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It was the time when her film name 12B released. In that picture while shooting a song sequence when Jo was giving a shot
in bath tub with only petticoat tied on to her chest. The director says "action", Jo stands up from the sitting position in
the tub and amazing the petticoat stucks in her legs and slides down to her stomach showing her tight big perfect shaped melons
having a big erected purple colour nipple - at that exact time a sound comes "click" and was shooted by a photographer Ravi
but no one knows who's camera captured as there were many cameramans shooting upcoming bubbly star liked by south Indians.
With shy and scare Jo holds the petticoat on her stomach and take it to the position and corrects that.

Everybody was shocked and stunned for a while opening their mouth to drink milk from that tanker on seeing her big melons,
as she never showed the shape of that ones by her way of dressing sense. Then suddenly a sound came "cut it" and the director
told we have to retake the shot. Jo holding the petticoat with both the hands run to the dressing room. It was a big question
why she didnt wear anything inside the petticoat as normally the actresses do while taking bath in sequences. The secret
sources say that it was intentionally not weared by Jo to attract the peoples.
Ravi the photographer developed the stills and was amazed, he masturbated with that still the
whole day then also his cock and he did not get bored or tired. Suddenly he got some bad intention how to use this photos,
he called Jo and blackmailed her come to him. But Jo did not accept that instead she told that will give money as much he
wants. He told OK but i dont want a lump at one time, whenever i need will call you and pay me for life time for not giving
the photos to media and internet. She obeyed and he started enjoying everything he wanted with the money of Jo's hardwork and
struggle in the field. At the time some of his friends noted that he was enjoying a lot without doing any big job and they
asked him while having drinks with him. He was fully drunked and he told all the things. They all told him u idiot u missed
the chance of ****ing such a sexy body for money. Atleast u should have told us before so that we would have ****ed her once.
But they dont beleived the words that her boobs were big stiff and very tight with erected big nipples as they never saw such
a big thing in her movies. They saw the pictures and then also they did not beleive that saying it was some camera tricks.
Ravi bet with his friend if her boobs were really such a big ones then u all should forget about this photos and everything
i told u. Then his friend said ok if it was not like that then u should one copy of the photograph to us with her personal number
so that we all can have a chance to **** her nicely. The deal was made and his friends went to test that, everything was
planned and micro cameras was fixed on the shirt of two freinds. In malaysia airport on the arrival of Jo, the two freinds
were going side by side of Jo and the freind who betted, pressed her boobs nicely in the crowd. See the clippings below of
that big untouched melons crushed hard which can be seen by the face expressions of Jo in pain.

After this nice boob press, all of them went to Ravi. The freind who pressed the sexy goddess boobs was in a shock and
was speechless keeping his hands open like in begging position. Ravi gave him a nice slap then he spoke wow........
its amazing and kisses his hands, licked it and told it was so..... tight and big oh.... my god its... hard like mountain....
i cant beleive this... he was speaking like mad. On hearing this words the other two freinds also kissed his hands and asked
him to give a shagg with those hands which touched Jo's melons. He first shagged himself seeing the pictures taken Ravi and
then jerk off the cocks of other two freinds. Ravi had a jerk off himself and they all the shooted the thick load on the
photos of JO with a long breath. Ravi took the micro camera from his freinds and developed some stills from that too and
kept safely. His freinds often ask him to call her once atleast for a nice blow job but Ravi dont want to loose the money
he is getting freely. The Days passed like this, Jo was becoming more and more popular by the sexiest roll ever done in the
movie name "Kaaka kaaka" with Surya (his hubbie now). The song in the first night scene can make anyone go crazy in her brown saree and absolutely carved structure - guess the size is 38- 34 -38. Ravi was really mad of that song and he again thought to **** her by giving all the evidence but could not leave his luxurious life so he asked more money after this. Then came the rumours of marriage with Surya and finally fixed with the release of "Sillunuoru Kadhal" movie with almost a rehearsal song of first night with the complete
real emotions on both Jo and Surya's face and action. On seeing this song he was not able to stop his sex hunger for JO's
body. He tried to control many times by masturbating but only the pain in his cock was the result. He was thinking to ****
her before her marriage (two days left) and went to give her a call, but a incoming call ring. Ravi said hello... the other
side the male voice asked "is this photographer Ravi?" he said yes whose is this calling . Then he told that he was an
international broker of flesh market and his name is Rasheed and he have some big clients from US and some big banners of
blue film makers who wants actress Jyothika. Ravi understood that somehow the photo details were leaked and now it will
be a danger if he keeps this picture and blackmail Jo. So he asked him "what can i do for that" unknowingly.
Then Rasheed told ok let me explain u, i heard that u have some nude and controvery pics of Jo, u can get bulk
money for that and for calling her to our place too. You can tell any amount as they are big businessmens and can
give anything for getting Jo. Now Ravi got the chance and he told he want to settle in US so ask the person to make
arrangements with a business started over there and an account in my name with 100,000 US$ deposited. From your big customers
who can do these things for me can **** her before her lover Surya has his first night. Resheed told ok and he will contact
him again. After a very few minutes rasheed again called and said he had got an indo-american customer name MAC who have bill
ions of money and was crazy to **** Jo, so he agreed for all the conditions and everything will be ready by tomorrow. So u call Jo today and ask her to come to the place he is staying. Ravi told to rasheed, first let everything ready for me and then i will ask to come tomorrow night (the daring night before her first night).
Rasheed said ok and he will call him by tomorrow evening once everything is ready. Ravi was waiting for the day one side and
one side he still was in a feeling of ****ing that beautiful angel. Then the evening came and call from Rasheed saying that
everything was ok and he can check. Then he told him to call Jo to ask her to come to Mac's out house in a saree she weared
in the movie sillunuoru kadhal sexy song of first night. He gave the address and ask him also to come there to get the deal.
Jo in the saree she was asked to wear...

