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The Hidden Bonding of two divas……

The Hidden Bonding of two





The sex bomb of south industry, Nayanthara had got it all wrong in kollywood since vallavan, not in the cine field but in real life. Her leak outs made her market value drop down. Her personal life was a tragedy as simbu betrayed him. It was all going wrong for her in the last couple of years.

Meanwhile on the other side, the other ravishing beauty, Trisha was on cloud nine of his career since trisha apart from some flops. She got signed in more add commercials and was flying high in spirits.

It all started when the issue of choosing the ambassadors began. It was a fight between two south queens. In the end,nayanthara was selected.But it appeared to be an anti-climax as trisha was selected and nayan was rejected.This heated up the rivalry between these two.But still trisha was friendly and didn’t have any ego as she had earned a lot of fame and money in the commercials.Recently,it was the pothys fiasco.First it was nayan with the designer saris and then skipped to trisha with the parampara pattu.With nayan’s marriage just a year from now,she decided to go out for relaxing to the wonderful beaches of goa.She reached goa and then went to the hotel for a good sleep.She signed for the receptionist and asked the room boy to carry her luggage to the room.After placing and checking her necessities, she decided to go to a restaurant for a little snack

It was only
then did she get annoyed when she saw trisha in the opposite table sitting alone eating an ice cream.Nayan was feeling the heat in her body as she saw her rival sitting opposite to her, but decided not to fear and decided to avoid eye contacts.As trisha finished her ice cream and turned back to take her hand bag, she saw nayanthara with a conscious face. Nayan was trying to avoid eye contacts but trisha’s essence made her see her.Trisha smiled when their eyes locked.Nayan pretended that she had not seen her but unusually nayan was attracted by her.Something in her made nayan to look at her and smile back. Nayan couldn’t figure it out whether it was her cuteness or her dress or thar she had apologized for her.As trisha saw nayan smile,she quickly raised her soft ass from the chair and cat walked towards nayan’s table with her hip swaying from one side to the other and sharp 4 inch heels pressing against the ground which had been most men’s fetish.

“Oh wow, what a women?” nayan thought to herself as she saw trisha with her hands on her hips swaying from left to right smirking her eyes into hers making her captive and unconscious. Nayan decided not to speak to her and annoy her as they were rivals.But she couldn’t cope up with her thoughts as her eyes were seeing the most elegant walk in her life.She could see trisha’s eyes filled with excitement,lust,and innocence.Nayan’s fight within her between her mind and the heart was unbearable. She was unable to torment it and decided to throw away this old rivalry and start a new beginning.

Trisha reached nayan’s desk and asked her “can I..?”. Nayan quickly replied softly “ya sure it’s my pleasure”. Trisha’s heart was flying in the skies when nayan said that. She had always saw nayan as a good friend. She was waiting for this very moment to become Nayan’s friend.Trisha always watched her sexy body in almost all the films she had acted.She had deep love on nayan, to put it in the right spot, a deep lust on her.She had a special attraction towards nayan’s attitude , especially her rude behavior and ignorance of having friends.She had longed for a year now to see her cuts in her hips since villu. Trisha reached for the nearby chair and moved it back, to place her ass on the wood and lifted his right leg to place it above her left leg, keeping her eyes slyly on to the beautiful sex bomb’s eyes before her.

In this process she had to lift her leg up more as she was wearing a 4 inch heel. When trisha did that, WOW it was a gorgeous visual treat for nayan as she could see her soft creamy milky white knee pop out of the table. Nayan had never felt like this , she had always under rated trisha whenever she saw her. Perhaps it was her depressed mood that it is making her soft. Nayan had a pleasant feeling now when she saw trisha opposite to her.Their eyes were locked against one another for almost a dozen minutes and it was silence until when the server interrupted their telepathical conversation.

“Excuse me, mam what can I offer you?”

“A burger and a cornetto”

“sure mam”

Trisha was all the time looking at nayan’s luscious lips coated with her wet saliva as he licked herself with her tongue when she started to speak.Trisha was recollecting the videos of nayanthara in aegan , villu , and sivaji in which she had performed some flaunting hip moves. Meanwhile while eating the snack, both of them discussed about their futures and their current projects.Both of them were admiring each other when they were speaking, looking at each others body becoming more close and intimate. After finishing eating nayan went to wash her hands and came back to the table waiting for the bill.

