Saturday, September 10, 2011

Amisha's night of passion with Sunny and Bobby

Amisha Patel,the cute and bubbly Bollywood actress who made her debut with Kaho Naa Pyaar hai opposite Hrithik roshan and had had also had other box office hits like Gadar and Humraaz in the early part of her career, was now-a-days feeling very low because of different reasons-she had broken up with her boyfriend,she was unhappy with her career as she did not have movies in hand at present.Amisha had gone for a change of image and did a film with saif ali khan called thoda pyar thoda magic in which she wore bikini and other sexy dresses and played the role of a hot babe and Amisha had also changed the spelling of her name to it was said to be favourable as per numerology and also Ameesha sounded much more sexier than Amisha.
It was afternoon and Ameesha was feeling bored and low emotionally...she decided to call her friend Bobby Deol....Amisha called Bobby, and he picked up the phone.Ameesha said,"Hello r u?" Bobby said,"Hi Ameesha ...wassup baby...I'm r u?"They chatted for a while about their lives,career etc...Ameesha told Bobby about her break up and also about being unsatisfied with the state of her career....After talking for a while...they told bye to each other.Ameesha just passed her time watching TV and reading some books. At around 9 pm,when Ameesha was all set to have her dinner,her mobile phone rang and she saw that it was Bobby who called.Amisha received the call and said,"Hi Bobs!" Bobby said,"Hi I have a news for you...I hope you will be pleased to hear it..." Ameesha said,"Whats it Bobs?" Bobby said,"baby just an hour ago a businessman who organises stageshows featuring filmstars, came to our home and approached Sunny bhaiya and me for a stage show series in Punjab in the cities of Ludhiana and Chandigarh...We liked the deal...apart from sunny bhaiya and me...there will be Punjabi singers like Mika and Daler should be a good concert...but the organiser said that he needs a heroine too for the show...but he was unsure to I suggested your name...even Sunny bhaiya has supported your name for the show...the orgainiser too was pleased with your wuold you accept the offer..." Ameesha said,"Offcourse I'd love to...but i'd like to know the schedule...the days...and other details."Bobby said,"Ameesha...the show will only take 5 days time...two nights of stage show in ludhiana and the other in chandigarh...and the organiser is paying good money too...shall i tell him to talk to you and meet you for the other details."Ameesha said,"Yes that would be great." Then Bobby kept the phone.After a few mins,Ameesha received another call,she picked it up,it was the organiser.He told her about the details and told her that he'll paye her the advance money tomorrow itself.Ameesha accepted the offer and gave him an appointment for the next day's afternoon.The next day afternoon,the man came to Ameesha's home and gave her the advance money and also briefed her about the other details.Ameesha liked the offer and accepted it.The man left.Ameesha now called Bobby and thanked him for getting her the stage shows and that she was grateful to him.Bobby told her she needn't be so formal...he was her friend and just helped her and Sunny bhaiya too was responsible for her getting the shows.
Ameesha said that she'd thank him too when she met her.Then she kept the phone. Now ameesha started working out and also controlled her diet and saw that she only ate healthy food.After 12 days,it was now time to leave for the stage shows in Punjab.Ameesha went to the airport on the day of the flight,met Sunny and Bobby there.Ameesha said to sunny,"Thank you Sunny ji...Thank you very much for getting the stage shows..I am really grateful to you."Sunny just kept his arms on her shoulders and said,"Don't be silly...don't be so formal." Ameesha respected Sunny a lot and felt happy.Now Ameesha along with sunny,bobby and the rest of the performers from mumbai took the flight to Ludhiana in Punjab.
