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30 days of her life....

30 days
of her


It's IPL time in Mohali,and the hometeam were cruising to a victory.As always,there was the most ravishing vivacious beauty,Preity Zinta in the stands cheering and encouraging her team in adulation.But today she was accompanied by Riya,her special friend who had won a contest of being with pretty Preity for the whole IPL season.She was undoubtedly, on her toes after winning the contest just before the season began.But she got to have most of it.As she was the winner she got the chance of staying with her in her room.It was as if Preity was the queen and she her queen's friend.This was the first day and it was a huge occassion for preity being the investor.

But,things did not go as planned.The first match suffered a huge twist as her team lost it's way from a great chance.Her team lost the game but she was as always optimistic.Riya of course was in awe standing near preity looking her more than the match.It was as if her dream come true.She was sighing her with her eyes wide open.Preity's charm,her unique voice and the total structure of her sent chill to riya.Riya had always dreamt of being with her.The way preity was cheering from the stands made riya adule her more.Riya's eyes were stuck,stuck to the most cutest and hottest diva of india.The occasional looks of preity zinta to riya were the most heartbreaking times of her life.The way preity winked her gorgeous eyes were the ultimate cuteness that riya had seen.Riya's whole body was soft when she was with her.Her heart became so light that it would fly.She was flying like an angel.Priety's soft hands,and her fingers when shook hands with hers were the most beautiful thing.Riya did not even think of washing the hands hereafter. Preity's body was swaying like a mast of a ship.

Both of them were wearing their team's jersey.This suited the occasion well.But not only that,it suited preity's body well.What a chance for riya?Riya was upclose with preity watching her in blue jean and team jersey.Wow preity tucked in her shirt in the front only and left the back untucked.Whenever preity would stretch her body,the shirt would also stretch making it press hardly against her boobs and would show her sports bra's depression.Riya was not even winking her eyes.She had always thought that preity would look the most gorgeous in jeans and that has happened the first day itself.A number of Preity's gorgeous videos went through riya's mind as she watched her hip swaying in joy.

Riya could feel her itching badly and her fingers automatically went to her pubic region.But she controlled it.But her heart was forcing her to do it.She quickly stood up and said "Preity,I wud come in a minute." Riya left the stands and went into the room.She straightly went to the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror.Her minds thought about priety,her cute wicked smile,her unique voice and her style which unbelievably lead riya to remove her jean lower to her knees.Now her hands rested on the slab and she looked at herself in the mirror.But still her mind was against her leading her to think about priety. "...hmmmmm preity" moaned riya as her right hand began to rub over her thong.She rubbed herself so softly so that she would not cum quickly supporting herself with her left hand.Then she let out her control over her thoughts.Now her thoughts were roaming freely around preity.

Preity Zinta,the softest cutest vivacious girl of B-town was now torturing Riya.Riya's minds went for the shots that she saw during the match happening now.The sweats that were lying on priety zinta's face looked like pearl being studded.Her long beautiful hair which touched her back simply aroused Riya's condition more."Haaaa uuuummm"moaned riya and bit her lips to end her moan.The structure of preity zinta kept on arousing her as Riya's hand unhooked her thong.The patches of soaked cloth stuck on to Priety's lovely body showing her curves in the hip."hhmmm..."riya's hand was rubbing over her pussy softly as she closed her mouth in order to not to moan.But preity"s most cute smile,the holes which appear on her cheek made Riya insert her index finger into her wet pussy with "haaaa...uvvv" a slight moan.Now,riya started finger fucking herself.

By this time,the match was nearing it's end and priety knew that they are going to lose the match.So she stopped encouraging and sat on the chair with her heads down.But she wanted to divert her mind away from the game.So she began to think of Riya.The reason why she was selected because was of preity's recommendation.It was when preity was asked to take a photo from a box of photos,Preity took another girls's photo who was not quite good for her company she thought.But when she looked at the box,she found herself attracted to Riya's photo.So she called the contest organizer and said that she wants Riya and nobody else which he did.Her white skin went pale thinking about Riya.She did not know what made Riya attractive.But she definitely had a X-factor with her.

