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Sonam Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor : First Time - Indian Sex Stories

Indian Sex Stories - Sonam KapoorRanbir Kapoor released a heavy pent up sigh. "I know this doesn't seem fair, but I feel that you give your fans everything of yourself, and I end up with the leftovers."

Sonam was confused and dismayed with Ranbir's stark declaration. All this time she thought their relationship was going great, but apparently she's clueless about her boyfriend's true feelings. "Like what do you mean, honey? Like you know I love you."

Sonam walked over to Ranbir, who was staring out of her bedroom's glass sliding doors. She slid her arms around his waist and rested her cheek on his upper back. His special scent wafted towards her nostrils. She inhaled deeply, loving the intimacy of it, and thought again how lucky she was to have him as her boyfriend. That notion made her press her body closer to his.

Ranbir tried to ignore the feel of her breasts crushed against him and the way her hips were jamming against his legs. That was the way to insanity because he knew that he 'can't get no satisfaction' from her in the carnal sense. However, every breath she took just made him more aware of her sexy body, and that fact reminded him of how the whole world was probably laughing at him right this minute.

He gritted his teeth and blurted out, "Why did you have to say in that press conference that you are single? Couldn't you just have avoided answering the question at all? You could have said, 'No comment.' "

Sonam was immediately contrite. "Oh baby, I'm so sorry! Like my brains must have been mush that day!"

Ranbir didn't say anything, and that made Sonam feel even worse. Her thoughtless comment had caused such an uproar nationally that even she was shocked. Her statement had ended up on all the tabloids' front pages and the lifestyle sections of the more respectable newspapers. She hadn't realized that people were so interested in her personal life.

"Sweetie, you know I didn't mean to say anything about something so personal. Like I feel really bad. Like please say you'll forgive me."

Ranbir exploded. He turned around to grip her arms. Sonam was taken aback with his sudden action. "You don't get it, do you? I know your career needs to grow, but the promotion of your new sexy image is getting to me. I have to watch with the whole world as your hot photos and magazine spreads make all the guys hard as a rock!" Ranbir released her arms and raked his fingers through his hair. "And then you had to announce to the whole world that you're single!!! Jeezz!!!"

Sonam was quiet because the gravity of the situation was made clear to her when Ranbir cursed. He never cursed in front of her because he was brought up to be a gentleman. Then she was suddenly hit with an insight. Ranbir's reaction was actually a combination of his male ego, frustrated lust and a primal need to know that a part of her would always be exclusively his.

She realized now that her sexier mature image, as well as the publicity that it demanded was robbing them both of special intimate moments in their relationship. Actually, when they first got together, Sonam was the one who had requested that they don't have sex yet because she didn't feel that she was ready. To his ******, Ranbir had respected her wishes. What he didn't seem to realize was that his restraint proved to her that he got it all over the other guys who were constantly trying to get her attention. And that just made him even more special to her.

On the other hand, she was reasonably sure that he had been faithful to her, despite the astronomical number of girls throwing themselves at him, since he was one of the most popular guy in bollywood.

Sonam thought, 'Oh wow, like no wonder Ranbir is so testy. Aside from not getting any and having to say no to all those girls, like he had to contend with imagining men and boys drooling over my pictures, and then like watching me kiss and do stuff with all those other guys in my videos.'

She decided that it was time to shed her overprotected upbringing and make it up to him, and make him feel that he's the only guy she wants to be with forever and ever, in short, he was the guy born to make her happy.

"Come over here, baby..." And then she hooked her index finger in his pant's belt loop, before slowly walking backwards until the back of her knees hit the king-size bed. "I think it's like time to reward my big boy for good behavior."

Ranbir's heart raced with this latest development, but he wanted to make sure. "What do you mean, Sonam?"

Sonam was suddenly hit with a wave of shyness, causing her to look down and mumble, "Well, you know..." Then she rushed out, "Like I think we should go all the way this time. I mean, like, we're all alone in my house. Your mom and my mom are shopping together and won't be back till tonight. So like we practically have the place all to ourselves the whole afternoon."

Ranbir was struck speechless for a moment before he managed to find his voice, which was an unromantic croak, "Are you sure, babe?"

Sonam looked up and let her eyes say it. She nodded quietly. "I'm sure, Ranbir."

Ranbir could only groan out, "Oh babe," and bent his head to kiss her ravenously. But his plan went awry.

With a giggle, Sonam avoided his lips and gave him a playful push that forced him to sit at the edge of the bed. He resisted a strong urge to curse and crush that soft sexy body against his, that same body that had been driving him crazy for years.