After a few hours,the plane landed at ludhiana airport.From the airport,a big car took the stars to a five star hotel.It was late evening,on reaching the hotel,Ameesha,Sunny and Bobby checked in to their respective suites/rooms.Their suites/rooms were on the same floor.The next day,everyone woke up early and went to the venue of the show to rehearse/practice for the show.In the evening,the show started and it was a hugely popular show as a lot of people came to the show...the venue was filled with a big audience...Daler and Mika sang their Punjabi songs and got the momentum going and then Ameesha performed solo dance performances and then she also danced with Bobby and Sunny on songs from gadar and humraaz.The show was successful and ended at 1..00 am.The whole team was happy that the stage show in ludhiana was a success.on going back to the hotel,Sunny said to Ameesha,"Ameesha kal raat ko mere suite mein party hogi...main,bobby aur tum...theekh hain."Ameesha said,"Ok Sunny ji."Then the next morning,ameesha woke up late,had a light breakfast in her room,then took a bath and had a light lunch.then she took an afternoon nap.she woke up at 5pm, and then started doing her make up and getting ready....she wore a nice yellow saree and nice yellow sleeveless blouse.Ameesha looked in the mirror and knew that she looked gorgeous.She applied lipstick on her lips.It was 7pm, and Ameesha's phone rang,it was Bobby.She received the call.Bobby asked her to come over to Sunny's room/suite.Ameesha told him that she will come in 5 mins.Then she took her purse,switched off her room light,opened the door,came out and locked her room door. Ameesha then proceeded to Sunny's suite/room.Ameesha rang the bell,it was opened by bobby.bobby looked at her and said,"WOW! are looking GORGEOUS...really ravishing."Ameesha smiled and said,"Thanks Bobs..You are looking nice too ..."Bobby was wearing a nice jacket and jeans.Bobby and Ameesha sat on the sofa and waited for Sunny.After a few mins,Sunny came out from the bathroom,wearing a white bathing gown,making it visible that he had just had a bath.Sunny saw Ameesha and said,"WOW! Ameesha you are looking Beautiful..."Ameesha smiled and said,"Thank you Sunny ji."Sunny then wore a Kurta and a Lungi and looked a desi,Punjabi guy.He then joined Ameesha and Bobby on the sofa...they chatted for a while and then Sunny ordered dinner and drinks for the three of them...Ameesha was reluctant about the drinks but she had to give in to the Deol brothers' persistence.After a while a waiter brought the food and drinks.After the waiter left,Sunny,Bobby and Ameesha started having dinner...They ate and chatted...even sharing jokes....after finishing the dinner...they started having drinks.Now Ameesha was sitting on the sofa with Bobby on one side of her and Sunny on the other side of her.Whlie drinking,Sunny placed his arm over Amisha's shoulder and took her in his arms, and said,"Ameesha maine Bobby ke paas suna ki tu aajkal badi udaas hain....filmein nahin hain tere paas aur boyfriend se break up bhi ho gayaa..."Ameesha said,"nahin sunny ji aisi baat nahin hain."Sunny said,"Arre itni pyaari itni sundar ladki hamesha haste rehnaa chaahiye..yeh sab toh lagi rehti hain life mein...waise bhi main aur bobby toh hain naa tere liye..."Now Bobby took her glass and kept it on the table and took one hand of her hers in his hand.Now ameesha was in the arms of sunny and her one hand was in bobby's hand...she felt a bit uneasy but she was feeling the effects of the drinks and smiled at them and said,"aap mujhe chhoriye naa Sunny ji..."Sunny said,"teri jaisi meethi cheez ko kaise chhor do meri jaan..."Ameesha said,"Kya matlab...Bobby leave my hand...."Sunny said,"Tujhe yeh shows dilwwane ka thanks to de humein...give us something in return of the favour baby..."Ameesha tried to get up but her saree pallu got loose, and Sunny took her saree pallu in his hand and pulled it and in one stronmg pull fom sunny,ameesha's saree came Ameesha was just in her bloouse and petticoat.Ameesha tried to cover her chest with her hands,but her one hand was in Bobby's hands and Sunny held the other hand.Ameesha looked at bobby and said,"Bobby you are my friend naa then why.."Bobby smiled and said,"Par aaj raat tu hum dono ki rani hain..."Ameesha said,"No I am not a prostitute...main koi randi nahin."Sunny said,taking her face in his hands,"Randi nahin tu aaj raat hum dono bhaaiyon ki rani hain."Sunny then put his lips over her lips and started kissing her.Sunny was now kissing Ameesha...he put his tongue inside her mouth,place his tongue over her tongue...after initial resistance,Ameesha too put her tongue over his tongue.Now sunny and Ameesha were sharing a nice,romantic French Kiss.on the other hand,Bobby licked her fingers and kissed her arms and palms. he then looesened her petticoat and it fell down on her knees,exposing her ass and panty...Bobby then slid her panty down and brought it down to her knees...Bobby came down and lifted Ameesha's legs and took off her petticoat and panty.Now ameesha was nude from bottom...but she was busy frenchkissing sunny and didnot pay attention to what bobby had done.