The match was nearing it's close and so was Riya.Her soft fingers were pushing in and out of the naughty pussy of hers.The pussy lips were separated by the fingers time and time again.But she got an unique pleasure.She used her right hand to relax the pussy muscles and rubbed it with her fingers."...uuuuum oh my fuck"moaned riya.She thought of preity's whole body to be nude.She visualized her beautiful breasts and the icing of the cake rosy nipples which stirred her even more.She thought of Preity's tightest jean which she wore today which showed her tight ass really tight and separated those two firm and soft ass cheeks.She was moaning like an mare.Her hips were beginning to sway like an salsa dancer and her fingers actively fucking her pussy.

Meanwhile,preity thinking about the scorching hot new sexy lady,Riya really got into the room.Those tight shirts worn by Riya made her look so sexy that even preity was turned on.The sexy uplifted big ass of Riya chilled preity zinta.Preity got really tensed up and turned on in seconds.So she went to take water inside the room.As she bent down her most slim and whitish sexy hip was visbile from the back due to her tight shirt.As she pulled down her shirt,the touch of her own hips made her even hornier.Then when rising the touch of the water which leaked from the bottle fell over her shirt on the nipples which were already erect and hard.It made her even more hornier.She went to the restroom and supported herself on a wall.She leaned down a little and unzipped the most sexiest and wanted pants to show the dream part of youngsters and pulled it down on to her knees.She then rubbed over her wet thong above the pussy lips.She wanted it so badly that she licked he finger and then again started to rub her pussy lips.

"Oh...preit aaahhh riya u uuuum" moaned not preity but riya which was heard by preity.In her hurry bury riya had not closed the door properly.Preity peeped on the bathroom to see riya masturbating.It made her even more hornier.Preity wasted no time as she unhooked her thong and started rubbing her pussy lips.After some minutes of celebrating themselves,it was preity's step as she moved the door stealthily and moved inside.She then......

After experiencing and seeing the structure the sexiness and the beauty of riya it was preity's turn to show that she was a pro lesbian.As she undid her thong and went inside the room she went behind riya's curvy bent body such that the peculiar ass of riya touches the slim whitish thighs.The feeling of riya's pants rubbing over her pants on the thigh made preity even more hornier. "AAAusssh" priety bit her lips as she went out of control and wanted a raw feeling of the skins.So she removed riya's pants so softly.Preity's hands went to the elastic region of the pants.Riya looked at the mirror with ecstacy and was startled to see preity removing her pants but she liked it and just said "I love u priety uuuvhh" as she bit her lips of the fore thoughts.

On her way to remove her pants,priety's soft nails touched riya's waist and sent shivers across her body.Her mouth was watering while preity was reviewing the structure of riya and was very impressed.Preity after pushing the pant on to the floor didn't want to take it off completely.

While removing riya's pants slowly,preity also felt her soft nails rubbing her sexy thighs.But preity wanted to feel her very soft palms rub over her thighs.So on her way she changed the shape of her hands such that her palms can feel the structure."AAAH that's it uuuum" moaned riya as she began to tame preity.The feeling of the tender palms touching her skin which went pale minutes ago now was cold and warm.Riya wanted preity to caress her thighs and she soon got what she wanted.

Preity now felt now only hairline of riya's thighs creating a giggling effect on riya."WUUUUUM"moaned riya and priety simultaneously as priety clubbed her both palms on her thighs and pulled it and left it as an elastic rubber band."Chup" the sound of the thighs hitting back made the atmosphere apt.But still they had only a few minutes left as the match was nearing but they weren't thinking about that.

Preity began to caress riya's thighs immensely and both of them raised their heads in ecstasy."Hmmmm""moaned preity as she placed her head on riya's shoulders and took her aroma into her and closed her eyes as her sweet chin touched riya's shoulder bones.The temperature of her body changed as the bones of riya were chill as riya was in the heavens of lesbian emotion.Both of their mouths were dripping with saliva."ISSSSSSSS" riya sucked her saliva which was about to drip down from her reddish sugar lips.

But preity was unable to do it as her saliva dripped down from her soft pinkish lips and fell on the collar bone of riya."HAAAAA" the water evaporated in seconds due to the fluctuating moves of these young sexy women which caused fluctuating temperature in their body.The feeling of going to be completely submerged in lesbian sex seems to have overwhelmed them.Preity's lips were searching for raw flesh wanted to be kissed badly.Her lips were roaming around riya's cloth.Her teeth pulled her clothes by the way bit her skin "AAHHHH" monaed riya due to the pleasure.Riya's hands were pro active as it went behind preity's head and pushed it towards her collar bone intimating that she wants more.Both of their hips were unable to be resisted as both began to revolve in circles as preity kissed the collar bone of riya and bit it."AAAAHH AHH"moaned riya and bit her lips.