“Excuse me nayan, you have not cleaned your mouth properly.There is something in your lips” said trisha looking at nayan’s luscious lips.

“Is it here?” nayan asked trying to rub off the thing from her mouth.

“No, it’s here.” Said trisha. Nayan could not follow her instructions and was unable to rub it off.Quickly, trisha lifted her ass up and bent her knees and leaned herself to reach nayan’s luscious lips with her right hand slowly with immense pleasure and stopped due to hesitation that nayan would get annoyed.

“Go ahead” said nayan. The smell op trisha’s perfume and her well cut nails in the fingers approached her lips slowly.There was a feeling of gentleness, lust , and love floating in the air.

“aaaahhhh, what a lip” thought trisha pushing her finger even more closer.

“what a finger!” thought nayan on being touched by trisha’s long soft thin and sharp finger.Trisha rubbed off the thing and placed her hand on nayan’s lips for 10 secs. A feeling of lust travelled through her nerves and created a sense of eagerness and affection on nayan. Meanwhile nayan’s heart was pumping hand ,circulating more blood making her whole body warm and hot. Her mouth was throbbing to open and let her finger in.Her tongue was urging her to let it lick the finger of trisha. The battle of these parts was over when trisha moved her hands back and sat on the chair realizing that it was public and that they would doubt them.

Both of them realized how it would be to be feeling the sensuality of an another women so intimate and close bonded together by lust. They wished they could have last in that position for ever.

Nayan paid the bill and was waiting for trisha who said that she had to wash her hands. Trisha went to the bathroom and saw the index finger of her hand which touched the sweet lusty lips of nayan. She looked around if anybody was there and once she knew that the place was empty,she immediately took the finger and started to rub it on her soft awaiting lips.The first touch of her finger coated with nayan’s saliva made her lips wet and cooled the warm lips. She coated it on her lips as if coating a lipstick. She then inserted her finger into the mouth for the awaiting sisters- the tongue and teeth to taste nayan’s saliva. Trisha licked her finger with immense passion and started to cry feeling the pleasure she had got. She quickly pulled her finger out of her mouth and started wiping her tears off and refreshed herself and went out. Meanwhile, nayan being touched by trisha’s cute fingers was in cloud nine. She pushed her tongue and made it pop out of her mouth and made it look down teased herself by slightly touching the lip at which trisha had touched. She then started to lick her lips and was full win emotions. Nayan also wept thinking of the pleasure she had got.

“Can we go” asked trisha coming from behind.Nayan quickly regained her consciousness and both of them started to move. They hired a taxi and boarded in it.

“Where are you going,mam” asked the driver to both of them.

“Hotel INN” replied both of them at the same moment.

“What! Are you residing where I am.” Asked nayan. Both of them were very happy and hugged each other. Both of their boobs bonding together.

Sure, that had jerked both of them. What a lucky man the driver was! He saw their boobs touch each others through the mirror.

“Nayan, thanks for changing your opinion of me in your mind” said trish lovingly rolling her cute pupil to the edge of her eyes.

“No trish it was just that I was really tensed and jealous. I am sorry. You are too cute, trish” responded nayan with a wide grin making her wide cheeks to raise and showed her softness and cute.

“Don’t worry nayan, we will be best friends always.

The cab reached the hotel and both of them stepped down from the taxi and went inside the hotel.While walking,

“Why don’t you come and stay in my room. I feel really bored being alone. It would be great. What do you say?”

“ Yeah, that sounds good. I was actually going to ask it. In the end, you asked it. Sure trisha, I will”

As they both went to their room , they both started to think of the cute things they had talked, beautiful things they had seen and experienced.

It bonded them more together. Nayan went to her room quickly and packed her things thinking about trisha’s cuteness, her structure. She left the room and headed for trisha’s room. The room was situated on the top floor on the edge of the building. So it would take a bit more time. Meanwhile, trisha went to her room and arranged and cleaned the room herself so that nayan could be happy and amazed. Sure , nayan was amazed at the interior design which was certainly better than her room.