bobby then started kissing ameesha's thighs,knees,feet..he also caressed her legs and feet...In a little while,Sunny relased Ameesha from the kiss...Ameesha was a bit tired kissing sunny for quite some time and just calmed herself.Sunny said,"Waah kya mast kiss karti hain have such sweet lips...mazaa aa gayaa...ab Bobby ko kiss kar.Bobby then turned Ameesha towards him, and took her face in his hands, and started kissing her...bobby started kissing her lips softly and then gradually increased his pace.Ameesha and Bobby started kissing each other passionately and even shared a nice,romantic French Kiss...After sometime,bobby released her, and said,"How did it feel Ameesha baby..."Ameesha smiled shyly and said,"Oh Bobs my was so lovely sweetheart."Ameesha rested her head on bobby's chest.Sunny then came back...he had gone to bathroom he was barechested and only wearing his lungi...Ameesha saw Sunny's hairy chest and looked amazed.Sunny said,"Ameesha Bobby ne toh tujhe neeche se nangaa kar hi diyaa hain..ab tu apne blouse aur bra kholde aur poori tarah se nangi ho jaa."Ameesha looked at Bobby and Bobby too nodded his head.Ameesha then opened her blouse and kept it on the side of the sofa...then she unhooked her bra and took it off too.Now Ameesha was topless too...fully she revealed her big,marvellous breasts to Sunny and Bobby.Sunny and bobby both said,"WOW! marvellous breasts...kya chhati fleshy,milky breasts...the best boobs."Sunny said,"Arre Ameesha tu toh ekdum Pataakhaa hain tu toh mast lag rahi hain...nangi hokar aur bhi khoobsurat lag rahi hain..."Ameesha smiled shyly and looked at the floor.sunny then came forward and sat on the floor facing her and spread Ameesha's legs wide, and then kissed her thighs and legs...then he put his finger inside Ameesha's pussy and started moving them inside...and he was making ameesha crazy with pleasure with the finger fuck he was giving her pussy.Sunny then took out his finger and licked Ameesha's she was getting even more wild with pleasure and moaned and screamed,"Aah aa nahin nahin...ufff..."After a while Ameesha had an orgasm and exploded her pussy juices on sunny's tongue and mouth.Then Sunny took out his tongue from her pussy..and cleaned his tongue...Ameesha relaxed on the sofa...Now Bobby came down and kissed her legs and thighs and then spread her legs wide.Now Bobby put his finger inside her pussy...he started moving it and then put two more fingers inside and Ameesha was feeling crazy with pleasure, and said,"Bobs what r u doin....i'm feeling ticklish....aaah gudgudee ho rahi hain.." Bobby then put his tongue inside her pussy and made Ameesha even more ecstatic with pleasure....Ameesha kept one hand on bobby's shoulder and kept her other hand on bobby's head,playing with his hair. After a while ,she released her pussy juices on bobby's tongue.Then bobby released her and sat on the floor.Ameesha sat on the sofa tired...After some time,Bobby stood up and made Ameesha sit facing him....he then made Ameesha hold his dick in her hand and give him a handjob...Ameesha started giving bobby a hand job and soon his dick became was large as bobby was a 6ft tall guy...Ameesha was reluctant but then took his dick in her mouth and started sucking bobby's dick...She started slowly,but then gradually increased the pace...she sucked his dick for quite a while...After giving a blowjob to Bobby...she took out his dick from her mouth and relaxed on the sofa...Ameesha swallowed the whole load of cum released by Bobby's dick in her Ameesha sat on the sofa to relax herself,while Bobby went inside....Now Sunny came to Ameesha.