"Hmmmm u like that oouuph" asked preity as she blew a breezy hot breath to fly out riya's hair.Riya turned towards her and leaned down to kiss preity and preity waiting for this moment held her by her head and gave an impetus after licking her own lips to kiss riya. "OOOHHH YEAAAH GO KINGS 11" shouted a mix of words.It came from the crowd which distracted the two sexy women and regained their consciousness."Shit the fucking crowd" cursed the two women to themselves as both of them lost their mood and dressed up quickly before anybody could see.Just as they thought a shit came and said to preity that they won.Preity was nonreactive.The man if she wasnt happy.she replied "i wud hav been happy if the match went longer" as she went to the presentation ceremony all the way smirking riya with sexy looks and with a wicked grin intimating riya of the xperience they r going to have in the hotel room. The man stood there puzzled.

After finishing the presentation preity and riya went to the hotel in her limo all the way not even talking a single but occasionally throwing some smirking looks to one another.They reached the hotel.They went to the hotel receptionist and bought the room key.But preity booked only a single room and said to her that both of them are staying on the same room.Riya's hearts were filled and still dripping with the moments that happened in the rest room.She followed Preity to the loungue.They had their dinner in a restaurant after some refreshing in the room.

They again went back to the hotel room.Both of them were talking a single word till now.Both of them changed their dresses into a mini skirt and a normal shirt.While riya was putiing the buttons of her shirt, she saw priety standing behind her locking her eyes into hers through the mirrors.The temperature was rising up,Riya stopped buttoning and stood still watching preity unbutton her shirt as she smirked her through her eyes and bit her lips in anticipation.

Automatically riya's hands went for her own pussy and her whole body started moving in circles.Both of them were apart by the slightest margins.Just seconds after preity plunged into riya from behind not losing her eye contact through the mirror.The two hands clubbed riya's breasts "AAAAAAH"moaned riya while preity treated it with a hot blow of breath on her neck which lifted the hair up and made it fall on priety's lips."UUUUM" moaned preity before she leaned down and palced her soft glossy pink lips on the whitish complexed skin of riya in her neck and kissed her collar bone.Preity opened her small mouth and pressed it hardly against each as the sof skin of riya was compressed so deeply by her teeth."AAAAAAAAAH" the man presently the loudest was made by riya as she felt the pain and pleasure of sex.

Both of the women were sweating as if they were in hell but it would not take them longer to go to hell.The sweat from riya's hair travelled down from her hair to the cheeks and then glided down to the collar bone but it's destination was cut short by preity as she licked the sweat cleanly and signalled riya with a smirking look that she was wanting more.

Riya would not go down with a fight because preity was teasing her now.Both of them were now swaying their bodies in cirles wanting their pussy to be screwed with something."AAAAAHHH" moaned riya as she was treated with several sweet hot bites of preity on her neck. Preity's hands waited no more as it went to the breasts over the shirt. The single breasted cloth of both these women suited the occasion perfectly as they were tight which showed their erect nipples. "hhhmmm" moaned riya as she was now tamed by preity both on neck and on her nipples by preity as preity's hands now were cuddling around riya's nipples.Riya wanted to pay it back as she quickly paced her hands to prity's mini skirt and started rubbing over preity's pussy."HMMMM AAAAH AHH" the moans of these young women collaborated with one another as riya was rubbing against preity's soft pink pussy over her skirt while preity was playing with riya's nipples which were of course erect and pointing over her shirt.Preity was standing on the support of riya's shoulders.Preity went slowly up for riya's cheeks and kissed her planting a huge abyss kiss on her cheeks.Those soft sugar lips just looked perfect against those pumpy soft cheeks.Prety never took her mouth out of her cheeks while riya pushed her cheeks.This really got both of them into great mood as both of stopped caressing each other as riya moved her hands from preity's pussy to her head and pushed preity further down to kiss her on the cheeks while preity did the reverse by taking her hands to riya's face and pushed it to her to make the kiss even more deep.