Both of them refreshed themselves by taking a bath. Nayan went to the bathroom first and turned on the shower making her wet along with her clothes. She swayed her hip and moved it down in order to remove her jean. She quickly undressed her checked shirt and threw it aside besides the jean. Now she was bathing in a bra and panty. Her favorite unique
ones which she would only when she is depressed. The bra and panty both was a black background colored with pink stripes. One of her favorite combination. But she is not depressed as she was in her best friend’s room. She swayed her hip once again to make her panty drop down and kicked it away. She now tossed his hair upwards so that the cold water from the shower hits on her forehead and slide through her sharp eyebrows and then through her eyes and through her wide cheeks due to her wide grinning and then through her favorite bra to her most precious, saved, boasted, marvelous, breasts.


But most of the water was absorbed by the bra and it didn’t flow through her breasts.Therefore she moved her hands behind her body all the way touching her thighs , her waist , her hip ,her cuts ,her belly and then moving her hands behind her body and there the hands are following the water droplets to her waist in her back.It was as if the hands were on a roller coaster ride as suddenly a deep fall occurs.WOW it was her waist region behind her body.What a structure man,the hands went down and down and down showing her deep cut above her ass.

"AHHHH" was the first moan made by nayan as she started to bite her lips in pleasure admiring her own structure measuring herself by her own hands.Her hip was bending the way forward paving way for the hand to enjoy nayan's body.She was all the time thinking about the cute , sexy , classy looks of trisha , her fingers that rolled on her lips ,the taste she had when she tasted her own lips "AAHHHAHUMMM." the moan was cut shortly due to her constant biting.The amazing looks of trisha , her smile , her walk , her swaying of ass , her 4 inch heels . "AHHHHHUM" an another moan broke out.Her breasts were growing every moment she thought of trisha and moreover her nipples,BOY OH BOY was erecting like the closing of a castle's entrance.The showering of water made her whole body wet except her yellowish rosy breasts as the drops were soaked by her favorite bra.The way the water droplets were moving , cooling her hot warm body creating smoky atmosphere around her made the bathroom a dreamy atmosphere as if an angel is bathing in the midst of clouds.Every earthling in the world would love to be that water droplet touching and gliding down her smooth and stiff thigh muscles , her long slender legs , her thin toes and fingers , her mesmerizing face , her scorching hot luxurious pubic region with very very short trimed hair like a deforested forest behaving like the trunks of the trees blocking the way of the water droplets helping them for creating more intense pleasure for the sex queen who is bathing in the heaven."AHHHHUMMMMMMMMM" an another moan ,this time a more louder and longer one.

The hands that went down and down and down now began to rise up slowly Wow what an tight ass .The droplet reached her most sexy bulky ass and rose up so faster that it came to her ass cheeks. "CHUP" moaned nayan's ass as she spanked herself with her hands in frustration as she was battling with her thoughts.And again came back the hands back to the back hip then to the hot spinal cord and to the strap of her most liked bra. "ISSSSSSS" the bra flung apart and made this sound as the droplets were punishing it for not letting them touch her big hot breasts by hitting with all the force they have , as nayan raised the throttle of the shower."THOP" fell the bra on a colloidal medium.The transparent medium of water below her legs changed into colloidal as nayan's juices were falling down and mixed with the water making it colloidal."AHHHHHHH SHIT, HOLY FUCK!"a relieved and satisfied moan as nayan experienced her first orgasm and as the water now fell on the freely separated independent states , her big cute , protruding , soft , milky breasts and rosy nipples which represented the capitals.The states were welcomed warmly by showering of rain.Even the earth was unable to bear the hot sexy sex bomb of south india and started to get blood pressure and increased it's gravitational force helping both the droplets and nayan to achieve what they want.The nipples were treated with fresh cold brutal water striking them hard with full speed showing nayan what pleasure Is."AHHHHHHHH" moaned nayan unable to bear the pinches made by the brutal droplets on her nipples and large breasts."AHHHHHHHHH SHIT" the final moan of nayan was signaled by the slowing down of the shower as she was exhausted.Now, she stood there, taking the showers on her body satisfactorily remembering almost all the sweet events happened in her life.This relaxed shower was the moment of her life that had given her immense pleasure.