Sunny came infront of Ameesha...Ameesha though tired,looked at sunny with tenderness and sat straight on the sofa...she was now fully in a real slut at work.Sunny took off his lungi,the lungi fell down and he took his legs out,he was nude now.Ameesha was amazed seeing Sunny's half erect dick...He then made Ameesha give him a handjob....Ameesha took Sunny's dick in her hands and gave him a a little whlie Sunny's dick gained full erection....and Ameesha was stunned seeing Sunny's huge and thick dick...even bigger than Bobby's,though Sunny was shorter than bobby,sunny was probably 5ft9inches...he then told her to take it in her mouth.Sunny said,"Mere lund ko apne mooh mein le aur chus isey...Ameesha obediently took Sunny's dick in her mouth and gave him a nice blow job.sunny released even more cum in her mouth...Ameesha swallowed the whole cum.Sunny sat on the sofa beside Ameesha and hugged her.Sunny and Ameesha were both nude and were hugging each other and caressing each other's bare backs.then Sunny kissed Ameesha's forehead,nose,cheeks,eyelids,ears,and kissed her lips.After a while,Sunny kissed Ameesha's neck,shoulder,collar bone and then held her breasts,he pressed her breasts,kissed and licked her breasts,sucked her nipples...making ameesha crazy with pleasure...Sunny then caressed and tickled Ameesha's belly and navel, making ameesha moaning,"aah aah nice nice."After a while,Sunny released her and said,"Ameesha ab tu uth...stand up and ameesha tood up and Sunny said,Now you sit on all fours,I want to bang your ass...main tujhe Doggy style e chodungaa...teri gaand maarungaa."Ameesha was tense, and said,"Nahin Sunny ji...nahin meri gaand phat jaayegi...main aapka itna badaa lund nahin le sakti..."Sunny said,"Nakhre mat kar...jaisa kehtaa hoon waisa kar."Ameesha understood that she had lost to Sunny.Now Ameesha sat on all fours,keeping her hands on the seat of the sofa,exposing her ass to sunny...Now Sunny's dick was erect again...he put some of his spit on his dick...he caressed Ameesha's ass,pinched it making Ameesha scream,"Ouch..."Sunny then gave a tight slap to her ass,making her cry in pain,"Ouch...."Sunny then put some of his spit in her ass hole and then inserted his dick in her asshole, and started making strides in her...he started slowly and then gradually increased his pace and Ameesha started screaming,"Ouch aaaah aaah aaah nahin nahin Sunnyji aaaaa aapne meri gaand phaad di...dard ho rahaa hain...After making several thrusts in her,Sunny took out his dick and Ameesha kept her head on the seat of the sofa.Sunny exploded his cum on Ameesha's back and licked his cum from her back.After a while,Sunny lifted Ameesha in his arms and took her inside and made her lie down on the master bed. ameesha was nude and tired and was sleeping on the bed.
After 15-20 mins,sunny still nude,came to the bed,lied down beside Ameesha.he caressed her hair and took her in her arms.sunny started kissing her....Sunny kissed Ameesha's forehead,her eyelids,her nose,her cheeks,her ears,her lips and then her neck,her shoulders and her collar bone.Ameesha had now given herself completely to sunny like a newly wed bride gives herself to her husband on the wedding night.Sunny then kissed her breasts and licked and sucked her nipples.sunny came on top of her,and Ameesha took Sunny in her arms,she grabbed him tightly and was caressing his bare back.sunny stayed on top of Ameesha for sometime,kissing her face,lips,neck and shoulders passionately.Then he came up and sat on top of her,placed her hand on his dick and made her give him a hand job.ameesha began to give sunny a hand a short while Sunny's dick gained full erection and then Sunny made Ameesha spread her legs wide and lifted them on his shoulders and kept a pillow beneath her ass.Sunny then inserted his dick inside Ameesha's pussy and started making thrusts inside her....first slowly and then strongly.Ameesha was getting wild with pleasure and ecstacy and moaned and screamed,"oh aah aah...Sunny ji aap sachche mard ho...mere punjabi mard...HE strong,so powerful,so romantic...uuh aaah."Ameesha was getting more wild with pleasure and grabbed Sunny tightly,holding his back with both hands...and she scratched his back with her nails...Ameesha dug her nails deep in sunny's back.after making several thrusts inside Ameesha's pussy,sunny took out his dick and released his semen on Ameesha's belly and navel.sunny licked his own semen from ameesha's belly and navel.after a while,sunny kissed ameesha's forhead and told her," its Bobby's turn..."sunny got up from the bed and left the bedroom.Ameesha now felt relieved and felt nice and easy in her body after the great fuck that she got from sunny.