"HHHHUM yes vvvaaa" riya couldn't stop her moan as preity was going deep into the hole she made for kissing While riya was moaning heavily by preity's kissing.Now both of them turned and now were face to face.Riya's cheeks were mixed with saliva and sweat as both stared each other without a blink.It was seconds away after which riya pulled preity closer to her and kissed her on her lips so brutally.Both of them were now dying for raw flesh sex and blood to be heated up.Preity put her hands on riya's head and both of them were now kissing each other badly.The sounds off lips lclashing against each other reflected across the whole room.Both of them were not leaving an inch gap b\w their mouth as the whole area between their lips went vacuum and still both of their pussies were dripping juices down across their thighs. Riya held prety by her hair and kissed with her lips closed while time has arrived for ppreity to open her mouth which allowed the luscious saliva dripping closed lips of riya enter her wide open welcoming mouth.The moment riya's lips wntered into preity's mouth.Priety released her tongue free and slapped riya's tongue with a diabolic sound spashing across the vaccum space

Riya opened her tongue and slapped back priety's tongue.Then began the licking of the tongues as pretiy gradually started to open and close her mouth and enjoy the feeling of eroctism.As both of their tongues were licking each other the saliva secreted was too much too handle as saliva dripped down from their locked mouths to their body which flowed through their bodies.Riya unable to bear the pleasure was quick in undressing preity as the saliva dripped down to the breasts and then to the nipples of preity.Within the matter of minutes preity undressed riya and the feeling of the two new nude bodies aroused them even more as riya pushed preity close to her to jion their nude bodies together. 
The feeling of two nude women bodies touching each other made them moan inside each others mouth."UUUWAM" the kissing was going hoarse in their mouth as priety started licking the tonsils area and riya exploring the upper part of preity's mouth.The saliva was dripping even more that it drenched both of their hard nipples wich now was joined together."AAAAHH"the feeling of their nipples touching created a spur of pleasure for both the women as they started to rxplore each others mouth even more slowly.But the pleasure of being touched by their nipples made riya unctrollabe as she began to move her body up and down.This made her nipples to rub over hers and her breasts.Preity also getting intimidated by this was unable to controll as she started rubbing riya's foot with her foot and then dragged it up to rub her thighs.

"UMMM AAH AAH" the two women paused their kiss for a second to regain breath as preity never stopped rubbing her thighs while riya necer stopped moving up and down which made their nipples play with each other."USSSH" preity blew a breath of hot air from her mouth while locking her eyes into riya's as she was overwhelmed by the pleasure of being nipple rubbed.Soon pretiy got to the business as she removed the knot in the thong of riya as riya also did the same.The slow rubbing of preity's feet across riya's thighs turned riya on as she grabbed preity by her waist and preity forced her straight as she got the support of the wall behind.

"UUUUM AH UMM " soon preity pushed her head and started kissing ferociously and passionately as riya also let her tongue to the much anticipaation of preity.Riya pushed priety closer and hugged her so tight ly while she was opening her mouth so wildly to let preity unleash the sex beast in her.The nerves were heated up,preity grabbed her waist so tightly as let her tongue out which was licked and sucked like an ice cream.The nude bodies cuddling each other with the suppirt of the wall would be drenched in the memories of these two for quite some time.

After these hot passionate kissing with their mouths being eaten up by both,riya quickly pushed priety to the bed and both of them fell on the bed as they continued their kissing.Thier saliva were transferred both of them were caressing their bodies with their hands.Their erect nipples were twisted occassionally.Their waist were moving out of control as their fucking pussiees needed to be screwed.Tey paused for an moment and looked at each other sexily biting thier lips smirking each other.Riya then went down and started kissing preity at her cin and bit it slight ly to see preity smile which would show her cute holes in her cheek.Once the hole appeare riya quickly shifted her lips to the hole and started kissing it and biting it.

Preity in pleasure now reached riya's pussy and started moving her fingers around the pubic region just to tease her.As preity was being pushed to extreme pleasure by being kissed in her cheeks and being bitten made her even more horny. "AAAAH fuck" moaned preity as she slapped riya's ass cheeks and bit her own lips in high ecstasy.Riya while receving this slap was able to experience her gland sbeing activated to which she paused for a moment.Quickly preity pushed her towards her anfd forced her to continue kissing her.Riya then kissed her at her cheeks and rasied her head and saw preity in a appelaing expression.Unable to bear the pleasure of the expression preity quickly pushed her down and started kissing her lips more passionately as if thir lips are going to be torn apart.Both of them went oout of breath but still they were kissing "UUUWAAAGH" their saliva clashed against one another as it spalshed out across the bed but still theiy licked themselves and sucked their tongues cleanly.