Just as she thought that her time was over , she took the soap.As she brought the soap near her face, now she was captivated by the smell and the aroma of the soap. It was because this was the same soap trisha had used when she took bath before nayan arrived at her room. It had the essence of lavender and the perfume used by trisha.Quickly nayan switched off the shower.She kissed the soap which had a single hair of trisha.It aroused her again.She was unable to control her thoughts about trisha.She began to soap herself. It was just a normal session of soaping but it had emotions.She stared at the soap as if it housed a precious relic.She took the soap and rubbed it so softly on her cleavage , closing her eyes tightly.
"EEAAHHHHH" words began to tumble as she felt as if trisha is soaping her.She moved the soap to her large tight breasts and rubbed it there softly.Then she changed her breasts. Now she was gaining momentum.She lost her patience."AHH AHH AHH" a triple gapped moan was made by nayan as she shifted from her breasts to her pubic region.And now spread her legs apart, leaned down her head and saw the most deep, most wanted , most thrashed sweating devil's triangle leaking juices in which several cocks have gone and mysteriously disappeared.She rubbed the soap on her wet and tight cunt on her woter labia which is not the most sensitive part but still she could feel the pleasure due to her thoughts and atmosphere. Now , she got frustated and rubbed the soap so fast on her cunt.She started to lose his temper and control thinking about trisha."AHHHH UMMM I CANTTTT UMMMMM" moaned in great pace as she threw the soap on the wall and moved her right hand to the love triangle passing the way through her deforested forest and took her middle finger and"AAAAAAAHHHHAH" a long moan by nayan as she screwed her finger in the pussy. She massaged her pussy by rotating her finger clockwise.Her finger tasted the two sisters , both inner and outer labia."AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH" an another loud moan as she inserter her index and ring finger to the most attracting space on the universe which will have gravity of attracting the cocks even on the moon."AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH" a faster moan to each thrust she made with her finger.She was moving her finger in and out of the pussy as if grinding a grain.She eventually touched her clitoris BOY OH BOY her creamy began to flow out her pussy dripping down on the water.Next , it was her G Spot to be touched by her finger resulting in a big moan."UM UM AH AH" moaned alternately, nayan as her hole was being dug deeper."UMUUUUUUUUUMMMMM",this signified her second orgasm.She had never ever got 2 orgasms in her life.She felt releived and took the soap and started to soap herself.

Meanwhile Trisha who had finished her bath before nayan had arrived at her room and dropped her towel and started to wear her white bra.Now, she was not in her minds , she was floating in heaven thinking about nayan's hips and cuts she had.She dropped her bra as she was concentrating on nayan.The classy silk bra fell on the floor flying with two wings and was so gifted to receive, smell , taste the juice that fall from trisha's small cute love triangle which had been kissed , licked and eaten by many lips.The bra started to soak in small patches as the juices dripped of drop by drop from her wet luscious lower lip of her pussy.The bra looked as a drought affected area containing several patches of water."AHHH" started to moan , trisha thinking about nayan's structure."WOW WHAT A STRUCTURE ISSSSSSSS" said trisha as the bra became completely wet on receiving trisha's saliva from her mouth.She moved herself to the to the front room and sat on the couch naked all the way feeling about nayan's bathing session.

She placed her smooth ass on the couch made of rexine.It send chill through her soft ass as the ac's temperature was below 16 degree Celsius. Trisha's cute small ass bounced back on falling on the couch.Her hands were playing with her hair tossing it back and forth. Now she quickly leaned back herself on to the couch and touched her long neck.She started her hand's journey through her neck breathing heavily, releasing the hot air from her nostrils."AHHHHH" moaned trisha as her right hand clubbed her small cute wide boobs thereby winning the race against his comrade who had just now caught hold of Trisha's erect and big nipple of her left boob.Trisha was unable to control her own slender hands and
fingers."AHHHHHHHH FUCK" moaned trisha at the moment when her nipple was caught hold by her left hand.The volcanic tip of the mountain was twisted by the left hand both clockwise and anti clockwise holding her mountain peak tightly making her realize how pain can be a pleasure."AAAHHHHHHH NOOOOO UMMMM" moaned trisha trying to calm herself down which was not possible as already her right hand , seeing his comrade perform , did the same by twisting her right nipple.Now , her brains went for nayan's nipples thinking how strong and long they would be.The temperature of the volcanic mountain was increasing and now the essence of her milk inside her mountain was floating on the air.