After about 10-15 mins,Bobby came to the bed,he took off his shirt,his pant and then his bobby was nude.Ameesha looked into bobby's eyes and said,"Come Bobs...come to me make me yours.." Bobby smiled and came up on the bed.He lied down on the bed and took Ameesha in his arms.they both hugged each other tightly and kissed each other passionately.With Bobby,Ameesha was acting like a girlfriend and not like a newly wedded wife, as she felt friendly with him, and was not in awe of him,as she was with Sunny.Ameesha was now more passionate with Bobby,kissing him passionately,showering him with more kisses than the kisses he could give her.they were also having a sort of love wrestling match on the bed....once bobby was on top of Ameesha and once Ameesha was on top of bobby.They were smiling,giggling like teenage lovers,college going lovers.Bobby came on top of Ameesha,kissed her face,lips,neck,shoulders,collar bone and then kissed her breasts,sucked and licked her nipples,making her go crazy with pleasure....he then tickled her belly and navel.Then ameesha pushed bobby and came on top of him.Ameesha kissed his forhead,his nose,his cheeks,his lips,his nekc and shoulders.Ameesha then kissed and caressed Bobby's chest and navel.bobby then pushed Ameesha and made her lie on her back.he then sat and made her give him a hand job.Ameesha gave Bobby a hand job and his dick was fully erect now.ameesha said,"Bobs now you lie down on your back....I'll ride you...Its WOMAN ON TOP time now.Bobby did as told by Ameesha...he lied down on his back.Ameesha came on top of Bobby and kept her legs on both sides of bobby and sat on his thighs.She took his dick in her hands and inserted his dick in her pussy.Now she took his dick in her pussy and started riding him...she started slowly but gradually increased her pace.Ameesha was riding him and bobby moaned,"aah mazaa aa rahaa hain...kya ride kar rahi hain mujhe Ameesha..."Bobby also grabbed Ameesha's ass and squeezed her ass and he also caressed her bare back and hair, and pressed Ameesha's boobs.Ameesha rode him for a while and then took his cock out before it could ejeaculate semen in her pussy and came and sat beside him.ameesha started sucking his dick and swallowed his cum....and then she lied down beside Bobby....both were now tired and exhausted.After sometime Sunny came and lied down on one side of the bed.Ameesha was sleeping in the middle of the bed and had Sunny on one side of her and Bobby on the other side of her.Ameesha lied down straight with her back on the bed and Sunny and Bobby were facing her and held her in their arms both the sides. The three of them fell asleep.
The next morning,Ameesha,Bobby and Sunny woke up late.They had breakfast together.Ameesha thanked Sunny and Bobby for the wonderful night and the great sex they gave her.She told them that she had broken up with her boyfriend a few months ago and had not had sex since then...she told sunny and bobby that she really liked the way they made love to her and also treated her like gentlemen and took care about the fact that she doesn't get pregnant by not ejaculating their semen inside her pussy.Sunny and Bobby told Ameesha that today evening they are to leave for chandigarh for the stage show there, and that they would again have sex with Ameesha in their hotel in Chandigarh.Ameesha told them that it will her good fortune to have sex with them again and she would love them making love to her.In the evening,Sunny,Bobby,Ameesha and their team of performers left for Chandigarh.

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