Ravi called JO on her personal mobile, she got shocked on receiving thi guys call. She on the call and spoke to him
harshly now what do you want, you know tomorrow is my marriage. Please dont disturb me for a week, i will pay u bulk
after that for leaving me. Ravi told to him politely no , i will not disturb u after this never but one last deal and it
will be my gift to u on your marriage. Jo was happy to hear this and asked tell me how much money u want? Ravi told no
sexy i dont want money, i need u tonight. On hearing this she starting shouting u bastard all the u asked for money now
u r playing with my life knowing that tomorrow is my marriage. He told to her if she dont come he will send a copy of all
the photos to Surya's father with the account details in which money was tranferred from ur account to mine and also
release the pictures in net and media saying that i ****ed u many times blackmailing with this photos. She has to agree
on his conditions to come the place with the saree mentioned and made all the house members convince that she has an urgent
appointment and cant avoid that. Family members were very upset on this answers from Jo and asked if someone from Surya's
house calls what to tell. She told tell them she went for makeup and will come late night only and then again someone calls
tell them that she sleeping. Then she weared the
saree told by ravi and took all the cash from the house. She was looking gorgeuos and in the dress. She went straight to th
e place where she was asked to come, it was very outer from the city and inside the jungle a lonely beautiful outhouse.
The car stopped and she get out off the car with hesitation because there were not a single house near by the outhouse in
surroundings upto many kms. She took the cash which was in a bag and walked in to the outhouse. She was dazzling in the
night with black saree on her beautiful yellowish skin, it was shinning like gold. She entered the room and a voice came
welcome u my beauty babe, it was ravi. On seeing her she got tensed and shouted u bastard, how dare u call me tonight but
suddenly she pleaded with a normal tone, please give me those photos and take this money, it is 20 lakhs for u. If u want
more i will give after the marraige but please dont disturb me for some time. If u want to keep those photos also, keep it
with u but let me go by taking this money. Ravi said cool..... babe , i have got what i needed for those photos and i sold
it out already for a good deal , if u want to make the deal then talk to the new owner of u oh.. sorry ur photographs and he
called "Mr. Mac". Mac came out of the room only wearing his shorts and Jo was really shocked to see the ghost. He was a dark
black man with a muscular physique and average height. He saw Jo and was staring as if he would eat her completely with bones,
his eyes were red in lust and said yes..... what a beauty babe.... and then he holded his throbbing cock in hand and said
brother ur hunger will be fulfilled today. On hearing this Jo shouted what the hell is going on here with scary voice to ravi.
Ravi please if u want me i will come with u, please take those photos back from the that demon. On these words Mac made a loud
laugh and said after some time u will love this demon and only this demon as no other bloody shit cock will be fit in your holes
babe..... Ravi told sorry Jo i made the deal already and given all the evidences of our contacts and transaction to Mac so be a
good girl, obey him and do what he ask to do. You can go safely back to ur house and enjoy ur new life with Surya or else he
will ruin ur life. He loves u and want to have sex with u when u r virgin. Just take this as a film sequence and rehearsal for
ur first night, that's it and i know u can do this for your life. Saying bye to Jo and thanks to Mac, he left the room locking
the door from outside and told the watchman not to open utill Mac calls him.