The hands quickly restarted their journey rolling down the mountains as an avalanche falling on the most plain hot wide desert filled with yellowish sands.The hands moved all through her plain hip searching for a spring behind her body and came to see a oasis at the center of trisha's hip.The hands reached there slowly as the sands made them stick on to them wanting to feel the warm temperature of the palm.The hands somehow made it to the oasis and dived on it, her belly.Having refreshed themselves in the oasis , the hands now moved onto trisha's lower body.Quickly the hands split themselves on seeing two bridges , her thighs.They both took a turn and moved towards her love triangle.On the way they were rubbing her pubic region softly making her moan softly.The gravity of the love triangle increased the pace of the hands."SPLASH" her cum juices splashed out of her pussy as both the hands used their tools , the fingers to screw her pussy. And now the battle field was open, it was trisha's pussy , and it was a 1 on 1 battle between the two ring fingers. "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHAHHHH" her loud moan gradually slowed down as the fingers started to massage her pussy."OH GOD UMMMMMMM" moaned trisha looking at the room's ceiling.The two warriors now dug deeper and one reached for her G spot and hit it real hard.The other one was scratching her clitoris really hard making her "AHHHHHHH GOOD GRACIOUS AHHHHAAAAAHH" moaned trisha more louder as she reached her final orgasm.

Trisha heard the sound of the shower fading.She thought that nayan had finished her bath and so did nayan.So she quickly kicked her bra filled with her juices below the couch and went to her room and wrapped her towel over her body.She went to the basin to wash her hands."TUCK" opened the bathroom door.Trisha turned back and was amazed to see the most sexy south indian babe in a rose towel.And so did nayan seeing the sexy keralite dressed in a towel showing her long slender legs.It looked as if no matter what they did they were unable to control themselves when they see one another.They watched one another in awe.The whole atmosphere was silent filled with chill breeze.The white Maronite floor, the Grey interior designed walls just proved so matching for the situation.Both of them lost their consciousness and started to walk forward.Both of them were coming an inch closer as they walked.Their mouth began to water and the saliva was slowly flowing on their lips making both their lips wet.They came more closer and stopped.It was just a few centimeters gap.Trisha moved her wet upper lip of her mouth and came forward to kiss and opened her upper lip and tilted her to the right side to kiss nayan while nayan tilted her head to the left side, placing her hands on trisha's soft face and held her face with her both hands and opened her mouth to receive her kiss ........................................


Trisha moved her wet upper lip of her mouth and came forward to kiss and opened her upper lip and tilted her to the right side to kiss nayan while nayan tilted her head to the left side, placing her hands on trisha's soft face and held her face with both her hands and opened her mouth to recieve her kiss . As trisha pushed her rosy lips forward , closing her upper and lower lips come together , making a small hole at the centre where nayan can insert her tongue, nayan moved her head back a little to see the most admirable expression for a lesbian
like her. Keeping her same expression in her face , trisha shifted her hand's destination to nayan's luscious lips , which her fingers had tasted that evening.OH MY GOD,what an expression both had in their faces.The expression of joy , fear , willingness , reluctantcy,love , suffering , sexy , eager looks crossed over their faces.Both of them dealt each other softly , caressing one other's cheeks.This joy of warming up was cut shortly by Trisha as she inserted her mouth onto nayan softly and slowly but sticking it to her mouth as an adhesive.
Trisha's lips were filled with joy , it turned wet when it saw her counterpart.Their lips came closer and hugged each other as separated lovers.This time , nayan's lips was being embraced by trisha's wide lips.The couple were showering soft kisses on each other's lips.Trisha broke her kiss and leaned her head back slightly back to see nayan's lovely face while nayan followed her to continue kissing her.Nayan wanted to kiss her badly but trisha was interested in seeing
nayan's sexy face leaning her head back.Nayan got frustrated and moved her right hand behind trisha's body and removed the most disturbing thing to her,the towel.Just a few seconds after, trisha did the same to nayan.Now the two sexy south indian divas were nude.Nayan quickly pulled trisha close to her and opened her mouth to recieve trisha's closed lips in her.Trisha's wet lips were warmly welcomed by nayan's tongue as nayan did not waste any time and started to kiss her as an hungry bitch.But they often broke their kiss time to time to see each other's hot , sexy face and wet lips.During this time, they lock each other's
slutty eyes and talk to each other telepathically uttering the most absurd of the words present in the history of pornography.Their smirking eyes makes their telepathical conversation even more hornier and interesting.But it was again nayan who was very greedy about trisha's lips and attached the lost lovers.But it was a gangbang for trisha's lips. 32 members , one boss were abusing trisha's lips to give pleasure to both these divas.The tounge scooped up trisha's lips and pushed it up to the immovable member above to press trisha's lips.The lower teeth of nayan moved up while nayan's tongue was holding trisha's lips against the upper teeth. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" moaned trisha as her soft lips was brutally attached on all three corners.Trisha' mouth was watering and there came trisha's long awaiting tongue to the resue.The three members inside nayan got suprised and let trisha's lips go.Now the battle was left to the tongues.Trisha's tongue wasted no time and slapped nayan's tongue.The war was raging on inside nayan's tongue.Quickly trisha's lips used a seige weapon by spitting inside
nayan's mouth."WHAT A NICE TASTE" thought nayan experiencing trisha's saliva mix with her's.Nayan released trisha's lips as both the exhausting divas gasped for breath smirking one another.Trisha's lips went red and nayan's mouth run oyt off saliva as every bit was tasted by trisha's long lips."HAAH HHAH HHHAH HHHAH" panted both the divas.