"Sit down, sweetie. I'm gonna give you a personal private performance you won't forget."

With a playful smile, Sonam left him to get a chair, which she put in the middle of the bedroom's open space, facing him. She nudged her sandals off and flung them across the room with a graceful flick of each foot. Then she rummaged through her CDs.

Ranbir's eyes popped wide open as Sonam started dancing to the music. Since she had a lot of dance background, her body can pretty much do anything, a fact he was very thankful for at that very moment.

Although she has always maintained with the press that she never thought of herself as a sex symbol, she seemed to be bent on reminding him why she was considered to be one by both the male and female species. His eyes were drawn to her hands as they ran through her black hair, over her ample chest, by the sides of her writhing hips, before ending on one of her feet balanced on top of the chair.

Sonam looked over at him to make sure he was following her hands as they swept from her ankle to caress her thigh, before cupping her sex through the low-slung jeans that lovingly hugged her hips. Her position forced her breasts to plump between the triangular frame of her straight arms, making Ranbir gasp in appreciation as they threatened the constraints of her pink-checkered blouse, which was being held together by flimsy looking knots right under her breasts, leaving her delectable cleavage and tasty tummy bare.

Sonam brought her foot down, consequently making a tight trap for her hands, which Ranbir presumed to be stimulating her love box. His theory seemed to be correct, though, as Sonam flung her head back and moaned.

He shifted uncomfortably as he felt his blood rushing to his groin. But his stare never strayed far from her writhing curvy body, mesmerizing him with its heat and sexual energy. He almost shouted a protest when she suddenly spun to face away from him.

She looked over her shoulder to give him a reassuring wink, and went back to torturing him with her rolling hips, which only made him imagine of sinking his fingers into those very same hips before plunging his cock into her virgin pussy. His breath caught in his throat as the indentation of her spine became longer, and then he belatedly realized that she must have released the snaps on her jeans.

As her undulating hips moved in circles, it prodded the blue material to slide lower. Ranbir silently urged the offending cloth to go down faster, but it seemed to have a mind of its own as it defied gravity and took its own sweet time. He was ready to stand up and yank them down himself when Sonam helped the process by giving the hipster a helpful push over the widest part of her hips, so that there was no way for the jeans to go but down, which it did with a sexy slither.

Ranbir's fingers clawed the bed sheets to stop from grabbing for himself some of the sweetest ass on the planet. The globes of her behind were in perfect display in the panties she was wearing. They rode high on top of her muscular legs, perfectly toned. They were so rounded that he also had to grit his teeth to resist the urge to sink his teeth into the tempting flesh.

His fantasy was interrupted when Sonam turned to stand facing her horny boyfriend. She was delighted to note that there was a noticeable bulge in his pants, for she had plans to make him even bigger and harder. She slowly sank on the chair right behind her, and made sure her legs were clamped together.

Then, in time with the music, she would suddenly split her limbs wide open and close them in a flash, leaving him wanting to see more. She seemed to have heard his wish because she transferred her hands behind her for support and slid forward until she was balanced at the very edge of the chair. This position arched her back, consequently thrusting her chest out even more, and bringing her groin closer for his fervent inspection. He also adjusted himself by placing his forearms on his upper thighs, which brought his face at a lower level. He sure didn't want to miss any glimpse of her pink treasure.

Sonam playfully brought her joined knees to the right, letting him gawk at her luscious legs from the tips of her toes to the curve of her waist, and then bring them to the other side. When she transferred those legs from side to side, she allowed her knees to separate just a little bit so that her boyfriend could get a tiny peek at her pussy, and what he didn't see, his imagination more than made up for it.

After teasing him for several minutes, she turned away from him again to straddle the chair. Placing her feet firmly on the floor, she raised her arms overhead to lengthen her torso. Ranbir couldn't help admiring the elegant line of her spine.

In an unexpected move, she bent over backwards until her hands touched the floor and her back was arched into a high bridge. Her mounds followed her downward dip and formed enticing curves that he wanted to explore. In fact, at that instant, with her body in such a vulnerable position, there was nothing he would have loved better than to run his hands all over and discover her hidden nooks and crevices, especially the one between her legs.

And then, he never figured out how she did it, but she suddenly whipped her body from a bridge to a kneeling position right in front of him that he jerked back instinctively. In her new subservient position, she looked like a naïve supplicant. The image was further reinforced when she peeked at him from under her lashes and gave him a timorous half-smile.