Preity kept her hands moving arond riya's ass cheeks as riya in long time anticipation was unable to control as she took preity's hands buy hers and place dit in her ass hole.Preity kenw she wantd a finger fuck aand she began to put her index finger i n and out of riya's ass hole while both of them kissing out of their breaths."AHHHHHH FUCK UMM UMM" moaned riya as she would pause like this to moan heavily.Riya moved her body accordingly to and fro to show preity that she wants more pace to which the sexy preity woudl obey.

While being finger fucked in the ass hole riya slightly leaned down and kissed and lickd at preity's neck and bit her colar bone.She then further went down and took preity's tits in her hands and squeezed her boobs like a mad lesbian and start sucking her nipples.She twisted preity's nipples so fiercely that preity moaned out of her socks and created a feeeling oof pain and pleasure.The more she twists the more the mona is.She bit her nipples and pulled it upwards to the maximum extent that she would die.She spit on her breasts and then licked it again.Due to this sexy sucking by riya preity lost her control over her ass hole and started moaning the most sexy words possible to arouse riya even more like"Oh fuck ya aaaaah do it ummm" .After being sucked completely on her breasts riya went further down and licked her belly hole and smelt the aroma of her belly and licked her in her cuts.But before she could reach her pussy,preity pushed riya sidewards and pounced on her.

"HUUUM" preity adjusted .......................... expecting replies
"HMMMMM" moaned preity as she adjusted herself on riya's thighs and just started to caress riya's breasts while moving her waist to and fro across her thighs.Riya seeing the gorgeous beauty sit on her and caressing her breasts also wanted to return it so she lifted her hands up and started caressing across preity's thighs.But eiya was passionate than preity as she pinched and twisted her nipples so ferociously.Preity looked to the heavens in ecstasy.She quickly leaned down and kissed riya on her forehead while moaning due to the pinches and twists of riya.She then just rubbed her lips so softly against riya's wanting her to to kiss her passionately.Within few seconds, both of their mouths were sticked as if ti was never separated."UUHUUM"moaned both as both explored their mouth again.Riya poked her tongue out which preity licked and sucked with both her lips.

They had to pause for a second as their hairs got in their way which they had to adjust.But they continued their kissing again ferociusly.Meanwhie preity now rubbed riya's hair above her shaven pussy just tempting her.This made riya ferocious as he started kissing and biting in a ferocious temper.Also the caressing and pinching of her nipples made preity to become ferocious like riya.Both of them bit their lips and now were caressing their whole body.But preity could no longer wait as she moved her fingers to the raw flesh pink beautiful well shaven soft pussy of riya and started rubbing it in a hasty tone.At that time the kissing stopped as they separated their mouths which was drpping with saliva as riya "AAAH yeah UUUUM" kept on moaning to the rubbing and preity "HAA u lik it aaaumm" who also moaned as riya was twisting her nipples.Their mouths were just cms apart with saliva sticking them together also with their saliva occasionally touching each others.

"HHHHHM lick it AAAH AAH"moaned riya but priety now licked her fingers and resumed her finger fuck by rubbing her wet saliva on her pussy.Due to this sex appeal of preity,riya got frustarted as she inserted her index finger into preity's "AAAAAAAAAH" moaned preity beccause riya inserted it into her ass hole and started finger fucking her so somoothly first but gaining momentum and speed as it went."AAAAAAHA HHHHAAA FUCK aahh" there was no space betwenn their mouths both of them were gasping for their breaths and were gong intense.Due to the pain and pleasure preity was no longer soft as she wanted revenge.She did it by inserting her fingers deep into riya's pussy and fucking her so ferociusly with hard temper.Both of there women no were fucking wild and sexually connected as both began to ride eacheothers private parts. "UUUUMM MMM MMM" both of them moaned accordig to each thrust made by them and preity occasionally kissed the widening mouth of riya.