While the lips were kissing and playing, on the other hand , their hands after removing each other's towels were also playing.Well, if it was nayan who was dominating above , then here, it was trisha who was dominating.With immense pleasure sucking in nayan's mouth, trisha guided nayan's hands to hug her.Her hands went through nayan's back and slowly pushed nayan's body towards her.Nayan's legs went through the gap between trisha's legs and and began to rub on trisha's left leg.It slowly gathered speed and went up to her knee region and started to rub it.Trisha's push of nayan towards her sent shiverings and the impetus for the fighting mouth of trisha.Trisha moved her left hand slowly down rubbing it down to nayan's hip and pressed it tightly.This was the reason for nayan's tongue to get a slapping from trisha's as nayan got distracted to this move.Then she moved her hands to nayan's breasts, those rosy nipples were being twisted heavily trigerring out the volcano stored on it. "MMMMMMMMMMM" moaned nayan heavily when she was being kissed by trisha.Trisha's fingers behaved as a phoneix feather firing with rage helping to raise the temperature of the big mountain waiting to pop out the lava.Her left hand now went to

nayan's groin and then to the the fabulous attractive triangle.She started to shake nayan's wet dripping pussy.Trisha's ring finger dived inside the pool while her fore finger rubbed nayan's clitoris.Nayan was in cloud nine when she was touched by trisha on women's most sensitive part.Trisha proved to be more dominant as she inserted one more finger into nayan's vaginal hole searching for the G-spot.Now , nayan unable to bear the pain and pleasure, inserted her
fingers in trisha's widening pussy and other hand to trisha's breasts by beating it , making it red.The two hot divas were now unable to find a real tool for their horny pussy.They started to rotate their ass in circular and vertical motion as if somebody was fucking them. After kissing each other and playing with their hands , they broke the kiss. Nayan took trisha's left hand kept on her cheek and kissed her wrist in between her thumb and fore finger where trisha's beautiful tatoo was printed.Trisha tilted down her head and saw nayan's chilly hot red breasts and kissed her on her forehead.Trisha moved her head downwards where nayan had
her cute dot mole above her lips and kissed her there.The mole was nayan's icing of her beauty.Nayan started to lick trisha in her wrist.Both of them stopped kissing and looked at

each other.Trisha's face was full of lust while nayan's face was filled with haunted spirits.They locked each other's eyes tempting one another with their looks.They exchanged a soft loving kiss and moved to the couch.As soon as they moved to the couch , nayan quickly throwed trisha on to the couch.Trisha's body fell on the couch withouth making any noise as the couch was tight.With immense pleasure , nayan leaned down on the couch falling on her knees.The