Ranbir was entranced by her mercurial transformation from a vamp to an innocent. He bent down to look at her more closely but she scuttled away from him, scooting backwards with her weight resting on her palms, and using her feet to propel herself in a crab-like fashion.

Although she was lengthening the distance between them, he couldn't exactly complain because her unusual stance caused her knees to spread wide open, giving him an unobstructed view of how her thong poorly concealed her pussy folds. His eyes eagerly memorized the puffy outlines of her pussy lips. He was also gratified to see a faint glaze on her inner thighs, attesting to the fact that he wasn't the only one getting hot and bothered.

She scurried until she was behind the chair and disappeared from sight. After a few seconds, Sonam came back into view with a slithering motion that reminded him of a snake responding to the call of its charmer. And then his heartbeat accelerated even more when he realized that she held in her hands the untied ends of her pink-checkered blouse.

With a wicked little smile, she mimicked her earlier efforts with her legs by flashing him a glimpse of her tantalizing breasts by jerking one side of the blouse's panel open, then closing it just as quickly.

Since she wasn't wearing a bra, he was gifted with unencumbered glimpses of her legendary mammary glands. She did this several times, with Ranbir busily assembling in his memory bits and pieces like creamy flesh, a glimpse of pink, and a full roundness that his hands wanted to grab and suck. He clenched his fists in an attempt to control the impulse.

When she slowly glided towards him, his glands started to produce more saliva; and he had to swallow several times because, otherwise, he was going to drool. She was on tiptoes, as if she was wearing heels; and she was moving in that crisscross fashion that models do, except that she was really doing it so leisurely that it defied the music's tempo.

She would actually balance on one leg, lift the other leg, bend it until that foot was beside the knee of the balanced leg, stay for a few seconds, and then repeat the same motion with the bent leg straightening and doing the balancing act this time.

It was a graceful, heart-stopping move, which just made him drool even more because her panty actually slipped to and fro before settling in the crack of her vagina to accommodate her actions, allowing him to make out the outer lips of her moist slit. And since she had settled her hands on her waist, the panels of her blouse were free to flutter with her every movement, baring the inner curves of her mouth-watering tits.

When she was finally in front of him, her question raised his head from the intent examination he was giving her body. He looked up guiltily to meet her bashful smile. "Uhmm... like... would you like to open my blouse?"

His brain scrambled to understand her words because he couldn't believe his hearing. Was she actually going to let him pull the cloth apart to reveal what she, her masseuse and her dresser have been the only ones privileged to see? There can only be one answer. "Oh yeah!"

Ranbir gently took the ends and parted them slowly, acting out an irrational desire to prolong his own agony. His mouth opened instinctively, in readiness for sucking, as the inner slopes were gradually revealed, followed by the velvety mounds topped with ripe pink tips. The beauty of her breasts mesmerized him as he gently pulled the checkered blouse down her arms entirely, leaving her lovely body fully uncovered, her thong a miniscule protection from his admiration.

Her body was a study in proportion and perfection. Her magnificent chest tapered into a tiny waist that flowed into trim hips. And despite the fact that her exercise had produced a toned body with muscles, there was still an appealing feminine roundness to every part of her, from her arms, to her belly, and even her slender calves. Aside from that, vibrancy and strength emanated from her form, adding to her allure. But her breasts were a study in itself.

They were a classic round shape, definitely more than a handful that would probably overflow even his large hands. Due to her youth and commitment to working out, her chest muscles gave her boobs great support so that there was barely any sagging to them. Her pink nipples and aureoles sat squarely in the center of her mounds like cherries on top of a sundae, looking deliciously yummy. He could hardly wait to sink his mouth and teeth into her tits.

Sonam felt the heat from his gaze, causing a charming blush to spread from her stunning chest, upwards her slim neck, before enveloping her cheeks with a delightful pink flush. In that instant she looked so young that it reminded him that it was her first time. He resolved that she was going to take pleasure in their lovemaking, otherwise, they would just have to try again and again until they get it right. That plan of action was definitely fine by him.

His intent perusal was causing Sonam's breath to quicken, making her chest rise and fall, producing a slight quivering in her mounds, which captured Ranbir's attention completely.

Seeing how absorbed he was, Sonam became fascinated herself with watching his reactions, from the flaring of his nostrils, to the feral gleam in his eyes, and to the sharp looking teeth that seemed ready bite her. She felt a frisson of fear and a thrill of excitement run through her at the same time. So she gathered all the guts that she could muster and did an experimental jiggle of her shoulders, causing her breasts to bounce.