After being fucked and also fucking her,Riya now pushed preity down and went on top of her.She gave her quick kiss at her lips and went down to smooch with the nipples and tits.Both of their thighs were dripping with juices as they were to be sucked completely soon enough."Yeah babraaaaah uumm"preity was unable to complete her wish as riya was licking her nipples and also finger fucking her pussy so hard.Even though the finger fuck was not a systematic one as she was concentrating on her breasts which she sucked bit and tore the tits apart,she was able to touch the right spots."UUUUGH AAAH UGH" moaned preity expecting replies 
"MUUUWAAAGH" moaned pretiy as she was being finger fucked randomly and also was sucked and bit in her tits. "Ya aaahh right there mmmu" preity moaned guiding herself,her waist against riya's fingers to be get touched at the right spots.Preity's body was moving up and down while riya 's toungue was playing with her tits.After being cornered with sex,preity pushed riya and went on top of her.

Still she did not leave her breasts she kept on licking and sucking her nipples so badly."AAAAHH" moaned preity raising her head up to the heavens just wanting to feel the experience of being sucked at her tits.She kept her hands on riya's lips and just glided it over there. "SLURP SLURP ISSUP" the sound of being sucked by a women aroused her even more.Riya was sucking her as a calf would do against it's mother.Quickly preity glided down and kissed riya at her breasts and started fondling it.She was on her knees above riya's body which made her comfortable to see riya's face while sucking her thick tits.She quickly stto on her knees and started bobbing her body front and back against riya's body as both of them were flaunting some sexy looks across each other.

The feeling of being fucked to death were seen visible as they looked at each other.Preity quickly dropped herself down and spread riya's legs and just forced her motuh into the love triangle."AAAAAAH fuck u preity UUUM AAH AAHA AAH" the moans became louder and louder,Preity just swallowed riya's whole pussy and poked her tongue out and licked at her outer labia even though she couldn't see it.She first spat some saliva on her and then licked it along with the secreting the juices fro, her pussy.The feeling of her pussy being inside preity's mouth and also her labia being liked made her shout more.
Riya's wet pussy was inside preity's mouth which was licked by preity's tongue.Now her tongue just coated it's saliva on her pussy and then slapped the pussy lips and licked the labia "AAAAH" cried riya as her face was made beautiful and erotic by the beads of sweat. Preity then left her pussy out of her mouth and then now she stretched riya's pussy lips and licked it at the sides and spit on it. "UUUUOHH" moaned riya as hse was in clouds of heaven she was unable to bear these tickles and wanted preity to just bite and make hard lick in her pussy."WWWUAAGH" the saliva splashed from preity's mouth which spread on the women's hot body.

It was because riya unable to bear the tickling experience pushed priety's face and buried her on her pussy.While priety was being pushed,she had tilted her head slightly which resulted in her nose hitting the stretched pussy lips and slid down and went across the outer labia and got into the vaginal hole."WOW ya fuck huum huumm" moned riya as it was first time for him to be fucked by a nose.Preity feeling this as an humiliation tried to get away from it and rejected herself from riya's pussy.But riya wanted it so she pushed preity's face towards her and bolted her pussy against preity"s face.

"HAA HAA HAA UUM i love HHUm humiliating people" shouted riya after moaning as she was in a terrific pace.But priety got used to it and now started thrusting her nose into her pussy.To her luck,preity's tongue was able to reach the asshole of riya."AAAAAAH U"moaned riya as she was licked in her asshole.Preity's tongue made a cirle jusk licking the circumference of the fucking hole.The moment now where she was being licked in her ass hole and also being fucked in her pussy created a feeling of rawness in her body.But preity went more horny as she began to increase her licking rotation pace which resulted in riya to lose her control over preity.Priety quickly got back to her old position and started fingering her ppussy so badly as if she was trying to kill.

After some brutal fingering riya went up and now kisssed preity's pussy and started licking her pussy and did not waste any time.So she licked the outer labia and then went for the inner labia and then touched her clitoris and then her Gspot.Preity was crying and shouting in pain and pleasur but she got into the mood "YA now coommon ahh my babe ahh" said preity.Soon both of them separated their legs and now just pushed against each other's pussy."AAAH AHHH AHHH AHH" both the girls were moaning like horny horses and now riya was shaking her hips to her maximum extent.Preity was bolting her pussy against her.Both of them looked at the heavens and now they were cumming.

"I'm cuming aah umm cum ah fuck u shhh" words crossed the tempo increased and atlast a splash of cum erupted from the faults of their pussy and spread across the whole bed and their sweet hot bodies.Both of them laid in that position for a quarter of an hour and them stood up and licked each other's body to lick the cum.Then both of them hugged each other tightly joined their pussies and went to sleep saying "fuck u".

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