two hottest divas were looking each other with great passion and lust.Nayan quickly grabbed trisha by her hands and kissed her passionately."UMMMCJUUPU" was the sound created as the two lips clashed against each other amidst the quite atmosphere.The room was filled only with the sounds of these two kisses.Nayan moved her hand to trisha's left leg and brought it around her waist.Quickly, trisha grabbed nayan's waist by her legs.Their lips were tied ,
making them unable to break their kisses."UMMMMUMMMMMM" moaned trisha when recieving nayan's ferocious kisses.The saliva acted as a thin rope when they broke their kiss. The two lips were now apart connected by a thin rope of saliva which was about to drip down. Quickly, trisha rescued the falling saliva by pulling nayan by her face and licked nayan's mouth.Understanding trisha's intentions, nayan also rolled her tongue out of her mouth and
danced along with trisha's lips.Nayan's hands were revisiting the glories of trisha's body, her neck , her shoulders , her lips , her legs , her breasts and then her pussy where the fingers dived into.Trisha was moaning in pain "AHHHHHAHHHHHAHHHHHHAH" stopping her tongue from licking nayan's."DO YOU LIKE IT" asked nayan poking her finger deep inside nayan's pussy."AHHHHAHHHHH SEE IT FOR YOURSELF UHHH"said trisha with a long drastic sexy soft moan , inserting her finger inside nayan's pussy.Now both of the south indian divas were in high spirits unleashing the vampires from within, going hard against each other.
trisha with a loud and dominant tone."OH YEAH UMUUUUUMMMAH IT FEELS GOOD MY SLUT" said nayan withdrawing her fingers from trisha's pussy and fell down on the couch with her legs spread.

Trisha stood up on her knees and moved her face into the most slutty pussy.

with a begging voice.Trisha tossed her hair backwards and licked nayan's pussy.Nayan closed her eyes and looked into the heaven "AHHHHHHUMMMM UMMMMMMMA" moaned nayan in a low voice."AHHHH AHHH AHHHH I'M GONNA CUM MY SLUT" shouted nayan keeping aside trisha's hair when trisha started licking nayan's clitoris. "UUUUMMMUUMMMMM" moaned trisha tasting the salty cum of nayan flowing through her pussy from her hole.After making sure that there dosen't remained any of nayan's juices on her pussy by licking and sucking her pussy, nayan forced trisha to lie down by pulling her hair backwards.Trisha fell on the couch with a relieved face of tasting nayan's cum.Now it was nayan bending down on her knees licking and biting trisha's pussy."AAAOOOOOAOOOHUCH IT'S PAINING NAYAN MY BITCH TEAR IT APART AHHHHHHHH" moaned trisha in a higher note.Nut unlike trisha , nayan teased her more by licking her labia."AAAHHHAHAH YOU FUCKING SLUT JUST FINISH IT OFF AAHHHHHH I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE SUCK ME OFF MY BITCH" screamed trisha pushing nayan closer to her pussy. "UUUUMMMMMMMHHHHHH" moaned nayan raising her eyebrows and locking into trisha's eyes.Nayan bit her labia and stretched it out making trisha cry and scream loudly closing her eyes.Trisha wanting to repay nayan blowed nayan's head by hitting her head with
her hand making nayan come even more closer.Trisha opened her eyes feeling the pain.Lusty tears came from her smirking eyes reflecting nayan who now was licking trisha's clitoris. "UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHGHHHHH" screamed trisha as she reached her orgasm as nayan licked trisha's cum.Trisha was shaking her lips so that even the last drop of her cum falls on nayan's mouth.Being coated with each other's cum both shared a passionate kiss tasting each other's cum.
words collaborated as trisha and nayan were feeling the heat. It seemed like their hunger would never stop.Both of them looked at the heaven bending upwars on their hands directing each other's pussy closer and closer.They want to french kiss with their pussy lips. "AAAHHHAHHHHHHHHHHAHHHHAHHHHAAAAAAAA MY GOD IT'S PAIN SHUT FUCK UUUUMMMUU AHHHA AHH AHHA HHAHH FUCK TRISHA NOOOO OH MY FUCKING PRINCESS NAYAN" their sentences overcrossed each other's feeling the pleasure got when their pussy lips kissed each other.They were pushing their waist forward , shaking their lips to get the pleasure that nobody else would get.Sweats were sweating from each part of their body slowly travelling towards the belly of each hip."AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHAA"
shouted both reaching their climax together at the same time.The flood of cum joined together at a great speed colliding with one another and splashed.The splashed juices landed on the divas's pubic region."HAAAAH HAAAA HAA HA HA HA" lowered the voice of the divas slowly as both got exhausted.

"YOU ARE BEST MATE TRISHA.I EXPERIENCED THE MOST UMMMM" said nayan as she went out of words kissing trisha passionately starting an another session in the bathroom. It seemed as if their hunger would never stop.......


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