She had to bite her lip to stop from giggling as at his expression, as if he wanted to eat her up! His reactions to her display were making all her panic and fear to disappear; instead, they inspired her to really strut her stuff.

She wildly shook her shoulders, agitating her globes, making them ricochet against each other, and earning her an agonized moan from Ranbir. She quickly moved in between his legs and widened her own stance to broaden his, and then stepped back while still doing the shimmy, before suddenly halting a couple of feet away from him.

And then Ranbir was taken by surprise when she suddenly dropped forward. One moment he was totally concentrated on her shuddering tits, and in the next second she was dropping on him like a ton of bricks. He naturally tried to catch her, only to find out there was no need since her palms landed right on top of his spread upper thighs.

During the fall, she had also managed to stretch her whole body behind her, as well as her arms, which put her face very near his. He could only marvel again as her dance training came to the fore. She tantalized him with her eyes as she deliberately bent her elbows and lowered her whole body in a classic full-length body push-up, with his legs acting to brace her weight. But it was unlike any push-up Ranbir had ever seen.

She sank in a long drawn out version of the push-up, emphasizing the downward motion instead of the upward one, her warm breath teasing his skin right through his clothes. She went south until her breasts were pressing against his jean clad thighs, and her face was parallel with his crotch, letting hot exhalations of air tease him with its myriad possibilities.

Then she repeated the process, but this time letting her face nuzzle and burrow against him, tongue and lips adding immeasurably to his excitement. He hurriedly tore his shirt apart to allow her direct contact with his skin, groaning appreciatively at her efforts. When she enveloped his raging hard-on with her open mouth, he grabbed her under the arms and crushed her lips with his own.

He released her long enough to mutter in her ear, "Babe, you are making me so hot. You're hell and heaven all rolled into one."

Sonam smiled and gave him one last smack as her way of saying thank you, before spinning around to sit on his lap, grinding her ass against his arousal, causing Ranbir to instinctively hump her back.

In an instant, they were dry fucking and since they both loved the sensations, Sonam spread her legs even wider so that his hard on can press directly against her sensitive slit, while Ranbir pumped his hips more vigorously.

With her back to his chest, Ranbir recognized right away the advantages of their position and seized her breasts, memorizing their shape and texture, giving in to his craving to squeeze them to his heart's content.

Sonam apparently approved because she threw her head back over his shoulder and whimpered, which encouraged him to play with her nipples by pulling and releasing them abruptly, making her breasts shake to and fro. Those gorgeous tits quaking and shuddering made him nearly come, but her whispered plea really got to him.

"Oooh... Remove my panties, baby!"

Ranbir slammed her ass against his groin to prevent the immediate release of his boiling spunk. The concept of having Sonam Kapoor, the world's sexiest pop princess and the fantasy of every heterosexual male and some lesbian females, totally naked on his lap was just mind-blowing! He took deep ragged breaths to gain some control. There was just no way he was going to blow his wad in his pants like some inexperienced jackass.

When he felt he had a small measure of control, he grabbed the sides of her thong and tugged downwards. After clearing her hips, Sonam voluntarily raised both her legs upwards until her toes were pointing straight towards the ceiling, aiding his efforts to get rid of her thong.

The sight of those panties traveling up those legs made his pole twitch madly. When they were finally off her feet, he smacked the crotch area of her underwear right to his nose and mouth, inhaling and licking her sweet pussy juice at the same time.

While he was preoccupied with her captivating taste and scent, Sonam slithered off his lap. Still facing away from him, she gyrated her hips like an exotic dancer, and continued the illusion by sliding her hands from the top of her legs all the way down to her ankles, looking at her horny boyfriend between her legs, who stuffed her panty into his jeans pocket as her virgin pussy was laid out before him.

There was no other way to describe it. Her juicy pussy was pretty. The petals of her opening barely unfurled despite her wide open stance. Instead they remained closed to hide from view the inviting hollow he wanted to burrow his cock into. And a fine sheen of oily liquids bubbled from her pink depths, while fine blonde pussy hair framed her delicious looking slit.

Once again, Ranbir gave in to his craving. He grabbed her firmly by the hips and opened his mouth wide enough to engulf her hole entirely. He began to suck her cunt fluids ravenously, like a starving man presented with a buffet.

Sonam grabbed on to her ankles, and tried to keep from falling over and screaming in ecstasy as her boyfriend rammed his tongue inside her. Ranbir was relentless in his quest to eat and drink from the delicious dish that was her pussy.

