt over the white laced bra. It showed just enough cleavage to be stuck on it forever. She was pretty sweaty and it wetted her tight T shirt. She put on her track suits and went to the door.

It did not take him more than a couple of minutes to locate the place, it was a prime location in besant nagar. But, no one knew who actually lived there. So, intrigued, he took the lift to the 5th floor penthouse and rung the calling bell. This was turning out to be boring, he thought, not at all the enriching experience he thought it will be. Then, the door opened and the world flipped upside down for Angeev.
Angeev was standing in front of none other than Jyothika, the queen of Kollywood for so many years and according to angeev, the most beautiful woman on earth. Angeev had spent most of his childhood sitting in front of jo’s pictures and videos shagging his cock. He in fact attributed his manhood and his huge 10 inch long 2 inch thick cock to these endless hours of Jo shagging. Jo was a feast to the eyes in her sweaty tight T shirt. Angeev was ogling at her face and her boobs so badly. He forced himself into the formal manner that his uncle had insisted on using with customers.
“Mam, Im coming from Fristers AC maintenance. We received a complaint saying the AC was not working”
“Yeah, yeah, come in. Good that you came this early.”
Jo let him in. She noticed that he was very young. He was cute, and strong looking too. Jo was still pretty horny and was still sweating. She showed him the AC and went inside to cool off with a drink.

Angeev was on top of the world. He did not know how to react, it was his teenage dream to see Jo in person. Now that it had happened, he was so elated. And the outfit, man, any site will pay millions for a few pics of that. His cock was growing fast in his pants. He couldn’t stand the throbbing, he had not jerked off in 2 weeks. He saw the AC and tried to figure out what was wrong. But it was impossible to concentrate with Jo’s boobs in his mind’s eye and his huge dick fighting to get out of his pants. He slowly removed the AC and called out for her.
“Mam, Mam!! I need some water for flushing out the duct. May I know where the bathroom is?”
“Go straight and turn left past the settee.”

So he went to the bathroom and let his dick out. Drops of pre-cum had stained his underwear and was coming out of his cock head. He was stiff as a rock. He adjusted his pants and brought back the AC. Jo was back in the kitchen. He took a deep breath, removed his shirt and started to work on the AC. He figured out the problem in no time and fixed it in about 10 minutes.
Jo had a chill lemonade. She cooled off and went to the living room. She was astonished at what she saw. The AC guy had taken off his shirt. He had the most amazing body. It was so muscular and hunky, he was about 6feet tall, V shaped torso with strong biceps and picture perfect abs. He was sweating as he worked on the AC. He lifted it and fit it back into the frame and switched it on. He turned around and looked at me in a ravishing sort of way.
“Mam, I have fixed it. There was a problem with the duct.”
“Good, Do you want some lemonade? You are sweating.”
“Oh, thank you madam, that would be wonderful”

Angeev could not believe his luck. He was sure Jo was very impressed by what she saw. It was after all her husband who inspired him to get into this shape. He cooled off in front of the AC, but did not put on his shirt. Jo, meanwhile went into the kitchen for more lemonade. She was feeling hornier than ever. She could not let this guy go without fucking the shit out of him. She was wondering how best to seduce him. Then she thought, there was no man on this earth who could resist her boobs and navel. She hiked her T shirt a bit to reveal her navel, poured some water over her boobs and wetted it. She went into the living room, he had not worn his shirt yet.
“Here is your lemonade. You seem very young, what do you do?”
“I am an engineering student, madam, I help my uncle when I am bored.”
“Really, that’s great. So, what is your name?”
“Angeev, mam”
“And. I presume, you know me??” jo smiled at him teasingly.
“Of course mam, you have caused me a lot of sleepless nights”
“Hmmm. So you dream about me?”
“Oh yes mam, all the time!!”
“And do you masturbate thinking of me?”
Angeev was totally taken aback, he did not expect Jo to talk dirty.
“Oh yes mam, all the time!!”
“And what do you do to me??”
“Oh everything mam, I kiss you, lick you, suck you, you suck my cock, I fuck you doggy, Anal, etc,etc”
“Anal???” Jo wrinkled her nose.
“Yes mam, anal, your boobs and navel are fantastic, but a lot of people forget you have a great ass”
“So you are bold enough to go get your dreams??” She gave that smile again.
“But, mam, Surya sir???”
“Oh that bastard is probably screwing that Tamanna bitch anyway. You ready or not?”
“I will be crazy to refuse mam”
“Lick me.”
Angeev did not need to be told twice. He pulled down her tracks in a trice and saw her white panties. He felt the moisture underneath with his fingers and started fingering her slowly.
“AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, aaaahh, aaaahh, thats it, lick me NOW!!!”
Angeev ripped her panties off. He dove into her wet pussy with his tongue and started licking it. He did it slowly at first then quickened the pace. He was stimulating the clit simultaneously. Then he started sucking on the clit. He narrowed his tongue and started thrusting it into Jo’s pussy.
“Ooooooohhh, AAAAhh, HHHuuuuuhhhh, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhh, Thats it baby, tongue fuck me like that, go on, faster, Keep fingering my clit, aaaaahhh, aaaaaah, Im cumming, im cumming, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, AAAAAhhhh, aaaaaahhhh, OOOOooooooh, Huuuuh!!!”
Jo came in torrents of sticky cum. Angeev’s face was glazed. She came like a mad woman, Angeev did not stop till she squirted for a full half a minute.
“Come here baby, let me taste my cum.”
Jo started licking Angeev’s clean shaven face. She slurped and licked.

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