Now Jo has no option to get rid of him as she knows that by one way or the other her life
will be ruined. If she ignores the photos her life will be completely spoiled and if she obeys
this demon Mac will spoil her body. She had to choose any one way immediately but her womenism made her try some more
time pleading Mac to leave her. She told Mac i am sorry for the bad words, i was upset bcoz i gave him money whenever
he needed and tomorrow is my marriage, u can think how i convinced my family to come outside this night. Please give me
photos and i will give u the money he took from u. Mac said money ha....ha...ha how much u want for ur private parts of
ur body to give me. I will give that much money and pleasure u should have never imagined and get in ur whole life. Tell
me babe.... tell me and dont waste time, its already 7 in the evening and u have to be in house before 7 in the morning
so only less than 12 hours, its not enough for me but i will try my best to satisfy myself in this span. These words of
Mac made her realise that he will **** her like animal continuously without any gap and was thinking whether she can be
able to marry surya and celebrate her first night tomorrow with him. Mac said again, first i wanted to rape u but as u
pleaded me that u have got marriage tomorrow so i will have sex with u as a kind gentleman but u have to give
support me for this. Like this u will also not be injured and i will not loose my energy more and u can go home safely.
U dont know i tried for u many times but could not get u , i have reached upto a masturbation level of 20 times a day and
30 times in night seeing your videos and photos but still my brother (cock) was not satisfied. Then i ****ed so many look
alikes of u but nothing could satisfy me and my brother (cock), finally i got u. If i would have got u before, would
made world records in times of **** in a whole day. He continued i dont know what u have in ur body which made me crazy,
no probs today i will come to know that. On hearing all this Jo become a little scared, shocked and also passionate thinking
that he is a man or a predator. But she controlled her passion and said ok i will listen to u but promise me that u will give
all the evidences and never contact me after this night for anything. Mac agreed and said i will give it to u tomorrow morning
when u will go.

Look her before she got ****ed by monster c**k......... she is beautiful but lacked something which is fulfilled
after the **** off

Jo was thinking as this would be as normal as what producers and directors did in the starting of her
career to give chance in the films but she was not knowing the things which is going to be happen today with her and
just stood in the stunned position. She was looking on his eyes filled with hunger to eat her body, his cock
bulged in his shorts but could not see the complete length as it was in the horizantal postition stopped inside his
underwear. She was thinking that it will be of an average size as he is basically an indian. Mac could feel the things
running in her mind as he was watching her eyes and body from top to bottom continuously. Mac started his play, went
near to JO and walked around her once seeing his front and back bulges and curves. His cock got a little more huge in
his panty, then he take his hand to her stomach which was covered by the saree. He slid the saree a little to see her
navel, Jo closed her eyes tightly with her lips bited. Mac watched her navel and flabby stomach with a light fold on
her upper waist and his hands moved to her fleshy hips, holded tightly and squeezed, Jo made her first gasp in
in front of mac and he watched her face expressions. The first touch expression of her face making cum everyone
His cock still expanded and his panty bulged a little more. Then his hands and fingers were fondling her hips, waist
and navel for a while seeing all her sexy expressions on her face and lips with eyes closed. Her expressions made Mac
go crazy and he pulled off her saree and throwed up in the air. Jo openend her eyes and said in a low voice no......hhhhh........
Mac enjoyed her gasp and looked her breast got erected like sharp mountains and big nipples pointed out in passion. She was
taking long hot breathes and her boobs were going up and down with her breathings. This things made mac crazy but he wanted to
see her eyes, so he told to open her eyes , but she told no please i can't do it but he wanted to see that so he touched her
mounted pussy and brushed with hands. Her orgasm when touched on her bugly fleshy pussy

She gave a big gasp mmmmmmhhhh........ and opened the eyes slightly which showed that she too was becoming hot. After
this mac knelt down in front of her and holded her ass cheeks with both his hands. She screamed hunnnnnn..... just as
if current passed in her body. Mac felt the softness of her fleshy ass cheeks and started massaging it with his mouth
sticked to her hot navel. On this action Jo hold his head and started brushing his hair gently in passion and pressing
his head hard to her stomach. Some sounds of gasps were frequently coming from her mouth mmmmm..... annnnnnn........hmmmmmm.....
After all over her stomach, waist and navel for ten minutes her stood up again before her. Her eyes were completely red in
passion and were half closed which aroused him very much. Look at her eyes - which showed she was ready for a nice **** by
the person before her.
Jo was eagerly looking at each of his action and then his shorts and noticed that his crotch was becoming more and more
bulgy. Then he moved her to the dressing table facing the mirror , so that he can watch her face and horny expressions.
Now he went to her back and noted that her ass got more bulged out in erection and were pinching tight in her petticoat,
he could clearly see her panties borders in it . He went close and touched her smoothest ass crack above her petticoat with
his bulged cock. Jo could feel the rigidness and hotness of his erected cock but he still could not guess the length of
organ as he has worn a tight underwear. The expression while her ass cheeks and asshole touched by the erected long cock...