When he began to chew and nibble on her swollen clit, Sonam came for the first time in her young life. And she wasn't shy about letting the whole world know about it. She shrieked loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhh... Lliiiike I'm ccccoooommmiiinnggg!!!"

At that moment, Ranbir heartily appreciated the soundproofing of her house, which was originally meant to contain the music that was constantly being produced inside her residence from being a nuisance to her neighbors; but it worked just as well on confining her yells of pleasure, which he hoped were just the start of many that were going to be produced that scorching afternoon.

Ranbir didn't pause with munching her pussy. He even bore down harder to urge more orgasms from her spasmodic pussy. He devoured the fresh pussy flesh that he was privileged enough to have dined on first. His tongue flicked her little bud like a viper before flattening it to sweep her pussy from top to bottom like a cat that was grooming itself.

"Ooohhh Ranbir... Like what are you doing?!? Like that feels so gggoooooooddd!!!"

And Sonam came again in little spurts that Ranbir was more than happy to gorge on. He was very pleased to note that his girlfriend was one of those girls who came so hard their juices spurted like a mini-fountain. He had always found eating pussy to be a real treat and he intended to do it again and again with Sonam, who was presently more than content to collapse on his lap as fresh tremors shook her body.

When she recovered, she turned to straddle his lap and decided to give him a reward for being so naughtily nice to her. Knowing now how fascinated he was with her breasts, she clasped the sides of his head and pulled him smoothly right in between the plump cushions. Her sizeable spheres muffled his groans of pleasure.

Ranbir was happily surrounded by tit flesh, and he was on cloud nine as he sucked them from all directions and formed hickeys left and right. He dug his fingers into the soft globes and mauled them to his delight. His gaping mouth swallowed her nipples and suckled hard to the point of pain. He sank his teeth into the tasty morsels and chomped the protruding tips. Sonam moaned from the rough attention, but she loved it too and clutched his head even closer to her chest.

As he sucked her flesh and teased her puffy pink nipples, Sonam's right hand crept down until it reached his pants zipper. She tugged it down as far as it would go. Ranbir was enjoying himself immensely as her tits became his pet playground, but her next request made his head spin.

"Let me see you, baby. Like can you please remove everything?" That made his head come off her chest so fast he made himself dizzy.

Sonam squirmed off his lap again, and sat at the edge of the bed while licking her lips in anticipation as Ranbir stood and unceremoniously pushed his pants and boxers off. His brusque disrobing was in complete contradiction to her earlier lingering striptease. However, to her delight, his penis proved to be a belly-hugging sensation that dribbled a pre-cum coating all over his jerking hard-on, which was a respectable length of eight inches.

But when Sonam murmured in an awed tone, "Oh, like you're so big, baby," gallons of blood pumped into his groin area; and he got awestruck himself as he felt his rod increasing beyond its usual size. But her next question made him feel as if the top of his head had been blown off. "Like can I touch it?"

Ranbir gently took her trembling hand gently into his and guided her index finger to the bulbous tip. He groaned as she traced the pre-cum's descent from the head down to his testicles. And he went a little bit crazy when she opened her hand, only to close it firmly around his shaft and moved it up and down experimentally.

Sonam had seen this being done in one of the porno films that she and her girlfriends had watched during a sleepover. At that time, they all found it disgusting, but now, as she watched her boyfriend's expression of enjoyment, she was filled with a strong desire to pleasure him even more. So she copied what that girl did next in the film.

Sonam inserted his rod in her cleavage and squeezed it between her generous mounds, and then moved her chest up and down, as she did earlier with her hand. But Ranbir will attest to the fact that this was so much better!

He looked down and nearly came again when he saw how Sonam was gazing at him adoringly with her big wide eyes, her beautiful silky hair in disarray, and with his cock swallowed up by her breasts. Her velvety smooth skin chafing against his prick was the last straw. This was just too much! He needed to be inside her love box right now!

He cried out, "Babe, please tell me you're ready!"

Sonam didn't answer him in words. Instead, she eagerly shoved herself towards the center of the bed, laid back with her knees wide open and her arms raised gracefully over her head. Her spicy tiny virgin cunt was in full display once more for Ranbir's hungry stare. He couldn't have hoped for a better invitation!

He immediately lowered himself between her open limbs, but couldn't help asking one more time, "Sonam, are you sure about this, babe?"

Without hesitation, Sonam locked her ankles behind his hips and her wrists around his neck. She whispered, "Yes," and brought his face down for a voracious tongue-thrusting kiss.

While their lips were locked, Ranbir gently inserted his member in her tight channel, trying to control his inclination to swiftly penetrate her sizzling sheath.

Sonam gasped as he pressed forward inexorably, panting as her virgin pussy adjusted to his member. Although there was great discomfort and slight pain, Sonam was surprised that she wasn't in agony. Whenever they talked about their first time, she and her girlfriends always thought it would be like a physical kind of torture. Instead, she unexpectedly felt impatient by Ranbir's slow paced entry.

On his part, Ranbir was thankful that her years of dancing seemed to have taken cared of her hymen, because he didn't feel any tissue break that would more than likely cause her pain. Nevertheless, he felt like his penis was furrowing into a tight slick cleft that only had the most minuscule fissure to pass through.

Finally, after countless agonizing minutes, he was finally able to burrow himself so completely in her that their groins were enmeshed. Sonam squirmed, trying to create some friction in her inflamed channel, wanting any movement from the penis lodged deeply inside her.

He tried valiantly to stay still so that she could get used to his size, but her squirming was making it hard for him. He tried to distract himself by kissing her greedily as he tried not to pound her pussy to oblivion. But Sonam urgently needed something, so instinctively, she slammed her clit forcefully against his groin. Incredibly, while they stayed motionless, Ranbir felt Sonam scream into his mouth before she convulsed in another orgasm.

As he felt her fluids gushing and her pussy muscles licking his whole cock, he finally gave in to his instincts to ram her, pounding his prick repeatedly into her tight cunt, her snug glove creating havoc with his senses.

Sonam loved the feel of his battering ram, stimulating nerve endings she never knew existed. Ranbir's hips followed a primeval rhythm, stroking in and out in sharp little jabs that shook her whole body. There was no room now for tenderness or moderation, and Sonam didn't want any. What she wanted was to be fucked so fiercely that she won't even remember her own name!

So they both allowed the savage tempo to beat in their loins, causing them to smash their groins together so hard that their bodies shook. Ranbir pressed himself even closer, causing Sonam's legs to splay open, helplessly trembling with each thrust. She began to squeal every time his man meat smashed into her vagina, which only increased in volume as he fucked her faster and faster, his boiling cum on the threshold of release.

Ranbir raised himself on his forearms so he could watch Sonam approaching her own orgasm. Her eyes were shut tight, her lips were open in a slight grimace of pleasure pain, and her cheeks were flushed with arousal. God, she was so beautiful!

His glance went lower and he was amazed to note that her breasts' previously pink tips were now cherry red from arousal! He immediately sucked and bathed them in his saliva as his hips unbelievably increased its pace, causing Sonam to screech stridently. Her own elbows hooked around her knees to bring them closer to her head, consequently raising her hips higher, allowing his piercing thrusts to penetrate more deeply.

And then suddenly, his spunk jettisoned uncontrollably in her clutching cunt, flooding her with its soothing cream until it ran down her entrance. His twitching prick triggered her own climax as her hips bucked and writhed, like a bull trying to throw off its rider. But he held on to those hips and fought to keep his pole plugged in her fiery furnace. He rode her heaving body until it crested and finally settled against the bed sheets. He couldn't resist fucking her a few more times to discharge all his cum before finally releasing his deflating cock from her cunt.

Exhausted, they collapsed side by side, their limbs still entwined. As they tried to catch their breath, Sonam leaned over and gave him a gentle kiss. When their eyes met, she was so deliriously happy that she started to giggle. She whispered, teasing him with some of her song lyrics, "I'm not a girl, but definitely a woman." And then she moved her thigh provocatively against his recovering erection in order to hasten the process.

Finally, when his hard-on throbbed against her belly, Sonam gave a little chuckle and rolled them over until she was straddling his hips. She lowered her breasts' swollen tips against his chest and succeeded to pop his stick in her slot at the same time.

Ranbir's breath hissed out as he felt her searing pussy embracing his excited shaft. She put her mouth against his ear and kidded him in a breathy tone that was reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe, "Oops, I did it again."

Ranbir could only groan at her banal little joke, which swiftly changed into an approving moan as her hips began to ride him rapidly to another earth shattering orgasm.

And when their moms called to say they were going to be late coming back, as in they'll probably arrive midnight instead of late afternoon, both Sonam and Ranbir chorused into the speakerphone, "No problem!"

And then continued playing and having fun on the squeaking bed.

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