Mac enjoyed the feelings in her lips, eyes and face by watching the mirror making him more wild. As the cock pinched
her asscrack she got more hot and was enjoying that rigidness and hotness on her back side and was taking deep breaths
with gasp. She was not in her control and was flying high in passion and was not knowing what was happening. By the time
Mac has unhooked her blouse and white laced bra and throwed it above in the air as he has attained the victory on Everest
mountains with a lusty and greedy smile on his face. If someone sees him at this time, he can imagine how the ghost will be.
Jo was still unware of her tops freed and nude. Then Mac stripped her petticoats and fell down on the ground which strucked
on her foots, she came out of fantasy with a sudden shock as something felt in her foot and found that she was almost nude.
She immediately hide her chest with her both hands saying no...!!.On hearing her refusing sexy voice , he become more greedy
and he wanted to make her cry more and enjoy that on her face in the mirror. He bent a little down and removed her silky thin
laced panties to her knees watching her face in the mirror. She was not able to stop him as her hands were hiding her fresh
melons which was the reason for all this things happening. Only pleading please ... Mac dont do this please.... leave me
please.... please..... but no effects. Mac kept watching her soft lips making him more enthusiastic and he slipped her
panty to her foot and then hold her left leg and lifted it up, a sudden stream of current passed on her complete body,
Mac again holded her right leg and lifted to take her pantie off. He watched the dark public hair mounted on her bulgy
soft pussy on her yellowish golden skin and he could not controll his emotions. Mac then smelled her panties which was wet
on the front side and he licked that with his tongue then inserted the pantie in his big mouth and made it completely wet
with his saliva, then took it out in his hands and squeezed the wet panty in towards his mouth. Jo was watching all this in
the mirror with curiosity and saw the drops of saliva dripping from wet pantie to his mouth and he was swallowing it and
enjoying mmmmmm.....delicious. Jo was thinking that she had worn this pantie for last two days as she was very busy in her
marriage and could not change it, she can imagine how the sweat, her piss drops and the juice of her cunt mixed would be
smelling bad but this man is saying the word delicious. She have never heard a man doing and saying like this before which
made her attracted towards this persons new techniques of what more he has. She was used to shown her below portions to
some in the film industry to get chances of acting, so she was not trying to hide it but she was feeling highly shy of he
is staring at his nude body. She kept on hiding her boobs in her hands. Now Mac went before her and sat on the dressing
table in front of her. He asked Jo you are not feeling shy, i like your bulged fleshy pussy with lots of public hair in it.
I liked your butter ass cheeks n want to eat them all. I think u like to show them to me is it right ? Jo said no.. please mac
leave me , i got passionate a while on your doings, please let me go now. Mac said cool babe.. u want the photos or not. Then
silently answer my questions :
Mac : How many times you have been ****ed by your future hubby?
Jo: Not yet, he want me to enjoy completely and legally.
Mac : Oh thats good. How many times u were ****ed by others?
Jo : Please, dont ask such things.. its getting more personal
Mac : Answer or else u will not get the photos
Jo : In my carrier starting i was ****ed by some directors and producers a total of 8 times.
Mac: Whom u liked more when got ****ed
Jo : Please... (Mac Grinned unnn...) she said No one
Mac : Why
Jo : They all cummed soon making me hot and i had to fulfill my desire with dildos.
Mac : So u need long time rocking and u use dildos too. Tell me the longest dildo or the cock ****ed u and the colour
of the dildo/cock u like ?
Jo : (with some hesitation..) Its 9 inches and the colour (a stop for a while thinking) and then said White.
Mac : Ur lying as women loves to take cocks of opposite colours while fantascising or self ****. Anyway what do u
think my size is?
Jo : (Got feared now...) She said with hesitation 9 or 10.
Mac : (Laughing loudly) so were still in a dilema about the lenght of my bother as i have weared underwear.
Come near and take out my brother from my underwear.
Jo: Standing silently with fear
Mac : Again grinned in a loud voice come on do it fast as time is going on.
Jo went near him and she released her fresh boobs which made him more excited as it were standing sharp with
big erected nipples. The she removed his shorts and then his tight underwear. As she removed slightly his underwear
down releasing his cock, it came out in a flash like the anaconda charges from inside in the water in the movie and
it was really horrible to see anaconda in real. On seeing the way it came out of his underwear Jo was scared and with a
loud shout aaaaa.. she went back two - three steps. Her shock on seeing the big broad cock.

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